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Civils Prelims – 2016: Maximum Importance must be given to Current Affairs

July 05, 2016 07:46 AM 3 minute read , Others

Civils Prelims – 2016: Maximum Importance must be given to Current Affairs

The UPSC Civils Preliminary Examination has been approaching and there are less than 40 days to revise the syllabus. CollegeDekho brings you the topics which must be covered in the process of revision. Experts assert that the maximum importance must be given to current affairs which also include Modern History. The following topics must be covered under general studies:-

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Modern History:-

  • Modern History covers all the topics related to Indian Freedom Struggle. So, the various phases of Indian Freedom Movement must be revised. It is also advisable to read the books of Bipin Chandra.
  • All Charter Acts implemented by British in India.
  • The two phases of Indian Freedom Struggle i.e. Moderate Phase, Extremist Phase. The leaders of moderate stage and extremist stage must be covered.
  • Topics related to various commissions like Simon Commission, Hunter Commission, cabinet mission must be covered.
  • The British established ‘Survey of India’ an institution to survey the various resources available in India. This topic needs to be paid attention.
  • Detailed insight on 1857 Revolt is necessary.
  • Various movements during Indian Freedom Struggle like Civil Disobedience movement, Non-Cooperation movement, Jaliawalabagh massacre, NonCopertation movement must be covered thoroughly.
  • A complete knowledge of Indian National Congress is mandatory.
  • All the wars which were held till the Battle of Buxar must be covered.

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Indian Polity:-

  • Current Affairs from January to May – 2016 must be covered.
  • An idea on the Supreme Court Judgments from January to May – 2016 have to be covered in the course of revision.
  • Detailed insight on various Government Policies is necessary.
  • It is highly recommended to revise Lakshmikanth Book.
  • An idea on Important Legislations passed by the parliament.

Art & Culture:-

  • Details regarding Buddhist Councils and the places where they were held must be covered.
  • Special focus on various dance forms and theater arts of India is mandatory.
  • A clear insight into the culture, traditions, and festivals celebrated in North-East India.


  • The physical features of India, as well as the world, must be covered.
  • Latitude and longitude of various countries.
  • Detailed insight on Census 2011 is mandatory.
  • Climatic conditions and the factors affecting climate.
  • Important cities which were in the news during the months January to May – 2016.


  • Indian Budget – 2016-17
  • India’s ranking according to the reports released by various international organizations.
  • Decisions are taken by RBI recently.
  • Contribution of GDP in various sectors of Indian Economy
  • Definitions regarding the terms related to Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, and Capital Market.

Science & Technology:-

  • All the current issues related to the advancement of Science from September 2015 to May 2016.


  • National Parks and Sanctuaries in India.
  • Details related to endangered animals and species.
  • Various reasons related to the extinction of various species.
  • Important summits or the decisions are taken by the International organizations for the protection of the environment.
  • Issues related to AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming).
  • 2013 Summit in Warsaw (Poland) on Global Warming.

The above-mentioned topics must be thoroughly prepared to succeed in the general studies paper of the preliminary examination. CollegeDekho wishes ‘All the Best’ for all the civil service aspirants.

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Civils Prelims – 2016: Maximum Importance must be given to Current Affairs | CollegeDekho