SOA University’s Review and Verdict by CollegeDekho

Sudeshna chakrabarti

Updated On: February 26, 2024 04:10 pm IST

SOA University’s review and verdict by CollegeDekho offers an unbiased opinion about the institute by taking into account the infrastructure, academics, and placement among others.

SOA University

Campus at a Glimpse

Located in Bhubaneswar, Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan stands as a private deemed university established in 2007. Encompassing an extensive 452-acre campus, its verdant surroundings provide a visually pleasing experience for visitors. The modern infrastructure and meticulously maintained campus immediately capture attention. The university, accredited with a stellar grade of “A++” by NAAC, has swiftly garnered a commendable reputation. Whether evaluating educational standards, teaching methods, or placement records, SOA University consistently proves its excellence.

Currently, the institution caters to the educational needs of over 15,000 students across diverse fields such as law, management, medicine, and engineering. This is achieved through its nine constituent colleges and schools. SOA is committed to fostering a harmonious academic atmosphere that celebrates cultural diversity. Its fundamental goal revolves around preparing future generations through a combination of quality teaching and innovative research, resulting in numerous accolades.

The university takes pride in its faculty, renowned for being the best in their respective fields. They ensure that students hone both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. However, as with any institution, there are areas where Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan faces challenges that cast a shadow on its positive image. For a candid and comprehensive assessment of this prestigious institution, stay tuned for an in-depth exploration of this college verdict.

SOA University’s NIRF Ranking: A Consistent Upward Graph! 

SOA, also known as Siksha 'O' Anusandhan, stands out as one of the fastest-growing educational institutions in Odisha, earning a notable ranking over the years. The NIRF report, spanning the last three years, depicts a journey of significant highs and lows in its position. In the university category, the rank has shown an upward trajectory, advancing from 20 in 2021 to 16 in 2022, and further improving to 15 in 2023.

This success extends across various disciplines, including law, engineering, medical, management, and dental. To delve deeper into the dynamic ranking performance, a detailed breakdown is provided in the table below:


NIRF Rank 2023

NIRF Rank 2022

NIRF Rank 2021





Universities Category
























Awards & Recognitions:

  • As per QS World University rankings 2023, it secured a rank ranging between 1201 to 1400.
  • The varsity bagged the prestigious award of Swachh campus; it ranked 3rd nationally
  • As per Asia’s University rankings 2023, SOA was positioned within 301 to 350

Our Take:

Comprehensive Evaluation Overview:

  • Overall Standing: SOA University has exhibited a commendable ascent, progressing from the 37th spot in 2021 to an impressive 26th position in 2023, marking a substantial improvement.
  • University Ranking: The university has witnessed a substantial leap from the 20th position in 2021 to a notable 15th position in 2023, signifying a remarkable advancement.
  • Engineering Discipline: The engineering department experienced a positive shift, moving from the 32nd position in 2021 to the 27th position in 2023, consistently maintaining its status among the top 50 engineering colleges in India.
  • Law and Dental Disciplines: These disciplines have consistently held positions within the top 10 rankings since 2022, showcasing sustained excellence.
  • Medicine Discipline: Noteworthy progress has been observed in the medicine domain, with rankings ascending from the 21st position in 2021 to the 16th position in 2023.
  • Management Discipline: The university has secured a position among the top 100 management institutions in India, attaining a respectable rank of 57 in 2023. This underscores its continuous dedication to academic excellence.

SOA University’s Academia & Batch

Spreading its branches across 15 countries through 9 constituent colleges and schools, SOA University is nurturing young minds with the power of innovation-based education. It has been attracting students aspiring to continue their higher education in disciplines like engineering, law, pharmaceutical sciences, agricultural sciences, management, dental sciences, and medical sciences among others at UG, PG, and doctoral levels. NBA has accredited its five engineering programs whereas three disciplines have received approval from ABET USA. As per university data, around 15,000 students have been enrolled in different disciplines. Admissions are conducted via the last exam marks and the Siksha 'O' Anusandhan Admission Test, also known as SAAT.

SOA university batch


The faculty at SOA University receive consistent praise for their expertise, knowledge, and approachability, with some commendations highlighting their valuable industry connections. The curriculum is acknowledged for being contemporary and tailored to industry demands, emphasizing practical application. Regular updates to the curriculum are noted in reviews, ensuring its relevance. The infrastructure is lauded for its modernity, featuring well-equipped classrooms, labs, libraries, and other essential facilities.

The institution fosters an active research environment, providing students with access to labs and opportunities for engagement in projects. However, some reviews have also emerged regarding teaching methods, with a few reviews expressing concerns about a traditional lecture-based approach lacking interactivity and personalized attention. In certain programs, particularly engineering, large class sizes raise apprehensions about individual attention and effective learning. Limited faculty-student interaction is reported, as some students feel disconnected due to the challenges posed by large class sizes and limited opportunities for interaction outside of lectures.

Programs Offered

To help the aspirants generate a fair idea regarding the budget they might require for admission, SOA University courses with their tuition fees have been given below:

Academic Programs

Tuition Fees in INR


5 to 10 LPA


6.6 LPA

BA LLB(Hons)

6.3 LPA


2 to 7.5 LPA


2.7 to 7.2 LPA


3 to 7.5 LPA


3.3 LPA


22 LPA


3.3 LPA


88.2 LPA


2.9 LPA


12 to 50 LPA


27.7 LPA


27.7 LPA


6.3 LPA




3.3 LPA


2 to 5 LPA


3.6 LPA

Batch Size 

There is considerable variation in batch sizes among programs at SOA University, with engineering typically having a larger batch size compared to disciplines such as law or medicine. The divergence in batch sizes raises legitimate concerns regarding personalized attention, the effectiveness of learning, and the quality of faculty-student interaction. Large batches may pose challenges in maintaining an optimal learning environment. However, on a positive note, smaller batches in specific programs are perceived as advantageous, promoting enhanced learning experiences and more meaningful interactions between students and faculty. This diversity in batch sizes sparks both apprehensions and recognition of potential benefits, reflecting the nuanced landscape of academic dynamics within the institution.

Our Take:

SOA University presents an overall favourable academic environment, showcasing notable strengths in faculty proficiency, curriculum pertinence, well-developed infrastructure, and ample research prospects. Nevertheless, apprehensions arise in programs characterized by substantial batch sizes, potentially compromising individualized attention and the efficacy of the learning experience. We also advise students to delve into program-specific details and peruse student reviews for a comprehensive understanding of the university's dynamics.

SOA University’s Infrastructure

Siksha 'O' Anusandhan, Bhubaneswar has a sprawling campus equipped with top-notch facilities that certainly offer comfort to the learners. For a better understanding let’s delve deeper into the various components like lab, library, classroom, and accommodation among others.


The university houses a spacious centralized library equipped with an extensive range of resources. Students can discover books, journals, magazines, and online resources based on their field of study. It is connected to top libraries to enable students to gain access to resources.



The classrooms are pretty spacious and are designed to offer complete comfort to the students. Each of the rooms has a swift internet connection and is air-conditioned. To ensure students get better exposure through workshops or seminars, audio-visual systems are installed in the classrooms.


The varsity has separate hostels for boys and girls with adequate facilities. It has spacious rooms accommodating up to 4 students per room. The rooms comprise ACs, a kitchen, a common room, and other necessities. Find the hostel charges below:

Hostel Fee

INR 36,000 per annum

Hostel boarding charges

INR 48,000 per annum

One-time caution deposit

INR 5,000 per annum

IT Infrastructure

The university impresses students with its modern and technically enabled infrastructure. The labs keep updating systems with the latest software as well as hardware so that students can get adequate practical exposure.


It is perhaps the most lively and entertaining place on the entire campus. The cafeteria served delicious meals and beverages at affordable rates to both students and university staff. Hygiene is taken care of when preparing food.

Moot Court

Students enrolled in legal studies discipline can practice advocacy and empower negotiation skills at the moot court. The hall has been facilitated with the necessary technical requirements. State and national-level moot court competitions are held here to offer better exposure to learners. 


The varsity houses a well-maintained fitness centre. The gym is equipped with the latest and modern equipment that enables students to take care of their physical well-being.

Our Take:

The facilities offered at SOA University are extensive, featuring state-of-the-art classrooms, technologically advanced labs, a well-stocked library, an auditorium, a sports complex, and medical services. For student accommodations, the university provides separate hostels for boys and girls equipped with Wi-Fi, recreational amenities, and mess services. The IT infrastructure of SOA University is commendable, offering high-speed Wi-Fi across the campus, computer labs with updated software, and access to e-learning resources. Security is a priority, with 24/7 surveillance through CCTV and dedicated personnel.

However, the campus's distance from the city centre, situated on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, may pose some inconvenience for certain students. Additionally, while sports facilities are available, there are mentions in reviews about the limited diversity of recreational options. Some students express concerns about the quality and variety of food provided in the hostels, revealing aspects that warrant consideration when evaluating the overall student experience.

Upon careful examination, it becomes evident that SOA University holds a superior position in terms of infrastructure when compared to other universities in Bhubaneswar. Noteworthy for its contemporary facilities, abundant resources, and committed academic infrastructure, SOA stands out in this aspect. Nevertheless, students need to acknowledge that universities such as KIIT University and XIMB present a competitive edge by not only offering comparable infrastructure but also providing additional amenities like shopping malls and entertainment facilities within their campus premises. This underscores the multifaceted considerations one must weigh when evaluating the overall appeal of these institutions.

SOA University’s Internships & Placements

Siksha 'O' Anusandhan(SOA) provides placement opportunities to students across various streams of MBA, pharmacy, medical, and others. Pre-placement training programs are initiated to educate students about employability skills so that the path to a fulfilling career becomes smooth. During the session, the main focus lies on developing the cognitive, behavioural, and emotional aspects of a student’s personality. The university prepares students to sharpen decision-making and problem-solving skills which turns out to be crucial in any job role. 


The training and placement cell at the varsity offers internship opportunities to the meritorious and talented pool of learners. Before internships, students are educated on industry-specific skills during the pre-final years of various academic programs. 


The university has completed placement drives for the 2022-23 session. According to the placement data, top recruiters like Accenture, Adani, EY, Amazon, etc conducted recruitment drives. A slight hike was observed in the total recruiter participation which was 157 in 2021 and rose to 164 in 2022. Out of 1.47k graduates across various disciplines, 1.30k bagged job offers which make the placement percentage at 94.19%. As per student reviews, SOA University has higher rates of placement in some specific streams including B.Tech CSE, MBA, pharmacy, etc. 

SOA University Placement Statistics:

  • There has been a significant hike of 35% in the highest packages offered in 2022 compared to the previous year
  • A 4% increase in recruiter participation was registered in 2022
  • Average salary remained stagnant at 5 to 6.5 LPA
  • In the 2022 recruitment drive, the highest package stood at INR 42 LPA

Academic programs

Median Package

UG-3 years

INR 3.25 LPA

UG 4 years


UG 5 years


PG 2 years


Our Take:

Though the university takes pride in effectively working towards helping students bag the best job offers through pre-placement training, however, the stats present an unsatisfactory scenario. According to the placement data and student reviews, it was observed that disparity exists in terms of placement packages and rate of placement based on courses. The packages are pretty average compared to market rates.

SOA University’s Diversity & Gender Representation

SOA University claims to promote cultural diversity by helping students across the globe to join their prestigious institution. Since its inception, the varsity and its constituent colleges with a total strength of 15,000 students strive to create a harmonious campus environment where learners from different ethnicities, cultures, and gender fulfil their academic dreams without facing any sort of discrimination or prejudice. As per the data collected from the university website, the varsity has succeeded in striking a perfect balance between the male and female ratio however data represented a different picture. The gender ratio at SOA is 44: 56; inadequacy exists in the male and female participation. 

Highlights on gender ratio and diversification across various streams at SOA:

Course Type




76 (47%)

85 (53%)


3563 (44%)

4496 (56%)

UG-5 years

573 (43%)

763 (57%)

PG 2 years

226 (46%)

268 (54%)

Student diversification at SOA University:

Course Type

Within State

Outside State







UG-5 years



PG 2 years



Our Take:

Gender Diversity at Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan presents conflicting narratives. Online reviews depict a perceived female-dominated student body, but we also felt a lack of official university data that might add ambiguity to this aspect, emphasizing the need for reliable information. Several challenges compound the situation. Furthermore, we observed that specific initiatives or programs fostering diversity and inclusion lack detailed documentation as compared with other universities in the same region or city. While some private universities in India actively promote gender diversity and inclusivity through scholarships, targeted outreach programs, and initiatives for creating inclusive environments, determining where SOA stands in this landscape remains inconclusive due to data limitations from SOA University's side.

SOA University’s Faculty/ College Administration & Management 

SOA University is gaining prominence as a prominent educational institute known for imparting quality education through a team of 1317 vibrant, experienced, and qualified teaching staff. As per the varsity, faculty members are all PhD holders and have research papers published in top journals. They inculcate a robust teaching pedagogy that combines theoretical concepts and a practical approach to help learners evolve in their respective fields.

Faculty and administration

As claimed by the varsity, the institute is admitted by the board of management headed by the vice-chancellor. To ensure the learners enjoy learning in a safe, secure, and encouraging environment, a student grievance redressal committee has been formed to listen and address issues faced by students.

Our Take:

In the realm of positive feedback, the faculty at SOA University receives commendation for their impressive qualifications, knowledge, and approachability. Reviews consistently use phrases like "well-educated," "experienced," and "approachable" to describe the faculty members. The teaching methodologies employed here also earn praise, with a focus on diverse styles, the integration of technology, and a curriculum that aligns with industry standards. The environment is lauded for being supportive, with students expressing gratitude for the clear communication and willingness of both faculty and staff to assist.

On the flip side, negative reviews highlight concerns about limited interaction outside the classroom and the availability of faculty. Some programs are reported to have larger class sizes, potentially affecting the level of personalized attention students receive. Occasional grievances surface regarding administrative processes and bureaucratic hurdles.

When compared to established universities in Bhubaneswar, the faculty credentials at SOA University are noted to be on par, showcasing strong academic qualifications. While some reviews touch upon the positive aspects of infrastructure, a more detailed comparison with established universities is necessary for a comprehensive understanding. Additionally, given its relatively young age, SOA's reputation and ranking might be influenced when measured against its well-established counterparts in the academic landscape.

SOA University’s Location

The university is situated at J-15, Khandagiri Marg, Dharam Vihar, Jagamara, Bhubaneswar. The location is pretty convenient for the students traveling from the main city to campus. Lingaraj Temple Road Railways station is the nearest one which is around 4km away from campus. Students traveling via bus can take a bus from the Mo bus depot situated 3 km away from SOA University.

Our Take:


  • Accessibility: SOA University campus boasts excellent connectivity to the city centre through public transportation and taxis.
  • Urban Environment: Bhubaneswar provides a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, entertainment options, and shopping opportunities. Particularly appealing for students desiring a dynamic lifestyle beyond the confines of the campus.
  • Proximity to Other Educational Institutions: The strategic location facilitates convenient access to libraries, research institutions, and other universities. This geographical advantage holds the potential to foster collaboration and enhance learning opportunities.
  • Developments: The city is experiencing rapid development, presenting promising internship and career prospects across various sectors.


  • Distance from City Attractions: Centrally located but potentially longer travel times to historical sites and tourist attractions.
  • Traffic Congestion: Bhubaneswar, like many Indian cities, faces traffic congestion, impacting travel time and potentially causing stress.
  • Limited Green Spaces: Urban environments may lack extensive natural spaces, posing a challenge for those seeking a serene atmosphere.

SOA University’s Expectation vs Reality: CollegeDekho Verdict 

Choosing a university is a significant decision, and Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan (SOA) University appears promising. However, it's important to assess whether the reality aligns with the expectations it sets. Firstly, regarding faculty quality and course relevance, while reviews commend the faculty's qualifications, some students note limited interaction and large class sizes. Additionally, although course content appears relevant, certain programs may require more industry-specific updates. Concerning infrastructure and campus life, both campuses boast decent facilities, yet there's room for improvement in areas like hostel amenities. Opinions vary on the vibrancy of campus life. Regarding placements and career support, while placement records show positive outcomes for some, concerns exist regarding equal opportunities across branches and limited support for specific career paths. In terms of diversity and inclusivity, despite the university's claims, student reviews suggest limited diversity, particularly in certain programs, necessitating more efforts to foster a truly inclusive environment. 

Final Verdict: Selecting SOA University for your higher studies can be a rewarding choice, yet it's essential to approach it with realistic expectations. The university prides itself on a competent faculty and solid infrastructure; however, there are areas requiring enhancement such as faculty-student engagement, career guidance, and fostering diversity. It is advised to thoroughly review and analyse the particulars of your chosen program, take into account the experiences of current students, and assess SOA University in comparison to alternative university and institute options. By doing so, you can make a well-informed decision that aligns with your academic and career aspirations.

Final Review CheckBox! 



Renowned Faculty

Limited Faculty-Student Interaction

Industry-aligned Curriculum

Potential Inconsistency in Infrastructure

Modern Infrastructure and Facilities

Varying Placement Success

Diverse Course Offerings

Traffic Congestion in City

Supportive Campus Environment

Distance from City Attractions

Vibrant Campus Life

Limited Green Spaces

Encouraging Research Culture

Large Class Sizes

Strong Alumni Network

Occasional Administrative Processes Complaints

Focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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