KIIT Grading System: Grade Points & Marks Percentage

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Updated On: May 17, 2024 08:17 pm IST

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) uses a 10-point grading system to evaluate its students’ performance. Each grade corresponds to a certain number of grade points. These grade points are then utilised to determine the CGPA. Let’s shed some light on the KIIT Grading System. 
KIIT Grading System

KIIT Grading System: Have you ever considered how your efforts, marks, and academic hard work are reflected in your Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) grades? The grading system at KIIT is important in assessing your academic performance. Knowing this system is necessary for evaluating your progress accurately and setting relevant academic goals. This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the KIIT grading system, marks, and the significant CGPA. We will explain how KIIT converts your efforts into scores and how you can understand the KIIT Grading System to excel in your courses!

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What is the KIIT Grading System?

Like many universities and colleges, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology uses a 10-point grading system to evaluate how well students are doing. This system helps ensure that everyone gets a fair assessment and encourages students to strive for excellence. Each grade comes with a certain number of points, showing how well a student has done. Grades go from “O” for Outstanding to “F” for Failed, with points ranging from 10 to 2 accordingly.

These grades also match up with specific ranges of marks. There are some rules to follow, like needing good attendance and being engaged during the summer term. If students get C or D grades, they can work to improve their scores. They can take grade improvement exams or join Minors and Honors programs to boost their academics. The KIIT grading system is clear and fair, helping students succeed and move forward in their studies.

Letter Grade With Grade Points at KIIT

The table given below shows the Grading System employed at KIIT to evaluate students’ academic performance:

Letter Grade

Grade Points










Very good









Below average




Letter Grade With Marks Percentage at KIIT

Below is a table that displays how grades in the KIIT Grading System translate to equivalent percentage marks.

Letter Grade

Marks Percentage


90% to 100%


80% to 89%


70% to 79%


60% to 69%


50% to 59%


40% to 49%


Below 40%

How is CGPA Calculated at KIIT University?

Here's how you calculate your CGPA:

  • First, you multiply the Grade Points you got in each course by the credits that course was worth.
  • Next, you add up all the Grade Points from each course.
  • Then, you divide the total Grade Points by the total credits you completed.

Here's an example to make it clear:

Let's say you finished three courses with these grades and credits:

  • Course 1: B (Good) - 4 credits
  • Course 2: A (Very Good) - 3 credits
  • Course 3: C (Fair) - 2 credits

Now, let's find the Grade Points for each course:

  • Course 1 = 7.0 Grade Points x 4 credits = 28.0 Grade Points
  • Course 2 = 8.0 Grade Points x 3 credits = 24.0 Grade Points
  • Course 3 = 6.0 Grade Points x 2 credits = 12.0 Grade Points

Adding them up:

  • 28.0 + 24.0 + 12.0 = 64.0 Grade Points

Now, divide the total Grade Points (64.0) by the total credits completed (4 + 3 + 2 = 9 credits):

CGPA = 64.0 Grade Points / 9 credits = 7.11 (rounded to two decimal places)

Hence, the CGPA = 7.11.

When you understand how the KIIT Grading System works, you are ready to understand your grades better, figure out where you excel or need improvement academically, and plan what you aim for in the upcoming semesters. The KIIT Grading System lays out a straightforward and structured approach to monitor your advancement, helping you accurately measure how well you are doing in your studies overall.

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What is the KIIT CGPA calculator?

KIIT CGPA calculator is a tool to figure out your overall Grade Point Average (GPA) at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT). Simply input your credit points and choose the corresponding grades for each course to get your CGPA.

Does KIIT follow relative grading?

KIIT uses an absolute grading system. This system assigns initial marks based on your score, ensuring fairness and transparency in evaluation. The examiner, along with your instructor, might take a look at how the whole class is doing to decide on grades. They could make small changes to make sure everyone gets a fair grade.

What are the passing marks in KIIT for a subject?

You must meet certain standards in both the theory and practical aspects (if they are part of the subject) to pass a subject at KIIT. It is important to score at least 50% in both theory and practical exams individually to pass the subject.

What is the KIIT grading scale?

KIIT evaluate student performance using a letter grading system. This system assigns a letter grade to indicate the level of achievement, with each grade corresponding to a specific grade point on a scale of 10.

How does KIIT calculate grades?

Assessments happen regularly during the semester at KIIT University. These include exams and assignments covering different aspects like theory and practical work. Your performance in these assessments determines the marks you receive. KIIT follows a grading system with letter grades assigned based on a 10-point scale. Each letter grade corresponds to a specific range of marks. For example, if you score between 70 and 79, you will earn a B grade.

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