Things to Carry While Leaving for College

Published: | September 29, 2015
Things to Carry While Leaving for College
You need a comb to hair, a deodorant to smell good and a lip gloss to make your face attractive but what else? The question knocks down in the hea

You need a comb to hair, a deodorant to smell good and a lip gloss to make your face attractive but what else?

The question knocks down in the head of every college going student, and especially girls. What should I pack? The list is very simple and will be easy to remember. There is much stuff, which you should always carry while leaving home and going to a college. Schools days are gone and you have to be careful now. The outside world is sometimes cruel so be ready to take all these things with you.

Here is the list- Sanitary Napkin Being a girl, you need it. Although, your period days are not nearby, but it would help some other girl in need. So, start carrying it with you. It hardly occupies more space.

Umbrella It will protect you from harsh sunlight and stormy rains. The umbrella is useful in many ways and with multiple means of transport, you can carry it without much trouble. Umbrella avoids sunburn and helps you out from the embarrassment of wet t-shirts.

Body Lotion In the scorching heat and dry winters, a lotion protects your screen from burn and itching. Lotion smoothens your skin and keeps your skin soft and gentle. There are multiple skin lotions are available in the market, you can choose according to your skin type.

Water Bottle Water is the best remedy for stomach related diseases. It helps you not only in losing weight but also keep you healthy. Consuming 3L water in a day is a must and we often forget this fact. It also prevents the body from dehydration. Hand Sanitizer The germs in our hand are responsible for many diseases. So, instead of washing your hands every time you eat, carry a hand sanitizer with you to kill germs and stay healthy.

Pepper Spray This one is for safety. If you are aware of the karate or other martial arts, then its ok but if not, don’t forget to carry a spray. It provides you the safety and damn easy to carry without much weight.

Sunglasses If you are habitual of wearing the glasses, forget the tip but for those who don’t wear glasses make a note. Sunglasses protect our eye-cornea from the direct contact of sunlight and, therefore, keep away several eye-related problems.

Wet Tissues Ten minutes’ walk in the sun left you all sweat. The clothes absorb the body sweat, but your face started looking oily and full of dirt. The wet tissues will help you from this and you will feel relieved! Hope you have uploaded this list in your mind.

Have a lovely travel girls!!


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