How to Become a Topper: Helpful Tips

Bipasha Ray

Updated On: February 27, 2024 10:27 am IST

While everyone wants to be a topper, what makes a topper different from others is not only hard work but also a solid foundation and the right mindset. Discover expert tips on how to become a topper and go from an average to a straight-A student.
How to become a Topper

'How to become a topper' is a common question in the minds of almost every other young student. But, what is the key to a topper's success? Well, no one is born a topper but some make it through because of their ability to realize their goal, commit to it and execute strict daily routines.

In this day and age when the level of competition in every academic discipline is sky-high, becoming a topper can be all the more difficult. That being said, with the right guidelines and steps, anyone can excel and make it to the top. Find all answers revolving around how to become a topper here and succeed in not just school-level exams but also competitive exams like JEE Main, CUET, NEET and more.

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How to Become a Topper: Best Habits to Adopt

Students wondering how to become a topper must know that achieving academic excellence involves more than just putting in hard work. It is about adopting smart study techniques and combining effort with determination and discipline. To become a top-performing student, it is essential to cultivate habits that promote organization and follow a routine leading to the desired academic success. Here are some key habits and tips on how to become a topper that students should embrace in their daily lives:

  • Maintain Regularity in Class Attendance: Regularly attending classes is essential for effective learning. It enables you to stay updated with the curriculum, engage with teachers and peers, and gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter.
  • Effective Planning: A well-structured study plan is crucial for academic success. By allocating dedicated time for study sessions, breaks, and revision, you enhance your organizational skills and time management.
  • Understand, Don't Memorize: Emphasize understanding over rote memorization. Deep comprehension leads to long-term retention of concepts and enhances critical thinking skills.
  • Frequent Revision: Regularly revisiting notes and coursework solidifies your understanding of the material. Consistent revision is key to reinforcing learned concepts.
  • Practice for Perfection: Mastery comes through regular practice. Whether solving problems, writing essays, or conducting experiments, active practice improves skills and builds confidence.
  • Avoid Last-Minute Cramming: Steer clear of last-minute cramming to reduce stress and enhance overall performance. Consistent, well-paced studying throughout the semester ensures better retention.
  • Develop Interest in Your Studies: Cultivate a genuine interest in the subject matter. Exploring different facets, connecting concepts to real-life situations, and fostering curiosity contribute to a positive learning attitude.
  • Learn from Errors: Treat mistakes as learning opportunities. Analyze errors in assignments or exams to gain a deeper understanding of underlying concepts and foster continuous improvement.
  • Strive for Excellence: Aim for excellence rather than settling for mediocrity. Set challenging goals, push your boundaries, and consistently seek improvement in your academic performance.
  • Embrace Curiosity: Nurture a curious mindset by asking questions, exploring beyond the curriculum, and seeking additional resources. Curiosity fuels intellectual growth and broadens your understanding.
  • Remain Motivated: Maintain motivation by setting realistic goals, celebrating achievements, and reminding yourself of the bigger picture. Positive motivation ensures enthusiasm and perseverance throughout your academic journey.

Best Study Hacks to Become a Topper

The answer to how to become a topper does not only lie in following a well-defined routine. Here are some smart study hacks and tips to become a topper that can help you learn better:

  • Making Notes: Write your notes. It's easier to understand something when you write it in your own words. When exams are close, these notes will help instead of reading the whole book. This saves time, especially during degree exams when you can't read everything.
  • Learning Through Discussions: Talk about your subjects with friends and teachers. In these discussions, share your thoughts and suggestions. This helps in clearing doubts as well as remembering solutions to problems better.
  • Practice Old Exam Papers: Good students use old exam papers to understand how exams are set. Using old exam papers can give you an idea of what questions might be asked.
  • Breaking Down the Syllabus: Instead of seeing the syllabus as a big task, break it into smaller parts. Set time for studying and then taking a short break. This will help you cover different topics without getting bored.
  • Setting Small Goals: Top students set clear goals and work hard to achieve them on time. Feel confident and set small goals at a time. Achieving small goals can help you remain motivated for bigger ones.
  • Having a Routine: Make a schedule and stick to it. Set small goals for themselves. Make time for games, social media, movies, and spending time with friends and family. But always make studying a priority. Being regular and staying ahead of the teacher's lessons are key to their success.

How to Become a Topper: Tips for Well-Written Answers

One of the most important attributes of a topper is that their writing is nearly immaculate when it comes to academic writing. Since becoming a topper has a lot to do with examinations and how you perform in exams, aspirants who wish to know how to become a topper must know how to write perfect answers during their exams and assessments. Candidates can check out the following tips to write perfect answers below:

  • Write Concise and To-the-Point Answers: Short and crisp answers are always an examiner's favorite since they have to correct numerous answer scripts. Therefore, when a student is able to answer a question without adding unnecessary information, they are automatically graded more effectively. Students must practice writing short answers that are informative to increase the quality of their answers.

  • Try to Use Infographics: Another attribute that aspirants can incorporate into their answers is infographics like flowcharts, graphs, pie charts, etc. These features not only make the response to a question easier to understand but also engage the reader in a better way. Using infographics for projects and other assignments is ideal for scoring better.

  • Always Double-Check Answers: Making sure that your answers are error-free is the number one step that must be taken to increase the quality of your answers. Often aspirants forget to verify and double-check their answers leading to silly mistakes that can cost them marks during examinations decreasing their overall score.

  • Try to Use Tables, Lists, and Bullet Points: Enhancing your answers using tables, lists, and bullet points can help you increase the quality of your answers manifold since they allow the students to write answers that are easier to understand but also make the overall presentation of the answers better. Answers where students have to list things must contain bullet points or listed items.

  • Highlight Important Points: When writing long answers, especially for subjective-type questions, the crux of the response can get lost in all the information. Therefore, highlighting the main points can be an effective way to direct the reader’s attention to the important information. Nearly all academically brilliant students highlight important points in their answers as a habit.

  • Always Label Infographics & Diagrams: If your answers contain infographics or diagrams, never forget to label the same in a very detailed manner. Infographics and diagrams without labels not only decrease the quality of your answers but often lead to examiners getting confused and frustrated. Thus, students must never forget to label their diagrams or infographics like flowcharts and pie charts.

Can an Average Student Become a Topper?

Yes, an average student can become a topper with the right mindset, strategies, and dedication. While natural aptitude may vary, success in academics is often linked to effective study habits, time management, and a willingness to learn and adapt. Interestingly, some students who excel academically lack a clear understanding of concepts. This lack of conceptual clarity can significantly impact students in the future, as they tend to focus on achieving top grades without truly comprehending the underlying principles. Rather than striving to understand the meaning behind the concepts, they simply memorize information to follow the path of a topper. This not only proves that following the methods and tips to become a topper are effective but also that the answer to how to become a topper has little to do with conceptual intelligence.

Apart from the methods mentioned above, maintaining a positive attitude can significantly transform an average student into a high achiever. It's essential to focus on continuous improvement, set realistic goals, and stay committed to the learning process.

Can I Become a Topper in a Month?

Achieving the status of a topper within just one month is a challenging but possible goal with dedication and a strategic approach. To enhance your chances of success, a student should consider the following tips to become a topper:

  • Set Clear Goals: Clearly define your goals and what it means for you to become a topper. This provides a sense of direction and motivation.
  • Create a Study Schedule: Efficiently plan your study time by establishing a schedule. Assign specific time slots to each subject to ensure comprehensive coverage of essential topics.
  • Prioritize Subjects: Identify subjects that require extra attention or are your weaker areas. Allocate more time to these subjects while maintaining a balanced approach across all subjects.
  • Take It Step by Step: Split your study materials into smaller parts. This makes it easier to understand and remember the information.
  • Practice Regularly: Solve practice questions, review previous exam papers, and engage with sample tests to enhance your understanding and speed. This familiarity with exam formats aids in better time management during the actual test.
  • Seek Help When Needed: Do not hesitate to seek assistance from teachers, classmates, or online resources when facing difficulties or having questions. Collaborative learning and clarification can improve your comprehension.
  • Stay Organized: Keep your study materials and notes well organized to avoid wasting time searching for information. This practice facilitates effective review.
  • Take Care of Your Health: Ensure sufficient sleep, consume nutritious meals, and engage in regular exercise. A healthy body and mind support focus and information retention.
  • Remove Distractions: Reduce interruptions such as social media, television, or excessive internet browsing while studying. Explore the use of productivity apps or website blockers to enhance concentration.
  • Stay Positive and Motivated: Believe in your abilities and maintain a positive mindset. Celebrate small achievements along the way to sustain motivation.

Remember, achieving topper status demands consistent effort and a long-term commitment to studies. While one month provides a significant timeframe for improvement, focus on maintaining a disciplined study routine beyond that period for sustained success. From effective planning and understanding over memorization to staying motivated and maintaining a routine, the above-mentioned insights on How to become a topper aim to guide students toward achieving their goals.

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We hope the above article was useful in achieving your dream to become a topper. for any further queries, post your question in our QnA section or call us at 1800-572-9877.

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How to secure the top position in your class?

To secure the top position in your class, it takes consistent effort. One must actively participate in daily class discussions, maintain an organized approach to assignments, complete homework on time, and uphold high standards to ensure top grades.

How many hours do toppers study?

Most toppers recommend 5 to 6 hours of daily study, emphasizing regularity, organization, and avoiding distractions to excel. Toppers emphasize consistency over extended study sessions.

Can I become a topper in a month?

Yes, you can become a topper in a month. Achieving the status of a topper within one month is challenging but possible with dedication and a strategic approach. Setting clear goals, creating a study schedule, prioritizing subjects, breaking down study material, practicing regularly, seeking help when needed, staying organized, taking care of health, eliminating distractions, and maintaining a positive mindset can help one become a topper in one month.

Can an average student become a topper?

Yes, an average student can become a topper with the right mindset, strategies, and dedication. The article stresses the importance of effective study habits, time management, a willingness to learn, and maintaining a positive attitude for academic success.             

What are the key habits students should embrace to become high achievers?

The key habits students should embrace to become high achievers include cultivating habits such as consistent class attendance, effective planning, understanding (rather than memorizing), frequent revision, regular practice, and avoiding last-minute cramming.

What are some of the smart study techniques?

Some of the smart study techniques for effective studying are as follows:

  • Stay organized.
  • Attend all classes.
  • Take comprehensive notes.
  • Communicate with teachers and ask questions.
  • Space out your study sessions.
  • Create and follow a study plan.
  • Engage in active studying

Is 12 hours of study per day enough?

Yes, 12 hours of study per day can be enough. The effectiveness of a 12-hour study regimen depends on factors such as the subject and academic level. While competitive exams or slower learning styles may warrant more time, sustaining a 12-hour daily routine can be beneficial in the long run.

Is 1 hour of study per day sufficient?

Yes, consistently studying for one hour daily is more effective than cramming for five hours the day before a test. This approach allows your brain time to process and retain information, contributing to better retention and understanding.

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