Top Careers for an English Literature Graduate

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Top Careers for an English Literature Graduate
Highlights: Pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degree in English Literature is not merely studying literary texts, scrutinise and debate a variety of texts, a

Pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degree in English Literature is not merely studying literary texts, scrutinise and debate a variety of texts, acquiring knowledge of literary periods, movements and critical approaches that have shaped the way we view literature today.

Apart from the skills mentioned above, one has to develop spoken communication and writing skills. It is necessary to acquire various other skills like framing a narrative and analysing different levels of meaning. However, most of the students may question that what can we do with an English Literature degree. Collegedekho answers to this questions and gives a detailed description of top careers for an English Literature graduate.

Media and Journalism Careers with an English Literature degree:-

Media sector covers everything from television to film, newspapers to news blogs, advertising to PR and gaming to game reviewing. There is much demand for the English Literature graduates who have exception writing skills. You need to choose which area you need to go with you can be an editor, content writer, blog writer, review writer and what not. You can excel in media where is there is much scope for the advancement of career. However, you need to have determination along with skills required in the concerned field.

To boost your employability options in Media and Journalism, you should have an active presence on social media, personal portfolio of work, proven capabilities in the current media landscape and so forth. While pursuing your UG or PG degree in English Literature, you need to take part in Internships offered by various media agencies. You need to gain experience by writing news for a blog, reviewing movies and drafting the content or e-mails.

There are different career options in Digital Publishing which include areas such as electronic journals and e-books as well as online news sites and magazines. An English Literature graduate has various tasks in digital publishing which include editing of the content and publishing on the sites.

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Teaching and Academic Careers:-

An English Literature graduate is capable of teaching students from secondary level to university level. However, becoming a teacher or professor need additional qualifications. There is much demand for the English teachers in various secondary schools. Most of the schools hire English teachers for higher salaries.

Similarly, there is a demand for English lecturers or professors in different universities and institutes across the country. Nowadays most of the coaching centres which provide coaching for competitive exams also hire English Literature graduates who can teach grammar for competitive exams. These institutes recruit trainers on an hourly basis and pay attractive salaries. However, you need to develop good command over grammar for these jobs.

Careers in Advertising and Public Relations:-

English Literature graduates must have creativity, communication skills, imagination, logic and reasoning and writing skills which lead them to various careers in advertising and public relations. These jobs include advertising copywriter, creative director, event organiser, event organiser, PR Manager and others. These are exciting careers where you need to use your verbal adeptness, creativity and writing skills.

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Careers in BPOs:-

There is a broad range of jobs in BPOs with decent salaries. A graduate degree is enough to enter into these jobs. However, if you are willing to work in US or UK based BPOs, you need to have excellent communication skills as well as an American accent. Companies like Dell, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services and others usually offer jobs to those who have excellent command over English and a good accent.

Civil Services:-

If you are looking for a job in Public Sector, then Civil Services is the best option. Most of the graduates in English Literature have qualified in civil services examination. However, there is much competition for these jobs. If you want to clear civils, you need to sacrifice your social life and completely focus on your studies.

Collegedekho wishes ‘Good Luck’ for all those who are looking for a bright career in English Literature.

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