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Dos and Don’ts for NEET 2022

RupsaUpdated On: June 27, 2022 12:57 pm IST | NEET

With NEET 2022 scheduled for July 17, find out about the do's and don'ts to be followed before and on the exam day to stay away from the last-minute hassle. 

NEET 2022 Exam Dos and Don’ts

With the NEET 2022 exam date set on July 17, the days fly by quicker than we realize. To ensure success, it is important for you to get well acquainted with the dos and don’ts for NEET 2022. Knowing about the things you need to stay away from will give you an upper hand not only at the time of your preparation but also on the examination day. Through this article, you will be able to avoid common mistakes that one often tends to make for NEET. 

To make sure that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you have to adjust your entire preparation in less than a month, we are here with proper solutions. We have mentioned below the things you need to avoid and things you need to go for before and on the day of the NEET 2022 exam. Read on. 

Dos and Don’ts for NEET 2022 Preparation

Preparation for NEET 2022 is one of the most critical steps in the selection process. Without it, cracking the exam would be impossible. So, it is crucial for you to know how you can carry out your preparation during the last 20 days and what mistakes you need to steer clear of.

Dos for NEET 2022 Preparation

1. Break Down Your Syllabus

The syllabus of NEET 2022 comprises many topics from different subjects. Breaking down the syllabus according to the level of difficulty of their weightage in the examination might make your last-minute preparation easier. You can sort the topics by any category that fits your preference. 

2. Stick to the Study Plan

Following a study plan is essential as it gives you an idea of how much time revising each topic is going to take to complete. Through this, it becomes easy for one to manage time before the examination. 

3. Maintain Discipline

One of the important steps in the preparation process and the point of making a study plan is to stick to it. For that, you will have to maintain discipline. Make sure to complete the daily targets that you have assigned yourself on the study plan. 

4. Practice and Revise

Regular practice and revision make your preparation productive and efficient. If you keep studying without revising, there are chances that you would forget some of the important things. So, make sure that you don’t forget any important piece of information that was asked in the exam only because you did not revise it, which often happens. 

5. Take Care of Your Health

As the famous saying goes “A healthy body is inhabited by a healthy brain”, it is important for you to take care of your mental as well as physical health.

Don’ts for NEET 2022 Preparation

1. Don’t Pressurize Yourself

Putting a lot of pressure on yourself will make you less confident and you might end up giving over 80 per cent of your day into studying. This will not only make your body exhausted but your brain too which, in turn, may cause hurdles in the preparation.

2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Everyone has their individual strengths and weaknesses. What is a cakewalk for you could be a daunting experience for others and vice versa. So, always go with your own flow and make a plan that fits your studying habits.

3. Don’t Procrastinate

Sticking to the study plan and completing tasks on or before the assigned deadline is crucial for healthy and productive preparation. Don’t leave your queries to be solved for another day. Resolve them at the earliest and move further. 

4. Don’t Avoid Recreational Activities

As much as it is important for you to study, it is equally important to give yourself some break and use it for doing something that you find relaxing. It could be watching TV, listening to music, reading a book or playing. Getting involved in recreational activities help you replenish and then your mind is able to concentrate even better.  

Dos and Don’ts for NEET 2022: A Day Before Exam Day

Here are the common mistakes that candidates make one day before the exam. You can make sure to avoid them. With the help of the pointers below, you would also get to know the things you should do to make the exam day convenient for you.

Dos for NEET 2022: A Day Before Exam Day 

Visit the Exam Centre

If possible, you should visit the NEET 2022 exam centre a day before the exam. This gives you an idea of the time taken in travelling, which transportation means are the most convenient and which route is the best for you. 

Prepare Your Documents

At least one day prior to the exam, prepare your documents that you need to carry along to the examination centre. Putting these documents like Admit Card, ID Card, Photos, etc. in your kit or carrying a pouch before the exam will save you from the last-minute hassle. 

Give Yourself Some Rest

Give yourself some rest so that your mind stays clear and well-rested. 

Don’ts for NEET 2022: A Day Before Exam Day

Don’t Study Afresh

Don’t try to revise the entire syllabus of NEET 2022 or try to finish a new topic just a day before the exam. This might confuse you more.

Don’t Avoid Sleep

One day before the exam, you may get anxious, nervous, or excited about the test. Don’t let it disturb your sleep. If you are well-rested, you will be able to concentrate well. 

Don’t Pack Barred Items for the Exam Hall

While packing for the examination hall, make sure that you don’t keep any barred items or eatables.

Dos and Don’ts on NEET 2022 Exam Day

From reaching the exam hall on time to finishing the paper on time, you need to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the exam day. Here are the pointers that will help you:

Dos for NEET 2022 on the Exam Day

Remain Focused

Get your mind to be focused on the question paper. Understand what the question is asking and then go for the correct answer.

Read Instructions Carefully

Many students make the mistake of avoiding instructions written on the question paper. Make sure that you read them carefully during the allocated time. 

Fill in Your Information Carefully

Your information needs to be filled in the sheet. Through this information, you would get to know about your result. So, make sure that you make no mistakes in filling in the information.  

Follow NTA NEET Dress Code 

Make sure you are properly dressed as per the latest NEET 2022 dress code suggested by the NTA. Candidates should preferably wear half-sleeved T-shirts/shirts/kurta sets/regular jeans/trousers. Keep in mind that only open-toed shoes/sandals/slippers are allowed. 

Don’ts for NEET 2022 on the Exam Day

Don’t Rush into Things

If you are unsure about a question, don’t rush into answering it. According to NTA NEET 2022 exam pattern, there is negative marking involved in the marking scheme. Answering incorrectly would lose you a mark.  

Don’t Discuss with Others

Discussing the question paper with fellow candidates in the exam hall is strictly prohibited. Any candidate caught in the act will be disqualified for the exam and their candidature will be cancelled. 

Don’t Leave Without Permission

Make sure to leave the examination hall only when permitted or instructed by the invigilator. 

Don’t Get Involved in Discouraging Discussions

Before entering the exam hall, if you are surrounded by candidates having a discouraging conversation about the exam, get away from the conversation. This may affect you.

Hope you found this helpful. If you want to know more about NEET 2022, stay tuned with us on CollegeDekho

Good Luck!


When should I report to the NEET exam centre?

Candidates must report to the NEET 2022 exam centre at least an hour before the scheduled time as mentioned on the admit card.

Will Covid-19 norms be followed on NEET 2022 exam day?

Yes, all necessary Covid-19 safety protocols will be followed on the day of the NEET 2022 exam. Candidates are advised to wear masks and disposable gloves at all times, maintain social distancing and keep a sanitizer bottle handy.

How should I plan my last-minute revision strategy for NEET 2022?

Now that only a few days are left for NEET 2022, candidates must focus on revising the important topics instead of starting a fresh one. Alongside, they must continue practising sample papers and mock tests to strengthen their weak points and be able to manage time efficiently.

Do I need to carry passport-sized photographs on the NEET 2022 exam date?

Yes, candidates are required to carry their passport-sized photographs along with other relevant documents on the day of NEET 2022 exam.

Are jeans allowed on NEET 2022 exam day?

Yes, as per the NTA NEET dress code, regular jeans/trousers are allowed.

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