Tips to Ace a Personal Interview

Janvi Bhambri

Updated On: January 14, 2016 12:37 pm IST

An interview is a stepping stone in your career. Getting any job requires a good personal interview (PI). Some people tend to get nervous and come out
Tips to Ace a Personal Interview

An interview is a stepping stone in your career. Getting any job requires a good personal interview (PI). Some people tend to get nervous and come out not as good as they can be. So, here is a list of things that one should keep in mind during an interview and may this help you crack your interview. And especially if you want to go into management following things are important as MBA students are expected to be presentable.

Time is of essence

Do not use the mantra “Better late than never”. In this case, if you are late for the interview, you’ve lost a golden opportunity. Time is a very important factor in Management. If you are going to lead a team, deliver a set of goals within a stipulated time, you need to understand and respect time.
And this quality should be inherent in a good Manager. So don’t think that application of management principles will happen only when you complete your MBA; the people interviewing you will decide a career path for you even before you’ve joined the course! If you are not on time for your interview, this gives off a negative vibe and the person interviewing you will not be pleased by this quality.

Be Yourself

Be yourself, be different but do not overdo selling yourself while talking to the interviewers. They are trying to find someone that will fit in the environment they have created for themselves. Be bold but not loud. Being different is good, being different is appreciated but being stubborn is not. So, try to be a little flexible because change is a way of life.

Professionalism is the key

People like a person who is frank and friendly. But for an interview you might want to keep this quality in check. You do not want to present yourself as a super-duper friendly person or a person who cannot understand a situation and speaks whatever they want. So, leave your friendly nature at home and put on the hat of a professional and show them how proficient you can be.

Be confident

Confident people are always appreciated. A person who knows what he/she is saying or doing is charming and appeals to other people. When answering questions asked by the interviewers, run it through your mind once. If you are to quota data or statistics to prove a point, do so with conviction. If you are unsure even a little bit, don’t even venture into that territory. But the level of confidence should not be too much that your interviewers find you over confident and stubborn. People with over confidence are considered to be non-flexible and they are of course believed to be incompetent to work in a team or with a team.


In an interview you are not required to do a TMI (Too Much Information) tag. It makes you an over sharer which is not a quality leading companies look for. Besides, remember, that the people you are talking to, are immensely knowledgeable and have decades of experience under their belt. It is very hard to beat their level. Try to answer questions in a limited manner by limited I do not mean withhold or not share enough information. The thing you should keep in mind is that share or tell only the things you are asked about.

Do your research

Do a thorough research on the company before going for the interview, it never hurts to have too much information. You do not want to draw a blank in an interview. Know what the company is about, what they do, how they do it etc. And the answers you cannot find during your research ask those questions in the interview, curiosity is a nice quality.

Looks Matter

You do not want to come out as not presentable. On the day of the interview, spend a few extra minutes on your outfit and dress accordingly. Your clothes should scream professionalism. Not just your clothes, make sure your nails are cut, hair groomed, shows polished and clothes ironed. Don’t wear uncomfortable or tight clothes. You want to be just thinking about your interview, and not a misfit in your outfit while giving the interview!
If you are going for an interview in a corporate office, a formal suit is the most suitable outfit.

Honesty is the best Policy

Use this mantra and you will have a smooth interview as well as a smooth life. Do not exaggerate in your resume, give information that is correct. During an interview, if you do not know an answer, tell them straight away and do no try to make up an answer. People taking your interview are very experienced and they will appreciate your honesty. Remember, they don’t expect you to know ALL THE ANSWERS, because if you knew them, you would not be sitting on this side of the table! All they want to see is if your thought process is streamlined, so that they can groom you during the course.

We exercise management in everyday aspects of life. So be comfortable, straight and honest and try to think from a business perspective while giving your answers. Also, keep your posture straight and attentive, so that they are convinced that you can be a good manager in future!

Keep these basic guidelines to crack your Personal Interview for MBA admissions in check, and no one can stop you from succeeding in your life! Good Luck.

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