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‘Jugaads’ that only Engineering Students can come up with!

September 15, 2016 10:24 AM 3 minute read , Engineering

‘Jugaads’ that only Engineering Students can come up with!

Engineers are the most distinct personalities that you will ever come across with. They are mostly misunderstood and are entitled as nerds who distant themselves from everything else. But it is far from the truth.

Creativity resides in the brains of engineers, however, this may not specifically mean the creativity that holds academic value!

Engineers come up with the type of solutions that the common mind can’t even think of. They have redefined leisure. Some of us would call them lazy but they have come up with jugaads without which college life will seem almost impossible.

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So we have come up with a compilation of such amazing jugaads that showcase the inventiveness of engineering students. These are the simplest things that you must have seen around you. Let’s check them out:

1. Mirrors are so old-school

Who needs a mirror after the invention of front cameras! So if you want to shave, comb your hair or apply makeup, all you need is to switch on the camera on your laptop or set your smartphone in selfie mode.

2. Open Air Refrigerator

Is there no refrigerator to cool your beverages? Don’t worry, an air conditioner is all you need to serve chilled soft drinks.

3. Hi-tech Book Shelf

Got an old, useless CPU? You can still use it as a bookshelf!

4. The in-house iMax

Air suspension – the next-gen solution for home theaters.

5. Multiple Charging Points

Fewer sockets and more cell phones to charge? This is the right solution for you!

6. Denim Toiletries Holder

Throwing your old pair of denim won’t do any good. You can always use them as toiletries holder when you don’t have one.

7. One Cooler is enough

Don’t have enough funds to buy another cooler? Well, you don’t need two coolers for two rooms! A pair of trousers is all you need to thoroughly ventilate your rooms.

8. The Desi ex-PRESS-so

Ever thought how productive a cloth iron can be! If you ever need coffee in the middle of the night, cloth iron is the fuel you need to make a steaming cup of coffee.

9. 24*7 Hot Water Supply

Who needs a geezer when you have instant water heating solution? If you want running hot water, all you need is the above setup.

10. Hair Dryer/Straightener

Hairdressing now made easy! Who needs a salon when you have cheaper solutions!

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So these were some examples of the creativity of engineering day. India has been the home to some of the most popular engineers. One of them is Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya who is also known as Sir MV. He was a legendary civil engineer in whose honor we celebrate Engineer’s Day on every 15th September to mark his birthday. So today let us remember all those brilliant engineers. Happy Engineer’s Day!

Read to dream because dreams make life interesting. Read, to see the marvels of the world without moving your feet. Above all read to empower your mind, as that’s what makes you whole!

‘Jugaads’ that only Engineering Students can come up with! | CollegeDekho