Know Everything About a Career as Legal Manager

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Know Everything About a Career as Legal Manager
Highlights: A person with good knowledge of corporate and business laws is sure to have an outstanding career as a Legal Manager.

A Legal Manager is a person who plays an important role in ensuring effective management of legal and contractual risks. Nowadays, most of the organizations and companies have a separate department called the legal department. The main function and responsibility of a Legal Manager is to ensure that the day to day compliance issues are met with respect to the staff and resources in the organization.

Responsibilities and roles of a Legal Manager:-

  • It is the prior responsibility of a legal manager to provide legal advice on tender documents
  • He/she needs to review ongoing cases and advice the management accordingly
  • Relevant departments must liaise so that proper measures can be taken, wherever legal risks are identified
  • Providing legal protection and risk management advice to the management especially on contract management
  • Interpreting legal information and conducting training for the staff in accordance with legal requirements
  • Reviewing and advising management on legal implications regarding the internal policies and procedures
  • Drafting agreements, contracts and internal policies of the company so that they are in compliance with all legal requirements
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly reports for executive management meetings
  • Monitoring compliance with obligations and advising the management accordingly
  • Modifying contractual instruments in order to assist and support various business activities
  • The reviewing of all the contracts and any other documents for which the company has committed itself to is compulsory. The legal implications which arise during the assessment of documents or contracts have to be brought to the executive management’s attention

Percentage of Time Spent in Performing Responsibilities:-

  • Usually, a legal manager spends 50% of the time on legal advisory and contracts management
  • 30% of the time is spent on regulatory support like resources for development
  • 10% of the time is spent on risk management
  • Finally, they spend 10% of the time on people management

Generally, a legal department of a company comprises of:-

  • Company Secretary
  • Legal Manager
  • Legal Officers
  • Company Lawyers
  • Personal/Assistant Secretary

How to become a legal manager?

  • A UG degree in LLB is mandatory
  • A Post Graduate degree such as an MBA will add significantly to your qualifications. However, to work in big organizations or companies, it is mandatory
  • The candidates with an experience as advocates or lawyers will be given preference
  • Various colleges in India offer UG, PG and Diploma Courses in various streams of Law

Top Colleges in India offering law courses in Management:-

  • Maharaja Balwant Singh Post Graduate College, Varanasi. The college offers Master of Law in Commercial Group
  • School of Law and Governance in Jaipur National University offers PGD in Business Law
  • Shree. PM Patel College of Law of Human Rights, Gujarat offers PGD in Corporate Laws and Management
  • ILS Law College, Pune offers Certificate Course in Securities Law. The duration of the course is 3-6 months
  • Dr. BR Ambedkar Law College, Bangalore offers Master of Law in Corporate and Security Laws
  • Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi offers PGD in International Trade and Business
  • Gulbarga University, Raichur, Karnataka offers Master’s Degree in Commercial Law
  • Indian Law Institute, New Delhi offers PGD in Corporate Laws and Management. The duration of the course is 9-12 months
  • Silver Law College, Uttar Pradesh offers Diploma in Business Law
  • Campus Law Centre, Delhi University
  • National Law University, Jodhpur
  • Amity Law School, Delhi

Average Starting Salary of a Legal Manager:-

A person with good knowledge of corporate and business laws is sure to have an outstanding career as a Legal Manager. The average packages for a Legal Manager range between Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000 per annum.

CollegeDekho wishes Good Luck to all aspirants who want to become a Legal Manager in future.

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