How To Become A Model


Updated On: February 23, 2024 07:15 pm IST

Being a model needs dedication to the art. If you are just stepping into this industry then this is your guide to make a successful career as a model.
How To Become A Model

How to Become A Model: Becoming a successful model in this century is not a farfetched idea anymore. For the past few decades, the quick rise of social media has facilitated modelling careers. Many youngsters are considering Modelling as a serious career option. If you are considering the same, then this article will guide you through the process of becoming a model. Although the competition can be tough, aspiring models have a lot of varied career options when it comes to choosing modelling. For starters, there are different types of fashion models, such as Runway Models, Fitness Models, Catalogue Models, Promotional Models, etc. If you have the calibre to stand out in the crowd of people and lead with confidence, then this is the right career for you! Let us discuss in detail how to become a model, the qualifications, and skills required, and how to start your modelling journey.

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What Does A Model Do?

As per the terminology, a ‘model’ represents any person who showcases clothing, footwear, jewellery, or any product to advertise or market them. But the meaning does not end here. Nowadays, a model is not only required to walk on the runway or the pose they strike for any magazine cover but also put life into lifeless things. Models work with multiple individuals or agencies such as fashion designers, consumer brands, promotional agencies and many others.
Moreover, the model is not alone in showcasing the art, a complete team of make-up artists, hair stylists, camera crew, etc and their hard work are also reflected in it. However, at the end of the runway, it’s the model who needs to be confident and extraordinary to take over the gaze of hundreds of people in the crowd.

Types Of Fashion Models

When we think of fashion models, we immediately think of runway shows. However, a model does not have to walk the runway always! There are multiple career options available. For instance, we have listed down a few different types of fashion models existing in the fashion world:

  • Runway Models: Runway models are the ones who catwalk at fashion shows. They are selected based on different factors such as height and measurement. 
  • Fitness Models: Fitness models must be physically fit. They are expected to exercise regularly and have a muscular physique. These models appear in the magazines, advertising supplements, etc. 
  • Promotional Models: Promotional models are hired to promote any brand or product or their services.
  • Catalogue Models: These models are hired as commercial models. They are kind of runway-ready supermodels. 
  • Editorial Models: Editorial models are seen in magazines such as Vogue. These models wear and showcase the latest work of designers or brands. 
  • Plus-size Models: Plus-size models are the recent adaptation to the fashion industry. These models wear plus-size clothing.

How To Become A Model: Step-by-Step Guide

The modelling journey for every individual is distinct and the steps to become a model may also differ from individual to individual. However, we have brought around the easy-to-understand five steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1 - Choose Your Model Path: The modelling world offers various paths, from fashion and commercial to runway, fitness, and even hand modelling. You can specialize in still images or videos. To start your modelling journey, identify the type that aligns best with your strengths and preferences.
  • Step 2 - Practice at Home: Begin honing your modelling skills at home. Watch videos of professional models to study their movements and poses. Utilize a full-length mirror to observe and perfect your runway walk.
  • Step 3 - Train and Stay Fit: Establish a training routine at a local gym or dance studio to enhance your physical capabilities. Monitor your diet and exercise to build and maintain a healthy physique. Modelling demands can be high, so maintaining overall well-being is crucial.
  • Step 4 - Build Your Portfolio: Invest in professional photos for your portfolio. Ensure a diverse range of pictures featuring different poses, costumes, and characters. Experiment with props and makeup to showcase your versatility.
  • Step 5 - Find an Agent: Many clients prefer working through modelling agencies, so finding an agent is essential. Bring your portfolio when visiting an agency, and be ready for an audition. Provide all relevant body information such as height, weight, eye colour, costume measurements, and shoe size.
  • Step 6 - Take Relevant Classes: Explore modelling schools that provide industry insights and train models for photo shoots and overall health and nutrition. Consider acting or dance classes to complement your modelling skills. Acting can help convey mood or character, while dance classes contribute to poise and posture.
  • Step 7 - Seek Opportunities to Shine: Dedicate time to self-promotion for modelling success. Look for opportunities that could gain you exposure, such as collaborating with portrait photographers who feature you in their social media or portfolio.
  • Step 8 - Harness the Power of Social Media: Leverage the internet to promote yourself. Post photos and videos on social media platforms to reach potentially thousands of people. Develop a professional online presence to showcase your work and build a follower base. If you haven't already, start building your social media platform now.

How to Become A Model With No Experience?

If you are new to modelling, here's a guide to kickstart your journey:

  • Build Your Portfolio: Begin by creating content at home, capturing various aspects of yourself for your portfolio. Experiment with different modelling scenarios, documenting your performance to showcase versatility.
  • Enhance Your Social Media Presence: Develop your personal social media profiles to gather feedback from acquaintances. Use this feedback to recognize appealing traits and shape your style accordingly.
  • Attend Workshops and Courses: Consider attending modelling workshops or enrolling in professional courses led by experienced practitioners. Participation in such events not only adds to your knowledge but also becomes a valuable entry in your portfolio.
  • Collaborate with Industry Professionals: Engage with professionals in related domains like photography, styling, and costume design. Collaborative projects with these experts not only contribute to your portfolio but also open avenues for networking and exposure.
  • Participate in Pageants and Competitions: Test your skills in pageants and competitions to gauge your standing among fellow aspirants. These events offer networking opportunities and attract attention from peers and professionals in the modelling field.

What Qualification is Required to Become a Model?

To become a model, there are no specific academic requirements. However, qualities such as confidence, expression, body language, and others are analysed. Individuals are expected to have completed their basic education background but apart from this, they are not required to have any formal academic qualifications.

As per the age considered, there are different categories such as plus-size models, child models, male models, female models, etc. A model can be as young as 14 years old, so completing school is not a requirement but preferred.

Aspirants are encouraged by their talent agents to complete some modelling courses such as certificates or diplomas which are of short duration for gaining an understanding of the modelling industry. There are also different kinds of workshops that you may need to attend to hone your skills and perform better at work.

Apart from this, physical traits can be a factor in this career. Though there are no specific height requirements, they can vary as per the work requirement. Generally, runway models are expected to have a height of 5”8 - 5”11. But there are exceptions too, so models of 5”7 or above 6”0 are also considered for runaway modelling. For fashion shows, the minimum height requirement for male models is 5”10 and 5”7 for female models. On the other hand, for commercial or print advertisements, female models of 5”3 and male models of 5”7 height are considered.

Skills And Qualities For Modelling

Candidates who intend to become models or are at the beginning of their career must acquire skills and qualities that are important for a modelling career. Check out some of the significant ones below: 

  • Confidence: Confidence comes as the foremost skill in the modelling career. So, no matter what garment the model has worn, the way they carry and present themselves leaves an impression on the audience. So, wear your confidence just like your garment. 
  • Passion: Modelling is at times considered as only looks, however, it is beyond looks, it is a craft which is moulded with time. So, the passion for modelling will help the candidate shine brighter. 
  • Looks: Looks are also an important part of this career, models must focus on their visual appearance, and how they showcase their best in front of the camera. Maintaining a fit body is essential to be part of this career. 
  • Stamina: Models are required to work for a long duration, with extended periods for the camera, garment switch and styling which will take most of their time. So, to be able to work for such extended hours at one go requires models to be fit. 
  • Technical Knowledge: Having technical knowledge apart from the styling part will add value to the model. If they have a basic understanding of lighting, makeup, costume, styling, and set design it will ease the work of photographers, makeup artists and other members. 
  • Determination: Being part of a competitive field requires determination despite difficulties. Models have to keep a consistent hold of their hard work. With experience and a disciplined routine, they will surely flourish in this industry. 

Tips To Become A Model

If you are someone with a high zeal to step foot in a competitive and demanding modelling career, then you should keep these tips as a rule book. Check out the tips below:

  • Be Aware of your Strengths: Recognizing your inner strength is one of the important tips to outshine everyone. Being a model is not only restricted to living the epitome of beauty but in a more sense bringing the best in you with your confidence.
  • Sign up for a Modelling School: Individuals who want to start with zero should consider signing up for a good modelling school. They will be taught the basics of modelling such as runway walking, striking a pose and others.
  • Be Presentable: Models need to look presentable and should care about their bodies and health. With different body sizes, the outlook on a modelling career has changed but taking care of the body should be prioritised. 
  • Get Headshots: Students must have different headshots, full body shots clicked professionally. It will help in pitching themselves to the agencies. It is advised to have your tint of personality in your pictures. 
  • Create a Portfolio: By framing a portfolio it will become easy to pitch to the clients or agencies. 

How Much Do Models Get Paid?

Models work either as per projects or are associated with a specific company. Generally, they are paid by the hour or day, as per their preference. But the average salary of models is INR 3,84,405 per year. 

The pay of the model will vary depending on different parameters such as:

  • Experience in the industry
  • Reputation in the field 
  • Market value 
  • Type of modelling 
  • Type of shoot
  • The budget of the project

The pay factor in this industry is not fixed or stable, as long as you are great at what you are doing, the pay will increase with time. Individuals who want to build up a career in the modelling industry need to have a clear-cut understanding of the industry. They are advised to look up to someone who has had a great career in the same industry.

If you have any questions, you may visit our QnA section for more details. For more news/articles and updates related to modelling careers, stay tuned to CollegeDekho!

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How can I get into modelling with no experience?

Anyone interested can get into modelling with no experience but they need to start preparing soon:

-Start with practising self-care

-Frame your modelling portfolio

-Join a modelling school

-Look for agencies

-Go for casting calls

-Gain experience

How can I start modelling?

If you are interested in modelling then start with choosing your niche out of different types of modelling. 

-Pick your niche

-Start with practising yourself at home

-Create your work portfolio

-Search for agent

-Join modelling classes

-Start working and applying for different opportunities


What is a good age to start modelling?

Ideally, anyone can start at any age for modelling. However, 16 age is considered to be the perfect age to step into this industry. As with time and experience the quality of your work will enhance.

Do beginner models get paid?

Yes, beginner models do get paid for their work. However, the amount differs with the quality of work, industry and the current market demand.

How do models get paid?

Models who are associated with any brand or agency get paid through them. However, the freelance models are paid directly by the clients. The amount of fees depends on the parameters as per the market.

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