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Indian Education Vs Foreign Education

By - | September 06, 2016 04:10 PM | 3 minute read
Indian Education Vs Foreign Education
Highlights: It is essential to understand the difference between Indian and foreign education especially if you are aspiring to study abroad.

Education is organic, it keeps growing and evolves with time and the human mind. This is the major reason why education provided in different nations of the world is different. The principles on which education systems are formed are different for every nation. However, the aim is similar, i.e. to instill creativity within the human mind.

Every education system has its pros and cons. As developing nation, the Indian education system has been developed on the pillars that support thorough theoretical knowledge and preparing the students for some of the toughest competitive exams in the world. Whereas education systems of other developed nations are more flexible allowing students varied career opportunities other than the mainstream options.

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India being a developing nation lacks fund and hence there is a need to gather funds and use them to enhance the education system. Beginning from more research oriented education, there are a lot of things that we need to achieve, such as flexibility, updating the curriculum, global knowledge, etc.

It is essential to understand the difference between Indian and foreign education especially if you are aspiring to study abroad. Here is a comparison between Indian education and foreign education (on the basis of education provided in nations like the US, UK, Germany, etc.) to guide you:

Indian Education System

Foreign Education System

Option to Switch

Students cannot switch their major subjects in the middle of courses. For e.g. If you are a Physics major student then you can’t opt for varied subjects like Languages or Economics in the middle of your course.

Most of the universities in European colleges and US-based colleges allow students the options to switch subjects and don’t limit them to just one subject.

Approach towards Education

Curriculum in Indian educational institutes focus more on the theoretical education and rely on the research that has been conducted in the past.

The curriculum of foreign universities follow a more practical approach in education and encourage fresh research other than what has already been discovered.

Research Initiatives

Despite the continuous help offered by the government, there are limited research funds therefor research initiatives are also less.

Research in foreign universities is funded by some of the biggest organizations of the world, such as Google, Microsoft. Hence research initiatives offered there are better.


Modifications based on the latest and approved research studies are implemented quite late in the curriculum of Indian universities.

Universities in the US and some other developed countries update their curriculum every few years, hence offering more advanced education.


India has not yet been able to internationalize education in order to attract students from various countries to choose courses offered by Indian Universities.

Foreign Universities have a mixed group of students coming from various countries. Therefore a student gets better exposure.

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These were some of the major differences between Indian and foreign education that should factor while you are weighing your options. Every education system has something different to offer. So pick the option that helps you progress and lets you develop your skills.

Indian Education Vs Foreign Education | CollegeDekho