BITSAT 2024: How to Prepare in 60 Days? Complete Guide

Diksha Sharma

Updated On: June 21, 2024 03:41 pm IST | BITSAT

The BITSAT exam session 1 has been scheduled from May 20 to May 24, 2024. With less days remaining for the exam, candidates now must focus on studying atleast one chapter every day from all subjects and practise the mock tests. 


BITSAT 2024: How to Prepare in 60 Days? Complete Guide

How to Prepare For BITSAT 2024 in 60 Days - BITSAT 2024 Session 2 admit card will be out on June 21, 2024 and the exam is all set to be conducted from June 24-28, 2024. Preparation plays a great role to qualify in the exam with good marks. Checking the paper patterns of BITSAT 2024 and practising mock test are some of the ways to prepare for the exam. It is also recomended to go through the best books available for the exam.

BITSAT, as known by all, is one of the most sought-after entrance exams in India through which the students are provided admission to integrated programs at various BITSAT participating colleges 2024 . Though there are lakhs of students preparing for the exam, only a few of them know the proper BITSAT 2024 preparation strategy . With less time in hand, read here to know about BITSAT preparation tips 2024. Hence, if you are preparing for BITSAT 2024 exam and looking for an effective preparation strategy in less time, let us look at how to prepare for BITSAT 2024 in 60 days!

BITSAT Exam Pattern Highlights 2024

One of the most important aspects of BITSAT 2024 preparation is to be thorough with the BITSAT syllabus and BITSAT Exam Pattern 2024 . Some of the major highlights of the BITSAT 2024 exam pattern are given below.

Particulars Details

Mode of Exam



3 Hours


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics or Biology
  • English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning

Total Questions


Types of Questions

Multiple Choice

Marking for Correct Answer


Marking for Incorrect Answer


BITSAT 2024 Exam Syllabus Overview

The number of chapters of Physics, Chemistry and Biology has been provide below. It is recomended to schedule thier study plan based on this. Students can accordingly stretegize their preparation for BITSAT exam. The overview of the BITSAT 2024 syllabus which will be used for 60 days of preparation is given in the table below:

Number of Chapters in Physics


Number of Chapters in Chemistry


Number of Chapters in Mathematics


Number of Chapters in English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning


Total Number of Chapters to Prepare in 60 Days


BITSAT 2024 60 Days Preparation Timetable

The subsequent important step for students for an effective BITSAT Preparation 2024 is to establish a well-structured timetable. Preparing a timetable that aligns with your daily routine and clinging to it religiously is a foundational facet of successfully qualifying for the BITSAT 2024 exam.

Total Days Left for Exam Preparation

60 Days

Number of Hours You Should Study Each Day

5-6 Hours

Number of Chapters to Prepare in Physics in One Day


Number of Chapters to Prepare in Chemistry  in One Day


Number of Chapters to Prepare in Mathematics in One Day


Number of Chapters to Prepare in English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning in One Day


Total Chapter to Prepare in One Day


Total Chapter to Prepare in a Week (7 Days)


Total Chapters to Prepare in a Month (30 Days)


Time Required to Complete All the Topics

50 Days

Time Left for Revision

10 Days

*Important Note: The above timetable is just for reference and you can make changes to the timetable at your convenience.

BITSAT 2024 Syllabus Distribution for 60 Days

Here we have shared the topics distribution list for each subject of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Now that we know the syllabus for BITSAT 2024, let us go through the syllabus as per 60 day preparation strategy:


Name of Subject


Total Topics to Prepare


Days for Preparation

60 Days

Number of Topics to Prepare in a Day


Time Left for Revision



Name of Subject


Total Topics to Prepare


Days for Preparation

60 Days

Number of Topics to Prepare in a Day


Time Left for Revision


Quick link: BITSAT Physics Topic-Wise Weightage & List of Important Topics


Name of Subject


Total Topics to Prepare


Days for Preparation

60 Days

Number of Topics to Prepare in a Day


Time Left for Revision


BITSAT 2024 Important Topics & Weightage

While you are preparing for BITSAT, it is very important to know about the most important topics and focus on these topics. As students know the weightage of each chapters, it will be easier for them to focus more on those chapters. In Physics, students should focus more on Magnetic Effect of Current and Heat and Thermodynamics. While in Chemistry candidates should read thoroughly the chapters of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Bonding and for Mathematics, the chapters like Circle and Trignometry is of much more importance. Some of the most important topics for BITSAT 2024 are listed below:


Important Topics



  • Magnetic Effect of Current

  • Heat and Thermodynamics


  • Current Electricity
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Wave Motion

  • Fluids

  • Wave Optics

  • Rotational motion

  • Electrostatics


  • Elasticity

  • Gravitation

  • Alternating Current

  • Ray Topics

  • Work, Power, and Energy

  • Units, Dimensions, and Errors



  • Organic Chemistry

  • Chemical Bonding


  • p-Block elements

  • Atomic Structure

  • Electrochemistry

  • Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes

  • Chemical Thermodynamics

  • Biomolecules

  • Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives and Mole concepts


  • Chemical Kinetics

  • Ionic equilibrium

  • Solid State

  • Ionic Equilibrium

  • Chemical Equilibrium

  • S-block elements



  • Circles

  • Trigonometry


  • Vectors

  • Straight Lines and a Pair of Straight Lines

  • Continuity and Differentiability


  • Matrices and Determinants

  • Binomial Theorem

  • Complex Numbers

  • Probability

  • Application of Derivatives

  • Complex Numbers

  • Differential Equations

  • Properties of Triangle

  • Sets, Relations, and Functions

  • Theory of Equation


English Proficiency

Synonyms and Antonyms


  • One Word Substitution

  • Sentence Completion

  • Rearrangement of Jumbled Words


  • Rules of Conjunctions

  • Tenses

  • Prepositions

  • Modals


Logical Reasoning

Figure Matrix, Figure Formation, and Analysis


  • Analogy Test

  • Logical Deduction

  • Series Test Numerical and Alphabetical


  • Figure Completion Test

  • Paper folding and cutting
  • Detection of the rule


For a converged BITSAT preparation 2024, candidates should always refer to valid books for preparation. These reference books should be written by authorized authors, cover the full BITSAT syllabus 2024, and have factual information. The biggest mistake the students make is, that they refer to random books available in the market which do not satisfy any of the above-mentioned conditions. Hence, to assist the students in finding the best books, we have mentioned some of the B est Books for BITSAT 2024 that are relevant and will be beneficial for an effective BITSAT 2024 preparation.




  • Integral Calculus by Arihant

  • Higher Algebra by Hall Knight Bernard-child

  • Differential Calculus by Arihant

  • Class XI & XII by R.D. Sharma

  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable Algebra by I.A.Maron


  • Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice Yurkanis

  • Atkins' Physical Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry by N Awasthi

  • Inorganic Chemistry by J.D.Lee

  • Inorganic Chemistry by O.P.Tandon

  • Organic Chemistry by M.S. Chauhan


  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma Vol 1 and Vol 2

  • Advanced level Physics by Nelson and Parker

  • Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov

  • Arihant Physics by D. C. Pandey

  • Fundamentals of Physics Resnick, Halliday, Walker

English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning

  • The Pearson Complete Guide to the BITSAT (English) by One Learn Education

  • BITSAT English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning by Disha Experts

  • Wren and Martin

How to Prepare for BITSAT in 1 Month?

Candidates can follow the BITSAT 2024 preparation tips mentioned below if only one month is left for the BITSAT entrance exam.

  • If a candidate is already preparing for the BITSAT entrance exam from the last 2 months then the last month should be devoted entirely for revisions. But if a candidate has not even commenced the preparation then they must allot 8-9 hours daily to prepare for the BITSAT entrance exam within one month.
  • Candidates are advised to attempt the BITSAT 2024 mock tests as well as the previous year question papers of BITSAT to enhance their speed and accuracy. If candidates are able to secure around 300-350 during their practice sessions in the tests then there are high chances that they can score very well in the actual BITSAT entrance exam.
  • Candidates must attempt to improve their speed of answering the questions with a higher level of accuracy so that they can take advantage of bonus questions to obtain higher marks in the BITSAT 2024 exam.
  • Majority of the candidates consider the English section easy and avoid practicing this section. Candidates should focus on this section properly as this section does not require any lengthy calculation and if one has a good knowledge of grammar and good vocabulary then they can easily and quickly answer the questions asked in this section.
  • Making notes during the preparations is highly beneficial. All the candidates should prepare notes on every topic that they study. These notes will help them to memorize topics for a longer period. Candidates can resort to the notes prepared by them anytime they wish.

Candidates must sincerely adhere to a set timetable to complete their last phase of BITSAT 2024 preparation tips.

BITSAT Mock Test 2024

When not much time is left for the BITSAT entrance exam 2024, the candidates must undertake the mock tests of BITSAT 2024. BITSAT mock test 2024 is designed to provide the candidates with a real-time experience of the actual BITSAT exam. Regular practice of the BITSAT mock tests 2024 helps the candidates to evaluate their level of preparation and be aware of their areas of strength and weakness. Candidates can assess their speed and time-management skills and prepare better for the BITSAT exam 2024 by undertaking the BITSAT 2024 mock test .

BITSAT Previous Year Question Papers

The previous year question papers of BITSAT provide the candidates with a clear idea about the kind of questions frequently asked in the BITSAT entrance exam and the topic-wise weightage. Candidates can figure out the expected important topics of BITSAT 2024 by practicing the BITSAT previous year question papers . It is important for the candidates to attempt as many previous year question papers of BITSAT as possible to enhance their efficiency for the actual BITSAT 2024 exam.

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We hope that this article will help you through your BITSAT 2024 exam  preparation. All the best! For more updates on BITSAT, stay tuned to College Dekho!

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Should candidates focus on NCERT textbooks for the BITSAT 2024 preparation?

Yes, NCERT textbooks are an essential requirement for the BITSAT 2024 preparation. They provide a strong foundation and cover most of the syllabus for the BITSAT exam.

How can candidates improve their speed and accuracy for the BITSAT entrance exam?

Candidates should undertake the mock tests and previous year question papers of BITSAT to improve their speed and accuracy for the actual BITSAT exam. Candidates must set their goal to solve the tests within the stipulated duration to get habituated with the exam pattern.


If candidates are preparing for the JEE Main exam, do they need to prepare separately for the BITSAT exam?

No. Candidates are not required to prepare for the BITSAT exam separately if they are already preparing for the JEE Main exam. Candidates can focus on BITSAT in the last one month.  Candidates have to focus extra on English and Aptitude for BITSAT. Candidates can enroll into coaching institutes and solve previous year question papers and mock tests to boost their preparation. Candidates can also undertake online test series to habituate themselves to sit for 3 hours in front of a computer system. 


Which are the best books for the English and Logical Reasoning sections in the BITSAT 2024 exam?

Some of the best books for the BITSAT English and Logical Reasoning are - ITSAT English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning by Wren and Martin, BITSAT explorer by Arihant, The Pearson Complete Guide to the BITSAT English by One Learn Education, and BITSAT explorer by MTG.


What is the difficulty level of the BITSAT entrance exam?

The difficulty level of the BITSAT entrance exam is moderate according to previous year papers. Mathematics and Physics are considered moderate to tough, Chemistry is considered to be easy to moderate whereas english and reasoning are considered to be mostly easier.


How many hours of study is required for the BITSAT entrance exam?

A minimum of 6-8 hours of study every day is recommended for the BITSAT 2024 preparations. If candidates are preparing for JEE, then they don’t need to devote additional time for the BITSAT preparation. After appearing for the JEE Main exam, candidates can increase their study time for the BITSAT exam.


Can candidates prepare for the BITSAT 2024 exam within a month?

Yes. It is possible for the candidates to prepare for BITSAT 2024 in a month owing to the conceptual nature of the paper. However, the candidate is required to be well versed in the basic concepts of the relevant Class 11 and 12 subjects.


Do candidates need to attempt mock tests for the BITSAT 2024 exam?

It is advisable for the BITSAT aspirants to attempt as many mock tests as possible , as it helps to analyze their strengths and weaknesses before the actual exam and also reflects the speed and time management skills of the candidates.


Is it difficult to qualify the BITSAT 2024 exam?

No. If a candidate is determined and focused enough then it is not that difficult to qualify the BITSAT 2024 exam. The preparation for BITSAT 2024 requires hard work so as to achieve the required score. Candidates should follow a set preparation schedule diligently to move ahead smoothly with their preparations.

Should candidates enroll into a coaching center for the BITSAT 2024 exam or can they prepare by themselves?

BITSAT 2024 can be qualified if self-prepared. However, it totally depends upon the candidate. If one feels that they will not be able to cope up with the vast syllabus and need some tricks, then they can opt for coaching. There are numerous online as well as offline coaching centres available for the benefit of the candidates.


What are the important topics covered in BITSAT Mathematics?

Integral Calculus, Differential Calculus, Geometry, and Complex Numbers are some of the important topics covered in BITSAT Mathematics.

How many chapters are there in the BITSAT Physics syllabus?

There are 18 chapters covered in the Physics syllabus of BITSAT.

How much time is required to finish the entire BITSAT syllabus?

There is a total of 50 chapters in four subjects that have to be completed by the candidates. An approximate 60 days or 3 months is required to complete the entire syllabus of the BITSAT exam.

What are the sections covered in the BITSAT question paper?

The sections covered in the BITSAT question paper are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology, English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning.

What is the BITSAT marking scheme?

As per the BITSAT marking scheme, candidates are awarded 3 marks for every correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer. 

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BITSAT Previous Year Question Paper

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