DU: Day Colleges Vs Evening Colleges – Facts and Myths

Published: | March 16, 2017
DU: Day Colleges Vs Evening Colleges – Facts and Myths
Have you been wondering what is the difference between a day college and an evening college? Find answers here!

Admission procedure of the Delhi University can be quite confusing with more than 60 participating colleges and their variants. If you are applying for undergraduate courses this year, it is essential that you have a clarity about all the options that you have.

With this, some of the most frequently asked questions are – what is the difference between a day college and an evening college, are day colleges better than evening colleges, etc. After reading this article, you can sigh with relief having realized the facts about day colleges and evening colleges. Let’s find out the differences!

Here’s a comparison of Day Colleges and Evening Colleges:

Features Day Colleges Evening Colleges
Cutoffs The cutoff for day colleges is the highest for Delhi University and can cross up to 95% for some of the top colleges. Cutoff for evening colleges is slightly lower than day colleges at DU. For example, the first cutoff for English(Hons.) at Dyal Singh College was 98%, whereas, for Dyal Singh (Evening) College was 95%
Degree Degree is awarded by the University of Delhi. There is no difference in the degrees awarded to the students of the day colleges and evening colleges. Degrees are awarded by DU and are identical for both day and evening colleges.
Course Duration Duration of the course is as set by the university. Classes are conducted from 8:00 am to 2:00 or 2:30 pm (schedule varies from college to college). Duration of the course is same for both day and evening colleges. Only the class timings change. Classed are conducted from 2:30 pm to 7:30 or 8:00 pm
Curriculum and Opportunities Curriculum is decided by the university. Opportunities after graduation depend largely on the caliber of students and their performance during the course. DU decides the curriculum of the evening colleges. Opportunities depend on the performance of students and their experience in the field. Salaries and packages are more or less the same as day colleges.

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Following are some DU Evening College myths that need to be corrected:

Myth-1: Evening Colleges are for students who score less

Not true at all! As mentioned above, there is very slight difference between the cutoffs of evening and day colleges. According to the statistics of admissions 2016, evening colleges were favoured by students and were filled even before some of the most popular colleges of DU like SRCC, Hans Raj College, LSR, etc. The current statistics show that evening colleges are the next big thing in education due to their flexible timings and outgoing opportunities.

Myth-2: Evening Colleges are not safe for girls

Some might say that evening classes are too late and unsafe for girls to go out and study but the stats say otherwise. Admission reports of the previous years state that the number of girls in evening colleges has been rising every year. Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Evening) College reported that 45% of the total students enrolled are girls.

Myth-3: Evening Colleges have a less competitive crowd

Evening colleges not just admit more ambitious students but also offer great career opportunities. Most of the evening colleges report 100% campus placement. A good performance record has been set by the students as most of them are involved in part-time jobs and internships. Evening classes allow students to work in morning. They utilize this experience to secure better jobs once they are done with their graduation.

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Evening colleges have been the most desired destination for students who either want to work part-time while studying or those who want to prepare for competitive exams like CAT, CA, CS exams etc. Over the years, DU’s evening colleges have developed immensely and have started attracting talented students from across the country. They are definitely an option worth considering for all aspiring undergraduates.


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