How to Prepare for IIT JAM without Coaching? Here are the best Self-Study Tips!

Lam Vijaykanth
Lam VijaykanthUpdated On: January 08, 2024 05:21 pm IST | IIT JAM
Are you going to appear for IIT JAM 2024? Tips to prepare for IIT JAM exam without coaching have been provided here. Determined candidates can use these tips on how to prepare for IIT JAM without coaching.
Preparing for IIT JAM without Coaching/ Through Self Study

How to Prepare for IIT JAM without Coaching: Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Test (IIT JAM) is a Nationl-level entrance examination, which is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) annually on a rotational basis on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resources Development. IIT Madras is the conducting body of IIT JAM 2024.  IIT JAM 2024 exam will be conducted on February 11, 2024. Indian Institute of Technology Madras has activated IIT JAM mock test links. Applicants who have submitted the application form can practice the mock tests. 
Download: IIT JAM Admit Card 2024

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras has released the IIT JAM admit card 2024. The admit card 2024 is made available on the official website at Applicants who have completed the registration process and submitted the application form are issued the JAM admit card 2024. According to the official schedule, IIT JAM 2024 will be held on February 11, 2024. After downloading the admit card, in case, test takers find any wrong details then they must email the conducting authority about the discrepancy. The email ID is 

IIT JAM is one of the most important exams for aspirants who seek MSc admissions in IITs, IIScs, and NITs. Each year thousands of students appear for the IIT JAM exam. It is a tough nut to crack. Even though it is one of the toughest national exams, still one can crack IIT JAM without coaching, through self-study. Candidates strive to be prepared for the IIT JAM 2024 exam and sometimes believe that the only way to get through the extensive IIT JAM 2024 syllabus is through coaching. Such coaching programmes are not always affordable. Enrolling in the coaching programme at a centre is not always the ideal option for qualifying the IIT JAM and it does not guarantee 100% success rate in obtaining admission. Candidates can crack IIT JAM 2024 exam without coaching but through self-study as well. To aid candidates who would like to give their best shot in IIT JAM exam without coaching but through self-study, CollegeDekho has come up with a few tips to help you prepare for IIT JAM. 

How to Prepare For IIT JAM Without Coaching/Through Self Study?

Preparing for the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. (IIT JAM) without coaching is possible, but it may require a significant amount of Self-Discipline, Will Power, Commitment, and Dedication. Apart from these self-possessed virtues, candidates must know the fundamentals of the exam like IIT JAM exam pattern, duration of the exam, type of questions asked, and marking scheme. Check the preparation tips for IIT JAM without coaching below:

1. Understand the Exam Pattern

Understand the format of the exam, the type of questions that will be asked, and the topics that will be covered. Before starting the IIT JAM 2024 exam preparation, all candidates must understand the detailed examination format. Candidates can create a strategic preparation plan for the exam with the help of knowledge of the examination format. The aspirants will have a better understanding of the question paper, sorts of questions asked, duration, and the number of sections by understanding and becoming familiar with the IIT JAM 2024 exam pattern. Exam patterns provide clarity regarding the question set. It is fairly simple to prepare when you are aware of the exam format. Aspirants can develop a productive preparation approach by understanding the examination format.

2. Create a Study Schedule

Set aside dedicated time for studying each day and stick to it. One of the most important components of IIT JAM 2024 preparation is to have a decent study schedule. Candidates preparing for the IIT JAM exam without coaching must invest as much time as they can in their preparation. To manage other chores and devote the most time possible to prepare, a proper timetable is required. Therefore, it is advised that candidates set up a study schedule and follow it sincerely to crack IIT JAM. As you get ready for the test, go through every topic that is stated in the curriculum.

3. Use Study Materials

Use books and study guides specifically designed for IIT JAM to help you on how to prepare for IIT JAM without coaching. Study guides and study material of IIT JAM generally help students improve their learning process. However finding the greatest preparation books can be very tough at times, especially when there are so many on the market. Candidates should be able to choose the greatest books for the best preparation possible. There are so many IIT JAM 2024 Best Books available in the market, purchase them and use them for the purpose.  

4. Practice Sample Questions

Try to solve as many sample questions and mock tests as possible to familiarise yourself with the types of questions that will be asked. Examining and understanding the sample question papers, and IIT JAM previous year's question papers is very important. By practicing those, candidates can get an idea of the difficulty level of the exam and the key questions.

5. Time management

One of the most important aspects of IIT JAM preparation is managing time. Aspirants must become masters of time management in terms of prepare for IIT JAM without coaching. Time management is very crucial in the exam, so practice managing your time while solving the questions. Keeping track of time while solving the sample papers and learning time management can help on exam day. 

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6. Online Resources

There are various online resources such as video lectures, online tutorials, and practice tests that can help you prepare for the exam. Utilize all the online resources as much as possible to crack IIT JAM without coaching.

7. Join Online Study Groups

Joining online study groups can be helpful because you can share information and ask questions. Joining study groups is a highly successful learning approach. Study groups share distinctive insights, and the candidates can benefit from one another. Members of a study group can also instruct one another in difficult subjects or topics with which they are familiar. Online study groups are useful for getting ready for tests. 

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8. Focus on your Weaknesses

Identify your weak areas and spend extra time focusing on those topics. To determine the weak areas, one must take a diagnostic test. Following that, one can determine which topics, chapters, or units fall into weak areas. Walk the extra mile to make those weak areas as strong as possible.

9. Take Breaks

It is important to take breaks and relax your mind during the preparation process. According to a research, taking deliberate breaks during short and long hours of study to refresh your mind and body boosts your energy, productivity, and capacity to concentrate. Keep in mind that social media is not a good "purposeful break." Instead of indulging in social media, treat yourself with a cup of coffee or tea, or go for a walk, take a power nap, or read your favourite book.

10. Stay Updated

Keep yourself updated with the latest information about the exam and any changes in the syllabus or pattern. Aspirants who are preparing to appear for IIT JAM exam 2024 without coaching must stay updated with the latest information on the exam. CollegeDekho provides aspirants with the most recent information on the IIT JAM exam. To stay up to date on the latest exam information, bookmark and follow this article. Candidates can also visit the official website. Staying updated is as important as preparing for the exam. 

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11. Take Care of your Health 

As the famous saying goes, "Health is Wealth," one must take care of one’s health. Candidates will experience increased stress while studying for one of the most difficult national entrance exams, IIT JAM. Exam stress causes candidates to neglect proper nutrition and rest. Hence, most of them will fall sick before the exam. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help you stay physically and mentally fit to prepare for IIT JAM without coaching. 

12. Seek Help if Needed

As you are preparing for the exam individually, there are high chances of getting doubts regarding the subject or topics. Don't hesitate to seek help from Teachers, Mentors, or Peers if you are struggling with a particular topic. Clarifying the doubts and getting a better understanding of the concept is more important than feeling shy or hesitant. Online resources can also help you to clarify your doubts.

13. Master the Syllabus

Understanding the IIT JAM 2024 syllabus is the first and most important stage in exam preparation. Being familiar with the syllabus is essential. A candidate will score better on the exam if they have a firm grasp of the subject. Candidates must read every single topic included in the syllabus. Aspirants should not anticipate that the person who sets the exam questions would pick only a few topics. So it's imperative to prepare for every topic covered in the syllabus. Test candidates can not be permitted to squander time if they wish to finish the entire syllabus. 

14. Revision is Key to Success

Revision is a crucial component in IIT JAM 2024 preparation. Because it is equally important to the preparation of a new topic, revision should be given high priority. Most students show aversion to reading or going over the subject again because they feel they have learned it and do not want to waste their time. The candidate will be helped to remember the subject or topic matter by going over the material they have already learned. It has nothing to do with wasting time at all. 

Revision helps the candidates retention of what they have already learned and furthers their comprehension of the subjects. Brilliant and intelligent candidates devote a significant amount of effort to the revising process. Therefore, go through each topic once more. If any questions come up while revising, it is generally advisable to get them answered right away. It is advised that candidates make quick notes of the core concepts of each topic, which can help them as the last-minute preparation tips

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15. Confidence and Positive Attitude

Always stay positive and confident, believe in yourself and your abilities, take the test with a fresh mind, and don't let stress get to you. Consistent effort, discipline, and a positive attitude are key to success. It's important to stay motivated and confident throughout the JAM preparation process.

16. Conduct a SWOT Analysis for Yourself

SWOT Analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This analysis is one of the tested methodologies, which work out well for the IIT JAM Preparation. In order to know how to prepare for IIT JAM without coaching, candidates must conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the syllabus and bifurcate it as per the sections in it. 

All the topics, which take less time to prepare, become Strengths of the candidates. Topics that take a lot of time to prepare fall under the Weakness section of SWOT. The opportunities section of the SWOT analysis consists of the topics through which candidates can score more. Candidate must segregate the very difficult topics and hard learn into the Treats section. Thus by applying the SWOT analysis for the IIT JAM syllabus, candidates can crack the JAM without coaching. 

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17. Follow the Pomodoro Technique

The famous Pomodoro technique (developed by Francesco Cirillo ) is one of the very effective techniques to focus on studies without distractions. Aspirants, who are preparing for IIT JAM 2024 through self-study, can follow this technique to improve their focus on the preparation of topics and to crack the exam. According to Pomodoro Technique, the candidate should set a timer for 25 minutes and must focus and complete the topic. After that, the candidate can take a break of 5 minutes. Candidates must repeat the process 3 more times then they can have 30 minutes break and start it again.

Remember, preparing for the IIT JAM 2024 without coaching is not impossible, but it does require a great deal of hard work and determination. Stay focused and stay determined and you will be able to achieve your goal. 

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