Most Demanding Short-Term Courses After 12th

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Standing out in this highly competitive market calls for skill development. Explore the demanding and opportunistic short-term courses after 12 here and make an informed decision.

Most Demanding Short-Term Courses After 12th

Short-term courses after 12th: The cutthroat competition in the job market compels students to start searching for short-term courses after 12th that offer them a competitive edge over others. Short-term courses after 12th can be pursued by students hailing from various streams like arts, commerce, and science. These courses are offered by various private as well as government institutes to help aspirants specialize in their preferred field of study. Most courses have a timeline of 6 months to 1 year; depending on the field one chooses.

There are about 37,670,147 students who graduate each year in India; however, only a meagre percentage of those graduates find employment. Top corporate firms select candidates based on employability skills including communication prowess, decision-making skills, presence of mind, and logical sense. Most students after 12th often take the long route which involves undertaking UG and PG courses. As the world shifts to new evolutions, short-term job-oriented courses prove valuable for students who wish to open opportunistic career paths.

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Why Pursue Short-Term Courses After 12th?

Is it possible to secure a job after completing 12th? Can short-term courses open new career avenues? If your mind is entrapped with such intriguing questions then the answer is yes. As the new evolutions and updates dominate the job market, academic knowledge seems insufficient to land you on the right career path. Short-term courses after the 12th offer better prospects to enhance professional skills expected from the industry a student wishes to choose. These courses are designed to update aspirants' skills and open new unexplored doors to employment. Let’s explore some of the top long-term benefits of short-term courses:

Enhance Industry-Specific Knowledge

Students can choose a short-term course based on a specific industry or discipline they are interested in. Learners can gain adequate exposure to the skills and knowledge expected in the industry. Most reputed institutes hire an expert team of mentors who enable aspirants to use theoretical knowledge in real-life situations through practical sessions.

Expand Career Prospects

The short-term courses including diploma or certification inculcate a fine mixture of theoretical knowledge and employment-level skills. Enrolling in these courses prepares applicants for the current job market trends. With the empowerment of job-oriented skills, 12th-grade students remain exposed to better career prospects.

Guaranty Flexibility

Short-term courses guarantee flexibility as they are devoid of any fixed curriculum structure and timings. Individuals can continue pursuing the courses by simultaneously completing personal or educational commitments. 

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Top Short-Term Courses After 12th

Short-term courses after 12th can be categorized based on the fields of study one wishes to pursue including humanities, science, commerce, and science. Explore the top-rated and demanding courses with their fee structure from different industries below:


Course Name

Course Fees (in INR)


Diploma in Digital Marketing


Diploma in Psychology


Diploma in Fashion Designing


Diploma in Graphic Designing


Diploma in Hotel Management


Diploma in Linguistics


Certificate in Canvas Painting


Certificate in Interior Design



Certificate in Tally

1, 80,000

Diploma in Budgeting


Diploma in Banking & Finance


Certificate in Financial Accounting & Taxation


Certificate in Stock Market Analysis & Trading



Diploma in Nursing


Certificate in Food & Nutrition


Certificate in IT


Certificate in Community & Rural Healthcare


Certificate in VFX & Animation


Certificate in Web Designing


Certificate in Cyber Security


Certificate in Medical Transcription


Certificate in Clinical Research


Diploma in Physiotherapy


Top Short-Term Courses After 12th Arts

Many students opt for a career in the Arts. This isn't true despite common misconceptions that Arts classes are only for weaker students. Contrary to popular belief, Arts students have numerous options after the 12th grade. Below are some of the most demanding short-term courses after 12th for Arts students.

  • Photography & Videography
  • Event Management
  • Graphics Designing
  • Website Designing & Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Kitchen and Catering
  • Sound Recording
  • DJ
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Language Courses
  • Multimedia
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Top Short-Term Courses After 12th Commerce

Selecting the best short-term courses after the 12th Commerce can open up doors to exciting career opportunities or enhance your profile for further studies:

  • Certificate in Financial Modelling
  • Certificate in Tally
  • Certificate/Diploma in Banking
  • Certificate in Stock Market
  • Certificate in People Management
  • Certificate course in Business Skills
  • Certificate in Mass Media / Journalism
  • GST Certification
  • Diploma in Budgeting
  • Diploma in Chart Visualisation
  • Diploma in Banking & Finance
  • Diploma in Financial Management
  • Diploma in Business Administration
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Top Short-Term Courses After 12th Science

Selecting a career path from the extensive list of courses after the 12th grade can be quite challenging. Not all short-term courses contribute to your professional growth. Many of us ponder questions like which course to pursue after the 12th grade or what to do after intermediate. It's commendable that you are considering your course selection carefully. 

Below are some of the most demanding short-term courses after 12th for Science students: 

  • Certificate in Food and Nutrition
  • Certificate in Data Science
  • Certificate in Graphic Design
  • Certificate in Foreign Languages
  • Certificate in Culinary Arts
  • Certificate in Yoga Training 
  • Certificate in MS Office Proficiency
  • Certificate in Web Designing
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Certificate in Information Technology
  • Certificate in VFX and Animation
  • Certificate in App Development
  • Certificate in Animation and Graphic Design
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Top Short-Term Courses After 12th Medical

Deciding on the right career path after completing the 12th grade in the medical field can be a challenging task. Particularly if you aim to specialize in medicine, opting for short-term medical courses after the 12th through certificates can be a wise choice. These courses can enhance your current career in your specific area of study. Below are some of the most demanding short-term courses after 12th for Science medical students:

  • Certificate Course in Dental Care Assistant
  • Certificate Course in Hospital Store Assistant
  • Certificate Course in Pain Management
  • Certificate Course in General Duty Assistance
  • Certificate Course in Geriatric Care Assistance
  • Certificate Course in Clinical Psychology
  • Certificate Course in Naturopathy & Yoga Science
  • Certificate Course in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • 6 Month Certificate in HIV and Family Education
  • 6 Month Certificate in Phlebotomy Assistance
  • 6 Month Certificate in Echocardiography and Ultrasound
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Eligibility Requirements for Short-Term Courses

To enrol in short-term courses immediately after your 12th board exams, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of Higher Secondary Examinations, i.e., the 10+2 standard.
  • For non-academic courses falling into vocational categories, candidates must attend an introductory interview.
  • Candidates need to pay a specific admission fee at the start of the course, applicable to both online and offline courses.
  • Housewives seeking to reinvigorate their careers are also eligible to apply for these courses.

Short-Term Courses Promising Handsome Packages

With the growing prominence and ongoing developments in the IT, finance, and legal sectors, a host of high-salaried jobs have been ruling the job market. Explore some of the courses that will guarantee you a stable and lucrative career.

Advanced Diploma in AI & ML

As the world shifts to digitization, demand for machine learning and artificial intelligence has been growing at a fast pace. This advanced-level diploma imparts a comprehensive understanding of AI and ML through various modules. Students after completing 12th in the science or commerce stream can apply for this short-term course and pave the path to lucrative career options.

Certification in Digital Marketing

As the demand for digitization grows, a plethora of job opportunities in the niche experiences a rise. A lot of institutes conduct short-term digital marketing courses that help learners gather extensive knowledge on SEO, Google ads, PPC, web analytics affiliate marketing, etc. Students can explore lucrative job opportunities after course completion.

Financial Planner Certification

Finance and banking is an ever-growing and booming sector that creates large-scale jobs. Certified financial planner courses empower learners to sharpen their skills in handling the financial services of a business organization. 

Diploma in Fashion Designing

It is one of the most job-oriented and high-salaried short-term courses after 12th. Students portraying artistic skills and wishing to become a part of the expansive glamour world can enrol in the 1-year diploma program. The course will focus on the basics of fabric selection, fashion forecasting, basic silhouette, saree designing, and many more. 

Career Options After Pursuing Short-Term Courses 

Curious to learn what career opportunities might await after completing short-term courses? Placement is guaranteed with diploma and certification courses one pursues in various niches including arts, commerce, science, or law. Let’s explore the high-salaried and demanding jobs students can pursue by enrolling in short-term courses after the 12th.

  • Fashion designer
  • Interior decorator
  • Financial planner or analyst
  • Web designer
  • Digital marketer
  • Social media executive
  • Photographer
  • Nutritionist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Linguist
  • Blockchain developer
Hopefully, the list of short-term courses after the 12th has assisted you in exploring possible skill development courses you can pursue based on your interests and academic background. We recommend you choose the best institutes for enhancing your skills that can open better career opportunities.

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What are the best short term courses after 12th science?

Here are some of the most popular and trending options to consider:
- Digital Marketing
- Data Science Fundamentals
- Web Development
- Graphic Design
- Financial Modelling 
- Business Analytics
- Cybersecurity
- Content Writing & Copywriting
- User Experience (UX) Design


What are the skills taught in short-term courses?

The skill sets you can expect to acquire will be customized based on your chosen field:
- Science & Medical: Lab techniques, data analysis, medical software, communication.
- Commerce & Business: Digital marketing, financial modelling, data visualization, soft skills.
- Arts & Humanities: Graphic design, content creation, foreign languages, storytelling.
- Engineering & Technology: Programming, hardware basics, software applications, problem-solving.

Can an Arts stream student apply for AI & ML diploma programs?

Certainly, arts students have the potential to apply for AI & ML diploma programs, but there are some considerations:
- Eligibility: Several programs may necessitate a science background in math and statistics. It's crucial to carefully check the specific requirements of each program.
- Preparation: If mathematics is not your forte, you might want to consider preparatory courses or utilize online resources to establish a foundational understanding.
- Strengths: Emphasize your analytical and problem-solving skills, commonly found in arts disciplines, which can prove valuable in AI & ML.
- Focus: Seek programs that highlight the creative and ethical aspects of AI, where your arts background can truly shine.


What are the most in-demand short-term courses after 12th, regardless of stream?

Some of the most in-demand short-term courses after 12th, regardless of stream are:
- Digital Marketing
- Data Science Essentials
- Web Development
- Financial Modelling
- Graphic Design
- Foreign Language Certification

Can I do a short-term course online, and are they recognized by employers?

Yes, you can take short online courses, and many employers recognize them. Online courses provide flexibility, covering diverse subjects and skills. However, the acknowledgement depends on the specific course and the institution offering it. To boost credibility and employability, choose courses from reputable platforms or institutions. Employers often appreciate skills acquired through online courses, but it's important to select recognized programs that align with industry requirements.


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