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List of Important Topics to Study for NEET PG 2021

Diksha Nautiyal
Diksha NautiyalPublished On: March 30, 2021 | NEET PG

With heavy competition in the examination, what you need to make your preparation a little easier for you is a list of important topics to study for NEET PG 2021. Get the list below.

Important Topics for NEET PG 2021

NEET PG is scheduled to be conducted on 18th April 2021. With the examination dates approaching, working on your preparation must be on the top of your to-do list. And in this situation, what you need to make things a little easier for you is a list of important topics to study for NEET PG 2021.

NEET PG is a national-level examination conducted every year for admission to postgraduate medical programmes across the country. Lakhs of students apply for around 32,000 seats, which makes the competition really high. But you don’t have to worry as we have the best solution for you. Go through all of these subjects-wise important topics for NEET PG preparation and ensure success. 

NEET PG Preparation Tips

NEET PG Full Syllabus - Latest

Exam Pattern of NEET PG 2021

Best Books Recommendations for NEET PG

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Physiology

Factors affecting calcium absorption

Sleep study measures


Adrenal each zone and correspond hormone name

EEG waves

Afferent tracts of the cerebellum

The nucleus of the thalamus

Tracts-ant, dorsal column, lateral spinothalamic tract, taste, olfactory, hearing, learn components in the tract, vision

Poiseuille Hagen formula based, what happens to flow when radius and length changes 

Vitamin D metabolism, learn what happens in the liver, skin, proxy tubules of the kidney and the most potent one

Fuel for heart, brain, RBC, etc at a different stage of starving

Melanin VS Melatonin, source amino acid and source anatomical structure 

Percentage of CP to different organs. Especially ones with maximum, second max and the least. If possible, learn musculoskeletal, brain and skin.

Renal blood flow VS effective renal plasma flow VS renal plasma flow 

Graphical relation between alveolar ventilation and pCo2 with respect to pO2 and pH

Stretch VS withdrawal reflex VS inverse stretch

Nerve fibre classification and role of each

Rapid and slow adaptors - where each is present

Receptors like Pacinian, Merkel, Meissner, hair and organ, Ruffini

Compliance - restrictive VS obstructive

Chemoreceptors and Baroreceptors 

Pulse wave, ECG, heart sound and JVP


Structural proteins 

Type of I and II SK muscle

Gap junction

Nernst and GHK equation

Active and passive transport and further divisions

Body fluid compartments 

Intercellular junctions

Cell adhesion molecules

What forms the blood-brain barrier?

What forms the blood-brain barrier?

Identify in image, endoneurium, peri and epi

Single breath N2 curve - graph-based

Respiratory Centres

Hypoxia types

CO2 and O2 transport

O2 dissociation curve

pCo2 and pO2 at a different level - ATM, tissue, alveoli and vein

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Anatomy

Atlas and Axis

Cervical vertebrae identify parts in the image

Types of joints 

Vertebral artery

The epithelium of different sites

Hassall corpuscles

Lymphoid organs for primary and secondary histology image identification

Diaphragm embryology and opening

Pharyngeal arch and pouch list of structures developed for each

Dural sinuses image identify

The base of skull foramen and structure passing

Cranial Nerves (image-based identification)

Light and accommodation


Knee locking and unlocking muscles responsible for anatomy

Foot arches and ligaments

Azygos lobe

Acoustic reflex arch components

Maxillary artery branches

Mandibular and maxillary nerve branches

Perineal body, urogenital diaphragm, and pelvic diaphragm

Tongue muscle nerve supply and actions of muscle

Nsa cervicalis

Jaw movement and muscle for each movement

Cavernous sinus relations image-based identify

Drainage and tributaries

Testis descent

Umbilical cord components

Medulla from neuroectoderm

Adrenal - cortex from mesoderm

Mullerian and Wolffian duct structure developed remnants 

Renal embryological development

Arterial development

Salivary glands secretomotor supply 

Symp and parasymp

Relations of the third ventricle

The floor of the fourth ventricle

Ureter relations 

Root of mesentery 

Venous drainage of intercostal veins

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Biochemistry

Which is the first cyclic intermediate in the pathway of Synth of cholesterol?

Steroid synthesis pathway

T4, RT3, T3 in starvation

Mitochondrial DNA - circular and more mutations

Identify a Palindromic sequence

Lipoprotein lipase VS hormone-sensitive lipase

DNA mutation repair mechanism list

Image - FISH, comparative genomic hybridisation

Hb alpha and beta chromosome, HLA chromosome

Heme synthesis

Porphyria and lead poisoning

Insulin Vs glucagon

Acetyl CoA can not enter the glucogenic pathway

Insulin Vs glucagon

List of amines formed by decarboxylation of which amino acid

Gabry VS Garver’s diseases, Krabbe

Sphingolipidoses, name and enzyme deficiency


List of cell organelle and marker enzymes of each

DNA synthesis

Amine group handling revise notes

Examples for ribozymes

Revise the urea cycle

Enzymes - classification

The relation between beta receptor, insulin and potassium

Revise porphyria 

Glycogen storage disease

Learn stop codons and their corresponding other names and selenocysteine and pyrrolysine

SGLT & glut sites, insulin dependency


Telomerase - a reverse transcriptase

Chromium deficiency, selenium, Mn, Al, Zn

Homocysteine metabolism disease


Which de reduces RBC transketolase activity


PCR steps, temp and enzymes name

Orexigenic anorexigenic molecules

List of coenzymes and fractions responsible

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Pathology

Leukaemias lymphoma and Hodgkin’s

All prognostic indicators

Identify biopsy needles

Graft rejection

Urinary casts

Special stains

MCH, MCV, MENTZER index calculate, MCHC,

Fat embolism

Iron metabolism

Histology of lymph node label

Trephine biopsy, pap smear, gi biopsy, adrenal biopsy

Routine fixatives and electron microscopy 

Multiple myeloma classification and criteria

Image - reticulin stain

Lichen planus


Histopathology examination

RB gene function


Crohns VS ulcerative colitis

Acute plahse reactants

Tumor markers

Identify tumor suppressor and oncogene

Glioblastoma multiform

Hyper and hypoparathyroidism

Autoantibodies which has antimitochondrial

The most common site of the aneurysm

Reid index


Translocation in hematology 

Hodgkin lymphoma types 

PNH, Hereditary spherocytosis

Janelia of chronic disease VS iron def anaemia VS thalassemia 

Gaucher cells

Zebra body


Type I & II lepra ration and also a treatment for both

Osteoblastic Mets 

Von meyeburg complex

Thyroid cancer, Assoc genres, a management protocol, Amyloid stroma and chromosome of each

EBV Assoc diseases

Bloom  syndrome

What is the Azzopardi effect?

Migratory thrombophlebitis 



Melanoma and sarcoma markers


NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Pharmacology

Cystic diseases of the kidney 

Myocardial infarction

Translocations and tumour markers

General and oncology complete line by line 

Cell injury and inflammation complete

Classification of tumours - AML, testicular and gastric

Types of hypersensitivity

Occupational cancers table 

Difference between Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis table

Tables are important - table of HLA association

Hypolipidemics, asthma (beta-2 agonist), prostaglandins, and arthritis

Chemotherapy (Monoclonal antibodies, Anticancer, protein kinase inhibitors and small molecules)

ANS (emergency medicine drugs)

GIT (constipation - Diarrhea > others)

Antimicrobials: Drug of Choice and MOA

GIT (constipation - Diarrhea > peptic ulcer)

General Pharmacology (Pharmacodynamics < Clinical Trials < Pharmacokinetics)

CVS (Heart failure, MI, Angina, ECG correlation with drugs and clinical presentation)

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Microbiology

Trichomonas vaginalis, Giardia - chancroid - school of fish

Reduvid bug

Swarming motility

Toxoplasmosis lifecycle, babesiosis, tachyzoites - maltese cross

Rhizopus Vs aspergillus Vs mucor Vs penicillium 

Fusarium - sickly shaped conidia

Chromoblastomycosis - copper penny

Black and white piedra - image

Causative organism

Microsporum - spindle - shapedidia

Epidermophyton - club-shaped macroconidia

Germ tube test

South American blastomycosis - multiple buds, pilot

Cryptococcus - encapsulated yeast

Sterilization, hot air oven, Autoclaving standardisation

Warthin linked cells 


HPV vaccine against which strains 

Antigenic drift Vs shift superficial knowledge 


Ecoli, stacked brick, travellers diarrhoea, etc

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Forensic Medicine

Pictures of plants 

Antidotes and features


Putrefaction Vs adipocere Vs mummification

Teeth numbering in different systems


Fake certificate, McNaught, emergency surgery without consent, disclosure of rape victim identity

IPC list

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Preventive and Social Medicine

TB, HIV treatment


Rickettsial diseases

Infectious diseases


Breast mild Vs protein value Vs cow milk

National programmes

Leprosy treatment: multi and paucibacillary


Sensitivity, npv calculation, specificity and PPV

Nutritional requirements for lactating and pregnant - calorie and protein added requirement

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for General Medicine Including Venereology, Dermatology, and Psychiatry

Syndromic approach colour code kits


Keratosis Rubra Pilaris

Pemphigus Vs pemphigoid

Classification based on types of bulla


Lichen planus

Named signs in Derma




Conduct disorder

IQ - score

MMSE - max score

Autism, rets syndrome

Neurotransmitters in various disorders


Defence mechanisms 

Oedipus complex 

Freud and Erikson stages of development

Endocrine - Diabetes complication and management, pituitary tumours, Cushing’s syndrome, SIADH and DI

Rheumatic - antibodies, criteria and vasculitis

Nepho - AKI causes, CKD complication, investigation, dialysis 

GIT - Malabsorption, hepatitis B, C, IBD, IBS

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Bacterial vaginosis 


Fibroids and adenomyosis 

Genital tuberculosis 

SUI surgeries 

Prolapse support and surgeries 

Endometrial hyperplasia 

Cervix, Ca ovary, endometrium 

PID basics 

Male and tubal factor infertility 

PID basics 


Tests of ovulation

Drugs and hormones - GnRH, Clomiphene, serm and letrozole

Mullerian anomalies

PCOS, Asherman 


Anatomy of the vagina and fallopian tube 


Hydatidiform mole: partial Vs complete

The number of antenatal checkups required: WHO and India

Twinning - when to admit

Twin pregnancy, twinning and conjoint and the timing of division

Various carcinoma, management and staging

Cholestasis of pregnancy 


Forceps vacuum

Labour and abnormal labour management

Heart disease basics

Abortion causes types 

Rh-negative pregnancy

Antepartum fetal monitoring 


Ectopic pregnancy and Tt presentation

Placenta previa 


Shoulder dystocia 


NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for Paediatrics 

Measles, diphtheria and mumps

Primary immunodeficiency disease

Pneumonia and dehydration


Tumours - Wilms neuroblastoma 

Modes of inheritance 

Genomic imprinting 

Transient tachypnoea of newborn Vs Hyaline member disease 

Obg.-vacuum and forceps indication and prerequisites & contraindication  

Caput succedaneum Vs cephalic hematoma

Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

Necrotising enterocolitis and Bell staging


Marasmus Vs Kwashiorkor 


Renal tubular acidosis 

Glycogen storage disorders 

Edward, downs, Noonan, Klinefelter, etc

Oral rehydration treatment principles 

Neonate-bilirubin level assessment clinically

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics for ENT

Blood supply of nose

Rodent ulcer of the external nose

Ringertz fumer

CSF rhinorrhea 

Allergic fungal sinusitis 

Mucor mycosis 

Atrophic rhinitis 

Rhinosporidiosis and Rhinoscleroma 

Brainstem implant and cochlear implant

Reinke’s oedema

Congenital subglottic stenosis 


Vocal cord paralysis 

Levels of necks nodes 


Cancer larynx management 

Vocal nodule 

Juvenile Papilloma of the larynx 

Special audiometry graphs in NIHL and otosclerosis etc. 

Prussac space

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