9 Time Management Hacks to Add More Hours in Your Day

By - | August 27, 2016 11:46 AM | 4 minute read
9 Time Management Hacks to Add More Hours in Your Day
Highlights: If you are missing out on your deadlines, these time management hacks are just for you.

How many times have you missed your deadlines? How many times have you rescheduled your entire plan just because you were not able to meet your prior commitments?

Well, whether we add a rupee sign to our time or not, one thing remains constant that it is a very valuable asset. Time is irreplaceable, limited and ever going which makes it even more important and in order to seize every opportunity and be more productive and effective in our every day work, one must be familiar with the art of time management.

The very basis of time management is to schedule your activities in such a manner that more and more tasks can be squeezed in a limited time.

CollegeDekho brings to you 10 time management hacks which you should master to make life simpler and less cluttered.

  • Prioritize tasks:

One of the most important rule of time management is to prioritise your tasks. Decide all the tasks you need to do in a day and then schedule them in order of priority. Do the most important tasks first, less important tasks later.

This will help you in two ways:

  • Completing your priority task will give you sense of satisfaction
  • You won’t drain your energy on less important stuff first.

  • Wake up early:

One of the main enemies of time management is procrastination or postponing stuff. One thing is for sure that being lazy in bed won’t lead you anywhere. So get a head start by waking up early and working you way to awesomeness.

  • Don’t compromise with your sleep:

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Firstly, this is not a counterpoint. Waking up early does not mean compromising with your sleep, it simply means going to bed early in such a manner that you complete your daily dose of 7-8 hours in bed. Also cutting down on your sleep to get work done is a short sighted strategy which will leave you feeling non productive, sluggish and lazy in the morning.

  • Make your to do list!

You cannot remember each and everything. So write down your to-do list on a piece of paper. Also don’t forget to prioritise your tasks while doing so.

  • Multi tasking is not your friend:

If you think that you can do two things at once to save time, then you are wrong! Say a big NO to multitasking as it will not only decrease your productivity but will also make you less efficient in every task you perform. Instead, put your entire focus on the task at hand and watch yourself excel!

  • Give yourself a break:

Remember you are not a machine! At one time you will get tired and crave for a break. Don’t fret in such times and let your mind relax. Take a break from your schedule and do what you like. But pay attention on the amount of time you are spending browsing through your facebook and instagram feeds or on gaming. Excess of break time will also lead to counter productivity.

  • Create margins and buffer time:

This is one of the most important hacks! Be realistic and set realistic goals! Do not forget to add buffer time and margin time in between your schedule. Why? Because you are not a ticking time bomb! Prepare your schedule in such a manner that there is space between one task and another.

This again will help you in two ways:

  • Gives you time to relax your mind
  • In case you are unable to complete a task in your scheduled time, you can always do that in the buffer time.

  • Commit to your plan:

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One of your biggest enemies is yourself. You can only achieve your targets if you have the willpower to do so. So once goals and tasks have been decided, keep the procrastinator inside you aside and be resolute, committed and a professional!

  • End your day on a good note:

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Our last hack is a very important one. At the end of the day review it. If things were missed out, find the loopholes in your schedule and try working on them.

Don’t go to bed physically, mentally and literally exhausted. Perform your very last task of doing absolutely nothing and just relax your mind and body with the hope for a better tomorrow.

All the best!

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