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NEET PG 2023 Predicted Question Paper

Pranav Mishra
Pranav MishraUpdated On: February 27, 2023 11:41 am IST | NEET PG
NEET PG 2023 Predicted Question Paper allows students to gain a better understanding of the paper pattern, types of questions asked, and syllabus. This bolster students NEET preparation strategy. Read on to find NEET PG predicted question paper 2023.
NEET PG Predicted Question Paper

NEET PG 2023 predicted question paper gives aspirants a sound understanding about the exam pattern of the test. It allows aspirants to gauge what type of questions are asked in the exam, which topics are asked oftenly, which section to target first, and more. One can draw their own learnings after referring to the NEET PG 2023 predicted question paper.

NEET PG Admit Card 2023 LIVE

NEET PG exam paper comprises 200 MCQ-based questions for a total of 800 marks. Aspirants need to answer the questions in 3 hours 30 minutes. Knowing the NEET PG 2023 predicted question paper assists students in making a correct study plan and scoring higher marks. NBE is the official authority that sets the exam paper of NEET PG 2023. It comprises topics from Pre-Clinical, Clinical, and Para-Clinical subjects.

Aspirants can grasp more about the NEET PG 2023 predicted question paper by scanning through this article.

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NEET PG 2023 Predicted Question Paper Pattern

To be prepared for all the questions asked in the exam, students must be aware of the overall NEET PG 2023 Exam Pattern. This will give them clarity and a better chance to score well on the test.

NEET PG 2023 Exam Pattern

Here is the exam pattern of NEET PG 2023:



Exam mode


NEET PG 2023 Exam language


Time Duration

3 hours 30 minutes

Types of questions asked in NEET PG 2023


Total questions asked


Total marks


Total sections in NEET PG 2023

3 (Clinical, Pre-Clincal, and Para-Clinical)

Marking Scheme

+4 for correct answers

-1 for wrong answers

No addition or subtraction for unanswered questions

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NEET PG 2023 Subject-Wise Weightage

Students can refer to the subject-wise weightage of questions given below to gauge which topics are important for NEET PG 2023 exam. 


Subject-Wise Weightage of Questions

Part A


16 Questions


17 Questions


17 Questions

Part B

Social and Preventive Medicine

25 Questions


20 Questions


25 Questions

Forensic Medicine

10 Questions


20 Questions

Part C

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

30 Questions

General Surgery Including Orthopedics, Anaesthesia and Radiodiagnosis

45 Questions

General Medicine Including Dermatology & Venereology & Psychiatry

45 Questions


10 Questions


10 Questions


10 Questions

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NEET PG 2023 Predicted Question Paper

It is difficult for anyone to truly predict what exact questions will be asked for the exams. However, students can be aware of all the types of questions that are expected to appear in the test. To help candidates prepare better, given below is the NEET PG 2023 Predicted Question Paper.

NEET PG 2023 Predicted Questions from Anatomy

A little boy with multiple fractures of the Humerus following which there is loss of sensation over the lateral side of the forearm, difficulty in flexion of the elbow & supination of the forearm. Which nerve is under stress?

A. Musculocutaneous nerve

B. Axillary

C. Median nerve

D. Radial nerve

Answer: A

Which blood vessel do you think carries the deoxygenated blood back to the placenta?

A. Umbilical Artery

B. Descending aorta

C. Uterine artery

D. Umbilical vein

Answer: A

Which option is useful for preventing vertical descent of the spleen?

A. Phrenocolic ligament

B. Ligamentum flavum

C. Ligamentum teres

D. Hepatogastric ligament

Answer: A

Which nerve is needed for the GAG reflex?

A. 9th cranial nerve

B. 11th cranial nerve

C. 10th cranial nerve

D. 12th cranial nerve

Answer: A

NEET PG 2023 Predicted Questions from Physiology

Beta 2 receptors act using the following secondary messenger.

A. Adenylate Cyclase

B. Tyrosine kinase receptors

C. TGF-beta receptors

D. Cytokine receptors

Answer: A

A child that is presented with dehydration and was supplemented with an ORS solution for management. Which of the following receptors will help him in the absorption of glucose from GIT?





Answer: B

NEET PG 2023 Predicted Questions from Biochemistry

A patient who is on a maize diet is suffering from diarrhoea, dementia, as well as dysentery. Which vitamin deficiency is really responsible for the features?

A. Riboflavin

B. Thiamine

C. Niacin

D. Pyridoxine

Answer: C

An individual is presented with dryness in the eye along with a gritty sensation and corneal softening. What is the closest probable cause?

A. Viral Keratitis

B. Riboflavin Deficiency

C. Vitamin A deficiency

D. Follicular conjunctivitis

Answer: C

NEET PG 2023 Predicted Questions from Pathology

A Patient is experiencing generalized weakness along with easy fatigability. He gives a history of working in a factory that has exposed him to Benzene. Which of the following cases will you suspect in this patient?

A. Hepatocellular Carcinoma

B. Urinary Bladder Cancer

C. Carcinoma Gall Bladder

D. Blood Cancer

Answer: D

23.All are increased in the IDA except?


B. Erythropoietin

C. Transferrin saturation

D. Soluble transferrin receptor

Answer: C

NEET PG 2023 Predicted Questions from Pharmacology

What is the main mechanism of action of Methotrexate?

A. Inhibition of Dihydrofolate reductase

B. Inhibits pyrimidine synthesis

C. Inhibits cell replication by acting on the G phase of the cell cycle

D. Inhibits Thymidylate synthase

Answer: A

A patient is currently on digoxin therapy that comprises some concomitant medications. At presentation, the individual develops atrial fibrillation with a control ventricular rate along with his serum digoxin raised from his previous value. Which of the below medication contains enhanced digoxin toxicity?

A. Atenolol

B. Clarithromycin

C. Triamterene


Answer: B

NEET PG 2023 Predicted Questions from Forensic

A 30-year-old male individual presents his history of consumption of some unknown substance. The attending doctor figures out that the person might be having diaphoresis, headache, and acute coronary spasm-like effects. The person is least likely to show which clinical feature?

A. Bradycardia

B. Hypertension

C. Hyperthermia

D. Tachycardia

Answer: A

While recording the main evidence in the court of law, a lawyer asks the witness, “Were you there at the spot when A killed B?”, and the witness answers “yes”. This type of questioning is permitted in?

A. Examination in chief

B. Redirect examination

C. Direct examination

D. Cross-examination

Answer: D

NEET PG 2023 Predicted Questions from Microbiology

A child is admitted with fever, conjunctivitis, rash that begins behind ears, coryza, koplik spot, and cough. Based on the clinical manifestations, opt the correct description of the pathogen.

A. SS enveloped RNA virus

B. DS naked RNA virus

C. SS naked RNA virus

D. DS enveloped RNA virus

Answer: A.

Candidates should have an understanding of these predicted NEET PG questions before sitting for the postgraduate medical entrance exam. They should cover the entire NEET PG Syllabus to ace the test.

For more such information on NEET PG 2023, Stay tuned to CollegeDekho!


How does NEET PG 2023 Predicted Question Paper help students?

NEET PG predicted questions allow aspirants to understand what type of questions they should expect in the exam. The element of surprise in the exam can be predicted well in advance if one refers to last years’ questions as well as predicted question.

What is the paper pattern of NEET PG 2023?

NEET PG is a computer-based exam. It is held in online mode. The test is conducted in english language only. Students have 3 hour 30 minutes to attempt 200 questions. The total marks of NEET PG 2023 test is 800.

Which section will be the easiest to crack in NEET PG exam?

Section 1 of the NEET PG exam is the easiest out of the remaining two. Second section contains slightly challenging questions but is still easy to tackle. The third section is the lengthiest and the majority of students lose marks here. So, one must pay extra attention to section 3.

What is the NEET PG marking scheme for question paper?

For every correct answer, candidates get +4 marks while for every wrong answer, aspirants are deducted 1 mark. No deduction or addition is done for unanswered questions. The final NEET PG score is the addition of all the marks at the end.

Should I solve previous years’ question papers?

Solving previous years’ papers allows aspirants to stay abreast of all the happenings in the NEET PG exam. Students are able to gauge the difficulty of all sections and also get an idea of what type of questions are asked. This gives one an added advantage and puts them on the right path of securing higher marks.


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