Do's and Don'ts for an Interview

Published: | November 26, 2015
Do's and Don'ts for an Interview
Interviews are the pre-phase of a particular path to career. That is the step towards achieving your goal to make your dreams come true. Be it your de

Interviews are the pre-phase of a particular path to career. That is the step towards achieving your goal to make your dreams come true. Be it your desired college or institute or any of the organizations of your choice, it becomes mandatory to crack the interview in order to reach up to the success ladder.

Interviews might seem scary or one which would tickle you with anxiety but if rehearsed well with opinions, field of concern, the area covered by the organization or the institute, views among other basic knowledge and studies, it is not a difficult path to tread. In fact, interview is the first step that gives you courage and confidence to be yourself. It is the first level of evaluation of your mind, ability and sincerity towards the field or topic of your choice.

Before going for an interview, there are a few Do's and Don'ts that every candidate must follow.

The Do's:

Do a thorough research

Yes, studies would definitely lead you to success. It is always helpful to do a thorough research on the concerned institute, organization or the job profile that you are interested in. A good research leads you to crack the level easily and promptly. Knowing well about the firm, the team or the institute can also help you clear your doubts and speak on any topic easily.

Confidence and punctuality

Your success depends on you and your goals. And to achieve to that step, one needs to have enough confidence to go ahead in life. Being confident for what you are and want to be with a blend of punctuality can drive you to the success ladder. Be punctual at your timings and work and groom yourself to show the confidence pouring out from you. But also remember not to be over confident which might hamper your growth.

Patience is a virtue

It is rightly said that patience is a virtue. In order to gain something, you need to have immense patience. Be patient enough before the interview, during the time of the interview as well as post interview. A good fortune lies ahead of patience and hard work.

Learn to say No

It is important to say No when required. A simple no to any question or doubt would help rather than blabbering out something out of nowhere. Negating a query or question is better than speaking unnecessarily.

The Don'ts:

Do not fumble

As written above, fumbling might show your unawareness on a topic, therefore be prompt in replying to a question. And if you are unclear about it, simply answer as a No to prove out your confidence.

Do not show the urgency for it

One should never show the requirement of the vacant seat. You must be flexible at approach to show that it is okay even if you are not selected. This shows positiveness in your attitude and might help you reach up to the ladder.

Do not forget the Interview session

Post interview session, people often end up searching for other options or keep eagerly waiting for the result. But, one must keep oneself updated even after days of the interview. Something might strike the panel and could give you a call again. So, stay hopeful and try to be in contact of the panel or the organization/institute somehow.

Do not be aggressive

Being aggressive would cause you harm instead of others. Hence, stay calm even if the situation seems to go out of hand. Aggressiveness would destroy more and cause chaos unnecessarily. Peace of mind is must in order to excel in life.

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