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App for LGBT Community: DU Student comes up with Revolutionary Idea!

December 01, 2016 03:42 PM 3 minute read , Others , University of Delhi

App for LGBT Community: DU Student comes up with Revolutionary Idea!

2016 has been a revolutionary year for the LGBT community with some astounding changes that have been made in the education sector. Be it the High Court’s decision to include the third gender in the UPSC exam or discussions being organized in various universities regarding the LGBT community, 2016 has definitely been a game changing year for the LGBT Community.

It is a big win-win that more and more students now welcome the idea of inclusion and recognition of LGBT community in the mainstream society. At various universities, the students have openly talked and discussed regarding the same and also favour and support the LGBT community.

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Some inspirational developments have taken place at the 9th Delhi Queer Pride Parade held on Sunday, November 27, 2016. Amongst these was a story of a DU student who hails from a town close to Meerut. This student is developing an app for the LGBT community.

The 19-year-old student is gay. He ran away from his house to pursue higher education and found the motivation to develop an app that will provide a support group for individuals who belong to the LGBT community and feel secluded because of the fear and pressure that they have to undergo.

With the support of his partner who is perusing engineering, he plans to develop an app that will help the LGBT community to overcome their fears. Talking about the app, the student’s partner said that it is easy to offer words of support but providing logistical support is what matters and that’s what the app will do for the LGBT people.

He further added that the app will help all those who are fearful and intimidated by the society or their surroundings and will help them step out of that place to make a fresh start. They will also provide food, accommodation and other assistance to such individuals.

The app will enable people of the LGBT community to connect with each other. It will comprise an SOS button that a member can press in his/her time of trouble to alert the others in the group. Pressing the button will pick the location of the individual and will send it to the other members in the group. The student also informed that the app is almost ready and will be launched in January 2017.

Talking about his personal experiences, the student said that he had gone through a difficult phase in his life and does not want anyone else to face the same. Though he spent a lot of time hiding as he was overpowered by fear but now he has an ambition in his life. He is also happy that he has found support and acceptance in his partner’s parents.

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His story is not only inspiring but also expresses the community that has lived in shadows. LGBT community has definitely started receiving warmth and acceptance with more people willingly accepting them as part of the same society.

Read to dream because dreams make life interesting. Read, to see the marvels of the world without moving your feet. Above all read to empower your mind, as that’s what makes you whole!

App for LGBT Community: DU Student comes up with Revolutionary Idea! | CollegeDekho