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CUET 2024 Computer Science: Preparation Tips, Scoring Topics, Weightage

Kamayani Meghawal
Kamayani MeghawalUpdated On: October 30, 2023 04:49 pm IST | CUET
CUET 2024 will be held from May 15 to May 31, 2024. The aspirants who are going to attempt CUET Computer Science 2024, this article is for you. This article will help the aspirants to know the CUET Computer Science preparation tips, Scoring Topics, and Weightage. 
CUET Computer Science Preparation Tips, Scoring Topics, Weightage

CUET 2024 Computer Science Preparation Tips: CUET is an all-India entrance exam also known as Central University Entrance Test. The entrance exam is conducted for students who want to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from popular universities. The National Testing Agency (NTA)has released the CUET UG 2024 examination schedule. CUET 2024 will be held from May 15, 2024, to May 31, 2024 according to the official schedule. The application form for the CUET 2024 Computer Science domain will be released in the month of February 2024. Candidates are advised to prepare well for the exam as dates for the examination have been confirmed already. 

CUET is conducted by the NTA every once a year. CUET exam takes place every year for different subjects including Computer Science, History, Maths, etc. The students who are appearing for the CUET 2024 exam should know everything about the paper.  Knowing everything about the CUET Computer Science syllabus, scoring topics, and topic-wise weightage is a plus to scoring the best marks. Keep on reading to know more about CUET 2024 Computer Science preparation tips, scoring topics, and so much more.  

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CUET 2024 Computer Science Preparation Tips

CUET Computer Science preparation tips are the most helpful tips for students preparing for the CUET exam 2024. This India-level exam for students needs preparation to secure the best rank in the CUET 2024 Computer Science exam. If you want to secure the best scores, then these CUET Computer Science preparation tips 2024 mentioned below will be helpful for you. 

Get to know the syllabus & important topics: According to CUET Computer Science tips, while preparing for the entrance exams, knowing the syllabus is the first step. Know the CUET Computer Science 2024 syllabus, paper pattern, and important topics. Gather all the information about the Computer Science CUET exam, so you can prepare best to score the best marks. 

Make a doable timetable: Making a routine and study timetable is the most important step, but do you know that making a doable schedule is more important? Make a simple, yet a doable timetable for the CUET 2024 Computer Science. Plan the study timetable according to your short-term and long-term plans, and also make some time for revision. 

Gather the best study material: Collect all the study materials, best books by authors, and publications for the Computer Science exam. Check for the CUET Computer Science best books and prepare for the exam. 

Practice and revise: Revision is the most important tip of the CUET 2024 Computer Science preparation tips that every student should follow. Make some time for revision, practice, and mock tests. 

CUET Computer Science 2024 Syllabus

Students preparing for the CUET 2024 should know the CUET 2024 Computer Science syllabus. Here is the list of the units in the CUET Computer Science syllabus:




Section A

Exception and File Handling in Python

  • Exception Handling

  • Syntax errors, exceptions, need of exception handling

  • File Handling

Database Concepts

  • Introduction to database concepts 

  • Relational data model

  • Relational algebra

Structured Query Language

  • Advantages of using Structured Query Language

  • Data Definition Language

  • Introduction to MySQL, Creating a database using MySQL

  • Data Types, Data Definition, Data Query, Data Manipulation

  • Math functions: POWER (), ROUND (), MOD ()

Computer Networks

  • Introduction to computer networks

  • Evolution of networking

  • Network types

  • Network Topologies

  • Network Topologies

  • Mesh, Basic concept of MAC and IP Address

  • Network Topologies

Section B - 1 (Computer Science)

Exception and File Handling in Python

  • Exception Handling

  • File Handling


  • Stack (List Implementation)

  • Introduction and operations to stack (LIFO Operations)


  • Introduction to Queue and its implementation in Python


  • Introduction to Searching

  • Implementation of searching techniques in Python


  • Overview of sorting techniques

  • Hash Functions, Collision Resolution

Understanding Data

  • Data and its purpose

Database Concepts

  • Introduction to database concepts

  • Relational algebra

Structured Query Language

  • Data Definition

  • Data Query

  • Data Manipulation

  • Math functions

  • Text function

  • Date function

  • Aggregate function

  • Operation on Relation

Computer Networks 

  • Introduction to computer networks and Evolution

Sections B - 2 (Information Practices)

Database Query using SQL

  • Math functions

  • Text functions

  • Date Functions

  • Aggregate Functions

  • Operations on Relations

Data Handling using Pandas – I

  • Introduction to Python libraries

Data Handling using Pandas – II

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Data Frame operations

  • Handling missing values

  • Importing/Exporting Data between MySQL database

Plotting Data using Matplotlib

  • Purpose of plotting

  • Customizing plots

Introduction to Computer Networks

  • Introduction to Networks

  • Network Topologies

  • Website

  • Web Browsers

Societal Impacts

  • Digital footprint

  • Introduction to Computer Networks Page

Data Communication

  • Concept of communication

  • Types of Data Communication

  • Switching techniques

  • Communication Media

  • Introduction to mobile telecommunication 

Security Aspects

  • Threats and prevention

  • Network Security Concepts

  • Network security threats

CUET Computer Science 2024 Scoring Topics

Knowing the scoring topics and important topics while preparing for the CUET Computer Science helps you to score the best marks. Although these topics are important, however, these topics are just predictions and can vary according to the paper. The most important scoring topics in CUET 2024 Computer Science are mentioned below:

Exception and File Handling in Python - Syntax errors, exceptions, need for exception handling, user-defined exceptions, Text file, and binary file, file types, open and close files, reading and writing text files, file access modes, and writing binary files using pickle module.

Database Concepts - Introduction to database concepts, the difference between database and file system, the concept of the domain, tuple, relation, candidate key, primary key, alternate key, and foreign key. Relational algebra selection, projection, union, set difference, and cartesian product.

Computer Networks - Introduction to computer networks, Evolution of networking, Network types: LAN, WAN, MAN Network devices, Network Topologies Mesh, Ring, Bus, Star, and Tree topologies, Network Topologies, Basic concept of MAC and IP Address, Difference between Internet and web.

Database Query using SQL - Math functions, Text functions, Date Functions, Aggregate Functions, Operations on Relations - Union, Intersection, Minus, Cartesian Product.

Data Handling using Pandas I & II - Introduction to Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib, Data structures in Pandas, Creation of Series, mathematical operations, Indexing, Slicing, Data Frames creation, Operations on Rows and columns, Boolean Indexing, Styling & Formatting data, Head and Tail functions, Importing/Exporting Data between CSV files and DataFrames. Data Handling using Pandas – II, Descriptive Statistics, Data Frame operations, Handling missing values – dropping and filling, Importing/Exporting Data between MySQL database and Pandas.

Data Communication - Concept of communication, Types of Data Communication, switching techniques, Communication Media, Bluetooth, WLAN, Infrared, Microwave Network Protocol, Need for Protocol, Categorization, and Examples of protocol, HTTP, FTP, IP, PPP. 

CUET 2024 Computer Science Weightage

The Computer Science syllabus of CUET 2024 is divided into major 3 sections, which are further divided into multiple units. The marks weightage of these sections is mentioned below. 


Marks Weightage (%)

Section A


Section B - 1 (Computer Science)


Sections B - 2 (Information Practices)


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If you are preparing for the CUET 2024 Computer Science exam, stick to CollegeDekho to know more!

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