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BSc Courses After 12th

Kumari Neha
Kumari NehaUpdated On: July 12, 2022 03:48 pm IST

Apart from MBBS and BDS, there are various other BSc courses after 12th science pcb students can consider for admission. Check details of BSc courses after 12th PCB here.

Top BSc Courses to Choose after Class 12th PCB

BSc courses after 12th PCB: Healthcare is a promising industry in India with a broad range of services and practices. The industry is growing rapidly to expand services and meet the needs of the people in every corner of the country. Due to the rapid growth and development, the sector offers ample job opportunities and BSc career options after 12th science PCB. Provided on this page is all the information about high salary courses after 12th science PCB in BSc

Considering the scope of the medical field, many students in India prefer choosing Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) in Class XII. Choosing a Science stream with Biology as one of the main subjects is the starting point to make a career in the medical field.

However, due to the lack of appropriate information, most of the PCB students in India consider MBBS and BDS as the only popular career option in the medical field. But, they are unaware of the fact that there are various BSc courses in India that they can pursue after Class 12th and make a good career in the future. Read on to find out more about BSc biology courses after 12th and BSc courses in biology after 12th except MBBS. Also, check out the entire list of high salary courses after 12th science PCB.

List of Best BSc Courses After 12th

In this article, we will discuss the popular BSc courses after 12th PCB including BSc high salary courses after 12th biology and BSc courses after 12th PCB other than medical.

BSc Courses after 12th

Here is the list of best BSc courses after 12th that students from the science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics) can pursue - 

  • B Sc Agriculture
  • B Sc Zoology
  • B Sc Nursing
  • B Sc Physics
  • B Sc Chemistry
  • B Sc Computer Science
  • B Sc Mathematics
  • B Sc Biochemistry
  • B Sc Microbiology
  • B Sc Biotechnology

Highlights of BSc Courses for PCB Students

Check the following table for highlights of popular BSc courses for PCB students:

Course Name


Average course Fees

Average Starting Salary

B.Sc. in Biomedical

3 years

INR 1.20 lacs

INR 3.0 to 5.0 Lacs

B.Sc. in Biotechnology

3 years

INR 1.50 to 4.50 lacs

INR 4.0 to 6.0 Lacs

B.Sc. in Bioinformatics

3 years

INR 1.80 to INR 4.50 lacs.

INR 4.0 to 5.0 Lacs

B.Sc. in Physiotherapy

3 years

INR 1.0 lacs to 3.0 lacs

INR 4.0 to 5.0 Lacs

B.Sc. in Forensic Science

3 years

INR 1.2 0 lacs- 3.0 lacs

INR 4.0 to 5.0 Lacs

B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics

3 years

INR 1.50 to 3.0 Lacs

INR 3.0 to 6.0 Lacs Psychology

3 years

INR 2.25 to 4.50 lacs

INR 3.0 to 4.0 Lacs

Details of BSc courses for PCM Students

If you are a Class 12th student with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology PCB subject and looking for good BSc career options after 12th PCB except medical then check the list of popular BSc courses and their details:

B.Sc. in Biomedical: Syllabus & Scope

B.Sc. in Biomedical is a three years undergraduate course that a student can pursue after completion of Class XII. The course is designed to help understand the functioning of the human body, the mechanism of disease, and ways to treat diseases. It also involves the development of diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies to cure disease.

Biomedical Colleges in India

BSc career options after 12th science PCB

Let’s check the scope of a B.Sc. in Biomedical graduate:

Scope Area


Database management

After completion of B.Sc. Biomedical course a candidate can take up a job in hospitals and firms to develop and maintain databases of medical equipment and other records.

Medical coding:

Medical coding is another good job option for B.Sc. Biomedical student. Medical coding involves the transformation of healthcare diagnosis and procedures into universal medical alphanumeric codes.

Higher Studies

After the completion of candidates can go to higher studies. A Master’s degree in the relevant fields will help candidates enhance the salary scale and open more career options.

Professor or Lecturer

After the completion of a Master's course, a candidate can join as an Assistant professor or Lecturer in college.

Government jobs

There are various public organisations in India at a state and national level that open vacancy for B.Sc. Biomedical candidates (with or without experience). Candidates can look for such an opportunity and apply for a job.

B Sc in Biotechnology: Syllabus & Scope

B.Sc. Biotechnology is an undergraduate course that is designed to endow students with a strong foundation and concepts in the subject. The duration of the course is three- years that is offered in semester format. A candidate can complete the course in six semesters. The three years course covers concepts of cellular and bi- medical processes and studies them using modern technologies.

B.Sc. Biotechnology courses develop the analytical skills of candidates and find solutions for advancement in medicine and health. Major topics that are covered in B.Sc Biotechnology include genetics, biomolecules (plants and animals), cell biology, immunology, etc. The course mainly focuses on the study of biological systems and the use of technology for the advancement of life.

B.Sc. Biotechnology college in India

Career Scope & Options

Here is the scope for candidates who complete B.Sc. in Biotechnology course:

Scope Area


Pharmaceutical companies

There is a huge demand for Biotechnology candidates in the Pharmaceutical industry. A candidate can be employed as a researcher. They can also join the health care and agricultural sector as research agents.

Hospitals and Research Laboratory

Entry-level job option is offered to graduates in biotechnology in research laboratories and hospitals. Job roles that can be offered are a clinical researcher and diagnostic.

University/ Institute

Candidates can also join as a teacher, trainers or professors in top Universities/ Institutes/ Colleges. Those who are interested in teaching must pursue a Master’s degree in a relevant field.

B Sc  in Bioinformatics: Syllabus & Scope

B Sc Bioinformatics is the branch of science that makes use of computer technologies to collect, analyse and manage the quality of life of individuals. The scope of bioinformatics is vast and is implemented in various fields like health, environment, agriculture, and energy. The course is designed to deal with preventive medicine, identify bacteria to clean waste and provide solutions to yield good quantities of crops at a low cost of maintenance.

B.Sc.Bioinformatics colleges

Career Scope & Options

Check career opportunities for B.Sc. Biotechnology candidate:

Scope Area


Medical Coder

It is a job role in which the professionals transform healthcare diagnosis and procedures into universal medical alphanumeric codes. It is a decent job role for a candidate who has recently completed B.Sc. in Bioinformatics course.


A Biostatistician professional is one who applies mathematics and statistics in different categories of biology. They conduct experiments in the field of medicine or agriculture and analyse results to solve real-life situations. A Bioinformatic candidate opts Biostatistician as a profession.


With high demand and scope of B.Sc. Biotechnology's course, the demand for professors in universities and colleges is high. Those who are interested in teaching can pursue higher education after a Bachelor's degree and join as a teacher/ professor/ trainer in a good university/ college/ institute.

Bachelor in Physiotherapy: Syllabus & Scope

Bachelor in Physiotherapy or BPT is an undergraduate course that can be completed in 4½ years. The course is also popularly known as physical therapy. The bachelor's course focuses on the physical movement of the body, massage, and exercise to cure injuries or diseases in the body. It also deals with the diagnosis, examination, and improvement of the health condition of patients.

B.Sc. Physiotherapy Colleges in India

Career Scope & Options

With the changing lifestyle of people like sitting jobs and lack of appropriate physical activities, the demand for Physiotherapy Professionals is high nowadays. Let’s check various career options for a BSc in Physiotherapy course:

Scope Area


Fitness centers professionals

Physiotherapy professionals can work with sports-affiliated centers to help recover injuries of sportspersons. They can also act as a trainer in fitness centers and guide people professionally.

Assistant Physiotherapist

After the completion of a bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy, a candidate can work as an assistant with experts in the same field.

Therapy Manager

After some years of experience as a physiotherapist, a candidate can work as a Therapy Manager in health centers or hospitals.

Own Private Clinic

A Physiotherapy can also own a private clinic and help localities to recover from their injuries and disease.

B Sc in Forensic Science: Syllabus & Scope

B. Sc. in Forensic Science is an undergraduate degree program that can be completed in 3 years. The course is designed to cover theoretical and practical knowledge in criminalistics, laboratory research, toxicology, chemical forensic, biological forensic etc. Three years of B.Sc. forensic science course helps candidates to understand methods for investigation at crime scenes. It involves examinations in labs and identifies the culprit of the crime. Forensic Science colleges

Career Scope & Options

B. Sc. in Forensic Science is an interesting course but at the same time challenging. Students who are fond of accepting challenges, have leadership qualities and can communicate well can make a good career in the field. Following are the roles of a B.Sc. in Forensic Science professional:

Scope Area


Laboratory Analyst

They are responsible to conduct tests in laboratories of the sources that are collected from crime scenes. Based on the experimental records, an analyst can figure out suspects of crime and help resolve the crime.

Medical Examiner

They are the professionals who are responsible to investigate suspicious activities, perform post-mortem and investigate reasons for sudden death.

B Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics: Syllabus & Scope

A three years bachelor's degree, B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics is a course that can be completed in a duration of three years. The course deals with food values and the effect of food intake on the human body. A professional in Nutrition and Dietetics are involved with diet-related plans and the promotion of a healthy food diet. Nutrition and dietetics professionals can help an individual to improve their quality of life through proper guidance.

B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics Colleges in India

Career Scope & Options

Here is the job opportunity for a candidate who holds a B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics degree:

Scope Area



A person who acts as an advisor for food intake and nutrition that it holds is a nutritionist. A nutritionist can help an individual to improve their health based on food intake. Not everyone can be an expert when it comes to an individual's health. It is recommended to take advice only from a professional nutritionist when it comes to health-related advice.


A Dietician is a professional who guides an individual to plan their diet based on their profession, body type, and age. Nowadays, a proper diet plan is a need in society and those who are looking forward to an appropriate diet plan must take advice from a Dietician.

Food Technologist

Food Technologists also referred to as Food Scientists are one who performs research on food processing, production, storage and shipping of food products. A graduate in B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics can join look for a job option as Food Technologist. It is a good option for those who want to work in industries.

Nutritional Therapist

Candidates with a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics can pursue a career as a Nutritional Therapist. Nutritional Therapist professional helps people to deal with problems like digestion, autoimmune problems, bowel, fatigue or even skin-related issues that concern inappropriate diet.

B Sc in Clinical Psychology: Syllabus & Scope

B.Sc is an undergraduate degree programme that can be completed in 3 years. It is a branch of psychology that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders. A professional in this field is known as clinical psychologists. They are the ones who help people deal with mental illness.

While studying the B.Sc Psychology course a candidate is trained in various aspects like in humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural (CBT), theoretical orientations and family and system therapy concepts.

B.Sc. Clinical Psychology College in India

Career Scope & Options

Given in the table below are the various career options for a Clinical Psychology course:

Scope Area



It is a job role in which the professionals assess mental and physical aspects of psychological problems and take care of the mental problems.

Psychology Assistant

A Psychology Assistant is a professional who serve patients under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, assess new patients, aid research, etc.

Childcare Mental Counsellor

A Childcare Mental Counsellor professional majorly work with children to take care of their mentally and emotionally stable and happy.

BSc courses Comparison

You can click on the links below to check the course comparisons of various BSc courses:

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B.Sc in Agriculture vs B.Sc in Food Technology

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B.Sc Chemistry vs B.Sc Microbiology

B.Sc Computer Science vs B.Sc Physics

B.Sc Agriculture vs B.Sc Horticulture

B.Sc Electronics vs B.Sc Computer Science

B.Sc Food Technology vs B.Sc Biotechnology

B.Sc in Agriculture vs B.Sc Food Technology

B.Sc Microbiology vs B.Sc Biochemistry

B.Sc Biochemistry vs B.Sc Chemistry


This was all about BSc courses after 12th Science PCB.  For the latest information and details related to the BSc course, stay tuned to CollegeDekho!


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