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Interesting Facts Every Engineer Could Relate to!

July 29, 2015 04:18 PM 2 minute read

Interesting Facts Every Engineer Could Relate to!

In India, engineering students are famously known for self-mockery and finding technical logical behind every problem. Engineers often say that once you have done engineering, you can go ahead with any obstacle of life.

Here have collected some common memories associated with every engineering pass-out. It happens at almost every engineering college in India.

• Nights Hunters

Well, if you have taken an admission in any engineering college of India and thinking about sleeping in the nights then you are wrong! The assignments, tests and extra-curricular activities will make night sleeps a luxury for you.

• Always hungry!

Whether its day or night, rain or dry, engineers never say no to food. Treats are something they are always looking for. Being hungry all the time is their identity proof that they belong to engineering.

• The one with Dr title

Engineers often make fun of doctors that engineers can add Dr at the beginning of their names, but the doctors can’t put Er. This is engineers’ best dialogue to win an argument with their doctor fellas!

• They get mad when price hike.

Engineers hardly bother when the rate of petrol or gold hike but they get mad when cigarette costs Rs.10.45 instead of 10. The tension grips them as khoka wala is going to charge more.

• The hidden powers of Shaktiman

Engineers can be compared to the fictitious character ‘Shaktiman’, not because of helping nature but due to the talent of walking up at 9.00 in the morning and attend a class at 9.05. Is not it true in every college in India?

• Every course is easy except theirs!

For engineers, every course is easy expect their own course. They find themselves comfortable and are more interested in other courses and pay no attention to their own one.

Interesting Facts Every Engineer Could Relate to! | CollegeDekho