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Part-Time Courses at IIMs for Working Professionals

Abhinav Chamoli
Abhinav ChamoliUpdated On: July 12, 2022 06:20 pm IST

Many people find it easy to just quit their jobs, pack their bags and go back to campus in pursuit of a course that will give their career a well-needed push. Others may want to take the route of part-time executive MBA programmes. Here, we explore the latter.

Part-Time IIM Courses

Although pursuing a part-time executive MBA programme is definitely not for everyone, many people greatly benefit from it at some point or the other in their career. This is because even though spending time in a corporate setting eventually and inevitably leads towards more of a managerial job description, many people find that they are just not ready for the shift.

Doing a part-time course at an IIM can prove to be a great choice for you if:

  • You are already a working professional

  • You are happy with your job but trying to move up the corporate ladder

  • You find yourself unable to leave a steady salary to pursue higher education

  • You would like to compliment your experiential management skills with theoretical knowledge about management

  • You are from a technical background and would like to foray into more of a managerial position

  • You simply would like to get a degree from IIM. Afterall IIMs are some of the most reputed institutions for management training in the world.

For the type of individual who recognises himself listed in one or several of the above pointers, a part-time course holds several benefits.

Advantages of Pursuing a Part-Time Management Course from IIMs

The benefits of pursuing a part-time course from IIMs include:

  • No need to leave the security of having a job for studying

  • No need to shift cities as courses are mostly made available online or through distance learning centres spread across India

  • Virtually complete access to all of IIMs exhaustive resources including libraries, research facilities, eminent faculty etc.

  • Courses catered for a working individual, which means you won’t be expected to be available during work hours

  • Many aspects of part-time courses at IIMs, including timings, modules etc. customizable according to the student’s preferences

  • Part-time courses from IIMs almost always prove to be much cheaper than regular courses from IIMs

  • You are expected to visit the college campus for only a few days during the whole of the duration of the part-time management course

  • IIMs make sure that the quality and scope of education you receive on pursuing a part-time course is at par with an equivalent full-time course

  • You become a part of the IIM Alumni network

Who should apply for Part-Time Courses at IIMs

Who should apply for Part-Time Courses at IIM

IIMs Offering Part-Time Management Programmes

Luckily, out of the 20 IIMs, 10 offer a broad range of part-time management programmes. There are literally hundreds of types of Long-duration part-time courses offered by IIMs and the number increases drastically if one includes Short Duration Programmes (SDPs).

The IIMs that offer part-time courses for working executives are:

IIM BangaloreIIM AhmedabadIIM Calcutta
IIM LucknowIIM KozhikodeIIM Rohtak
IIM KashipurIIM TiruchirappalliIIM Indore
IIM Raipur----

Most of these programmes are very specific and meant to target career niches. These are part-time programmes for IT Executives, Healthcare Executives, Aviation Executives, employed Faculties etc. Or these might be designed to help you excel in Operations Management or Business Analytics or Human Resource Management etc. Therefore, it becomes essential that you take your time in finding out about the course curriculum and make a choice that works best for you.

Part-time Courses at IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore is a leading name among institutions for management programmes in India. Its world-class campus, renowned faculty, innovative methods of teaching and its brilliant body of students have placed it on the world map, helping it attract hundreds of international students every year. Getting into IIM Bangalore is certainly a dream for MBA aspirants as well as working executives all over India.

The part-time course offered by IIM Bangalore is:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
Post-Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM)2 yearsOn-CampusWeekend4 yearsRs. 18,50,000

Apart from this, the prestigious institution also offers a number of 2-12 month certificate courses in a wide range of fields.

Part-time Courses at IIM Ahmedabad

If there is a B-school in India that constantly gives tough competition to IIM Bangalore, it is IIM Ahmedabad.

Considered notoriously difficult to get admission into, IIM-A has set standards of teaching management not only for management schools in India but also for MBA schools of the world. Set up in 1961, it has enjoyed a long and glorious history of creating business leaders who have shaped the face of markets across the globe.

The part-time course offered by IIM Ahmedabad is:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
ePost Graduate Programme in Management2 (+1) yearsOnline + On-CampusIntermittent3 yearsRs. 20,00,000

Part-time Courses at IIM Calcutta

When IIM Calcutta was first established in 1961, with the motive of not just imparting management education but also pioneering the teaching of management in India, it was the first national institute offering the chance to complete post-graduate studies and/or research in management in India. Since then, the institute has proudly lead the charge in establishing Indian managers as one of the world’s best.

Popular part-time courses offered by IIM Calcutta are:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
LEAD1 yearOn-CampusIntermittent15 yearsRs. 6,00,000
Executive Programme in Global Business Management1 yearOnlineTuesday and Saturday2 yearsRs. 4,03,000
Senior Management Programme1 yearOnlineWeekend10 yearsRs. 5,79,000
Executive Programme in General Management1 yearOnlineWeekend1-5 yearsRs. 2,79,000
Executive Programme in Business Management1 yearOnlineWeekend5 yearsRs. 4,91,000

Part-time Courses at IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow is, chronologically, the fourth member of the IIM family. Established in 1984, it brings years of experience to the table along with quality-driven values, hunger to bring out the leadership potential of its students and a curious eye for innovation. It has gained accreditation from international agencies such as AMBA (Association of MBAs, London) and AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business, USA).

The best news for working executives is that it even has a satellite campus in NOIDA.

Part-time courses offered by IIM Lucknow include:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
General Management Programme for Executives1 yearOn-CampusIntermittent3 yearsRs. 4,00,000
Certificate Programme in Business Analytics for Executives (CPBAE)1 yearOn-Campus + OnlineIntermittent3 yearsRs. 4,50,000

Part-time Courses at IIM Kozhikode

One of the relatively younger generation of IIMs, Kozhikode’s 100-acre campus was established in 1997. It is a modern facility set up in a beautiful, lush-green setting, boasting world-class amenities in an oxygen-rich environment.

IIM Kozhikode has a futuristic approach towards management education and its Interactive Learning programmes for working executives are considered to be some of the most densely packed in the country.

Part-time courses offered by IIM Kozhikode include:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
MBA for Working Executives2 yearsOnlineOptional3 yearsRs. 12,00,000
Executive Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Marketing Management1 yearLearning CentresEvenings and Weekends3 yearsRs. 2,50,000
Executive Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Strategic Management1 yearLearning CentresEvenings and Weekends3 yearsRs. 2,50,000
Executive Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Operations Management1 yearLearning CentresEvenings and Weekends3 yearsRs. 2,50,000
Executive Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Financial Management1 yearLearning CentresEvenings and Weekends3 yearsRs. 2,50,000
Executive Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Information Technology Management and Analytics1 yearLearning CentresEvenings and Weekends3 yearsRs. 2,50,000
Executive Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Human Resources Management1 yearLearning CentresEvenings and Weekends3 yearsRs. 2,50,000

Part-time Courses at IIM Rohtak

Established in 2009, IIM Rohtak’s central location makes it a good choice to pursue an executive programme, especially for the working crowd of the National Capital Region. Even if you don’t work in NCR, IIM Rohtak is easily accessible, located at a mere 90-minute drive from the Delhi airport.

Despite its short tenure as an IIM, the Rohtak campus is not a one to lag behind. It has already been ranked among the top 5 IIMs for research and it has big plans to make a name for itself as a global centre for management education.

One of the part-time courses that can be pursued at IIM Rohtak is:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
Executive PG Diploma Programme in Management1 yearOnlineIntermittent5 yearRs. 6,50,475

Apart from that, it also offers great certificate programmes in fields such as Advance Strategy Management and Design Thinking, HR Analytics, Supply Chain and Logistics Management etc.

Part-time Courses at IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur is still finding its roots under the mentorship of IIM Lucknow but its unique location gives it a strategic advantage like no other. It is located in one of the most densely packed industrial areas of the country, allowing it to create strategic partnerships with industries. This creates leverage for its students by helping them gain hands-on experience that may not be as easy to get elsewhere.

Another unique advantage of studying at IIM Kashipur is that it has one of the cheapest MBA for Working Executives programmes of all IIMs.

The part-time course that is currently available at IIM Kashipur is:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
MBA (WX) for Working Executives2 yearOn-CampusWeekend3 yearsRs. 8,50,000

It also has plans to begin offering long-duration Management Development Programmes (MDPs) in fields such as Financial Management, Information Technology and Analytics, Negotiation Skills etc.

Part-time Courses at IIM Tiruchirappalli

IIM TiruchirappalliLocated in a city renowned for spirituality, art and culture, IIM Trichy’s state-of-the-art 175-acre campus is just at an 11-km distance from the city’s airport. Guided by its motto — Knowledge is endless — it belies in the eternal pursuit for knowledge and the impact that this pursuit has on an individual’s growth and leadership.

Here is the part-time course available at IIM Trichy:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
Post-Graduate Programme in Business Management2 yearOn-CampusFri-Sun3 yearsRs. 11,80,000

Apart from that, IIM Trichy is also known for its Open Enrollment Programmes in Fields such as Design Thinking, Behavioural Finance, Strategic Cost Management etc.

Part-time Courses at IIM Indore

Leading the charge of imparting world-class management education in Central India, IIM Indore has a 193-acre campus situated on top of a hillock, a short drive away from the bustle of the city. It is an institution accredited by international agencies such as AMBA and AACSB.

Its closeness to rural settings enables it to give its students a unique insight into life in rural India, helping them become a leader that can not only excel on the global stage but is equally aware of the problems that exist in today’s society so that he/she can take steps to create a better tomorrow.

The best part-time course offered by IIM Indore is:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
Post Graduate Diploma in Management for Executives in Mumbai (PGP-MX)2 yearOn-CampusAlternate Weekend5 yearsRs. 15,00,000

IIM Indore is also known for the variety of Management Development Programmes, Virtual Learning Programmes and Certificate Courses it offers for executives.

Part-time Courses at IIM Raipur

IIM Raipur is an AACSB-accredited institute that believes in creating ethical leaders who can contribute towards building businesses while also understanding their role in building the nation.

It is located in one of the most resource-rich regions of the country and aims to create a campus that boasts modern architecture while showcasing the culture and heritage of Chattisgarh.

Following is part-time management course available at IIM Raipur:

Course NameDurationLocationTimingsWork-ExFees
Post Graduate Programme in Management for Working Executives (PGPME)2 yearsOn-CampusAlternate Weekend--Rs. 8,00,000

A number of Management Development Programmes, Advance Management Programmes and Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme can also be undertaken at IIM Raipur.

As the demand for part-time MBA courses — which can be pursued over the weekend or online at one’s leisure — increases, more and more IIMs open their doors and resources to working professionals. These part-time courses are a great alternative to pursuing a full-time MBA if you find yourself short of time and/or money.

Popular Part-Time MBA Colleges in India

Pursuing a part-time MBA from IIMs has its distinct appeal and advantages. However, the number of seats for these courses are limited and IIMs are not able to provide admission to every candidate who applies. Luckily, there are many other good colleges offering part-time MBA courses in India, some of which have been listed in the table below.

CollegeCourse NameCourse Fee
ICFAI Business School (IBS) HyderabadExecutive MBARs. 5,25,000
Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences, RohiniPart-Time PGDMRs. 2,70,000
University of Engineering & Management, KolkataPart-Time MBARs. 5,20,000
VELS University, ChennaiPart-Time MBARs. 2,10,000 - Rs. 4,20,000
NSHM Knowledge Campus, KolkataMBA (Part-Time)Rs. 2,04,900
Shoolini University, SolanMBA Executive (Part-Time)Rs. 8,02,950
IFIM BangalorePGDM Learn From Home (LFH)Rs. 4,00,000
SP Jain School of Global Management, MumbaiExecutive MBARs. 15,74,400
MIT Art Design and Technology UniversityMBA-ExecutiveRs. 2,30,000

If you want to apply for admission to MBA colleges, you can fill the Common Application Form (CAF). For admission-related inquiries, call our helpline number 18005729877.


What are the advantages of pursuing part-time courses at IIMs?

Candidates will not have to leave their job to complete their education. The fee of part-time courses is less compared to the regular programs.

What is the duration of Part time Executive PG Diploma Programme in Management offered by IIM Rohtak?

The duration of Part time Executive PG Diploma Programme in Management offered by IIM Rohtak is 2 years

What is the fee of part-time courses at IIMs?

The fee for part-time courses will be different for all the IIMs. You can check the fee of part-time courses from the official website of the selected IIM.

Who should apply for part-time courses at IIMs?

Candidates who are working and want to study or those who are looking for managerial positions should apply for part-time courses at IIMs

Which IIM offers part-time courses?

Many IIMS such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Tiruchirappalli, IIM Indore and IIM Kashipur offer part-time courses


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