10 Problem Solving Courses You Must Enroll in Right Now

Shuchi Bagchi
Shuchi BagchiUpdated On: February 12, 2024 05:36 pm IST
In this era of competitive life, it is essential for an individual to stay calm and composed. For this, one can choose to opt for various problem-solving courses. If you are searching for one, get guidance from the article to have an idea.
10 Problem Solving Course

Problems are a part and parcel of life and learning how to solve these problems is very important. Problem-solving is a way of coping with obstacles, which is especially important when you spend a substantial period at work. The increased need for this skill has increased the demand for problem-solving courses. When the need arises, you should be able to utilize problem-solving solutions. These days employers are looking for people with good problem-solving skills. To learn about the top problem-solving courses that you can enroll in and level up your career, read this article further. 

Top 10 Problem-Solving Courses You Must Enroll: Learning Platforms and Time Duration 

Enlisted below are the names of the top ten problem-solving courses along with the names of the online platforms offering courses and their time duration. 
S. No.Name of Problem-Solving CoursesPlatform Offering CoursesTime Duration of the Course
1 Effective Problem-solving and Decision Making Coursera 5 Hours 
2Introduction to Problem-SolvingUdemy90 minutes
3Computed Thinking for Problem-solvingCoursera18 hours 
4Free Problem-Solving Techniques for BeginnersLinkedIn Learning 1 hour 32 minutes
5The Top-Down Approach to Problem Solving  Udemy157 minutes 
6Problem-Solving TechniquesLinkedIn Learning 40 minutes 
7Highly Effective Problem-Solving SkillsUdemy72 minutes 
8 Decision Making: Solve Problems with Emotional Intelligence Udemy8 hours 
9Solving Business ProblemsLinkedIn Learning 36 minutes 
10Methods of Solving ProblemsCoursera 7 Hours 

1. Effective Problem-solving and Decision Making

This problem-solving skill course will teach you how to use suitable problem-solving and decision-making methods, as well as how to recognize obstacles to practical problem-solving and decision-making. You will be able to apply analysis, synthesis, and positive inquiry to solve organizational issues and assess solutions at the end of this problem-solving course. With flexible deadlines and certification, this course is entirely online. 

  • Platform - Coursera 
  • Duration - 5 Hours 
  • Topics Covered - Introduction to Problem-Solving, Charts and Diagrams, Decision-Making Methods, Implementing Decisions 

2. Introduction to Problem-Solving

This is an online course that tells you about problem-solving skills that you can apply in your daily lives. The techniques taught in the course can be used in your personal and professional lives as well. This is a pre-recorded course and can be studied anytime and anywhere. 

  • Platform - Udemy 
  • Duration - 90 minutes 
  • Topics Covered - problem-solving approach, problem-solving barrier, problem-solving concepts 

3. Computed Thinking for Problem-solving 

This course is best suited for beginners and offers computerized problem-solving techniques. This course does not have a deadline and can be completed at any time. A certificate is issued once you have completed this course. 

  • Platform - the University of Pennsylvania through Coursera 
  • Duration - 18 hours 
  • Topics Covered - Fundamental Operations of Modern Computer, Pillars of Computational Thinking, Applied Computational Thinking Using Python 
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4. Free Problem-Solving Techniques for Beginners 

In this beginner-level course, you will learn about several methods through which you can identify the actual cause of the problem by looking into some trouble caused by a symptom. You can come up with solutions to these problems with the help of mind maps and decision trees. Learning critical thinking, and problem solving to deal with the problems one faces in their daily lives.  For online practice, videos are provided that you can also watch in offline mode without the need for the internet. Exercises are also provided by the teacher. 

  • Platform - LinkedIn Learning 
  • Duration - 1 hour 32 minutes 
  • Topics Covered - Introduction, Identifying the real problem, Generate possible solutions, Selecting the best solution, Conclusion

5. The Top-Down Approach to Problem Solving  

This course is intended not just for professionals, but also for students in high schools and universities. This course teaches problem-solving skills through a variety of themes. To be qualified for this course, students must have a basic understanding of algebra.

  • Platform - Udemy 
  • Duration - 157 minutes 
  • Topics Covered - electric circuit example, instrumented top down on a single problem, problems for you to solve 

6. Problem-Solving Techniques by LinkedIn Learning 

This course is designed to educate individuals about beginner-level problem-solving abilities. The training provides the students with unique problem-solving strategies that they may apply in their daily lives. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate.

  • Platform - LinkedIn Learning 
  • Duration - 40 minutes 
  • Topics Covered - Identification of problems, generating solutions, and choosing the most appropriate solution.
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7. Highly Effective Problem-Solving Skills by Udemy

Professionals choose this as one of the most popular problem-solving courses. This course includes a one-hour video, nine materials that may be downloaded, and lifelong network access when you purchase this system. The training employs world-class problem-solving strategies. At the completion of the course, you will be given a certificate.

  • Platform - Udemy 
  • Duration - 72 minutes 
  • Topics Covered - 5-step problem-solving framework, modern-day problem-solving techniques 

8. Decision Making: Solve Problems with Emotional Intelligence 

This creative problem-solving course will teach you how to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to prevent difficulties and comprehend the negative reaction to workplace pressure. Furthermore, you will learn everything step by step.

  • Platform - Udemy 
  • Duration - 8 hours 
  • Topics Covered - Reality Testing, Mindfulness, Impulse Control, Critical Thinking with Emotional Intelligence 

9. Solving Business Problems 

This beginner-level course teaches how to solve problems even when you are in a difficult situation while imparting lessons in effective decision-making. After the completion of the course, a certificate is awarded. 

  • Platform - LinkedIn Learning 
  • Duration - 36 minutes 
  • Topics Covered - 5 Step Business Problem Solving Techniques, Creating Assertions, Decision-Making Techniques. 

10. Methods of Solving Problems 

This course is popular among professionals as it teaches students how to recognize the root of the problem, analyze it, break it down, and solve the problem in a systematic and smart manner. Students are able to grasp the teachings of this course through practical training. 

  • Platform - University of Colorado Boulder through Coursera 
  • Duration - 7 hours 
  • Topics Covered - Computers and Logic, Problems for Minds and Machines, Humans and Heuristics 
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Benefits of Learning Problem-Solving Skills

Enhancement of Problem Solving skills brings out the best in any individual, personally and professionally. Check out the pointers given below to know more benefits of learning problem-solving skills.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Problem-solving skills enable more informed and effective decision-making processes.  
  • Heightened Creativity: The ability to solve problems encourages creative thinking, leading to innovative solutions.
  • Increased Adaptability: Individuals with strong problem-solving skills adapt more readily to changing circumstances.
  • Proactive Approach: Problem solvers tend to approach challenges with a proactive mindset, actively seeking solutions.
  • Systematic Thinking: Learning problem-solving skills fosters a systematic approach to analyzing and resolving issues.
  • Versatility: These skills are transferable across various aspects of life, proving beneficial in both personal and professional scenarios.
  • Solution-Oriented Mindset: Individuals with developed problem-solving skills focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on the problems themselves.


As explained above, there are various problem-solving courses. Before making a decision, the student must focus on their need and interest. By enrolling in these courses, the candidates gain decision-making skills, problem-solving abilities, power of collaboration. Also, these courses help in making brain cells active for thinking, analyzing, and planning in any situation with a logical approach. In the course of physiological analysis, the problem-solving course is put into practice. Mental health professionals study human problem-solving methods. Various techniques such as introspection, behaviorism, and simulation are put into use to analyze and acknowledge the problems. Various platform offers short-term courses which the individual choose according to their needs and interests.


What are the problem-solving courses offered by Udemy?

Introduction to Problem-Solving, Highly Effective Problem-Solving Skills, Decision Making: Solve  Problems with Emotional Intelligence and The Top-Down Approach to Problem-Solving Courses are offered by Udemy to enhance problem-solving skills.

What courses are offered by Coursera to improve problem-solving skills?

Enlisted below are the lists of courses that are offered by Coursera to improve problem-solving skills. 

-Methods of Solving Problems
-Computed Thinking for Problem-solving
-Effective Problem-solving and Decision Making

Does LinkedIn provide online certification for Problem-Solving Courses?

Yes, LinkedIn Learnings does provide online certification courses for Problem-Solving Courses. Courses like Solving Business Problems, Free Problem-Solving Techniques for Beginners and Problem-Solving Techniques are especially offered by Linkedin. Candidates can use their mobile phone LinkedIn app or the website - learning.linkedin.com to enrol in these courses.

Does an online learning platform help in building problem-solving skills?

Yes, engaging in problem-solving courses on an online learning platform can significantly enhance your ability to tackle challenges effectively and develop essential problem-solving skills.

What are the benefits of developing problem-solving skills?

The benefits of developing problem-solving skills include improved decision-making, heightened creativity, and a better understanding of various strategies to overcome obstacles. Enrolling in problem-solving courses can be a structured way to cultivate and refine these skills.

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