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Stereotype of Students Meet In Every Indian Campus

July 24, 2015 05:08 PM 2 minute read

Stereotype of Students Meet In Every Indian Campus

With the saga of the cut-off list is almost over, the students are ready to be a part of several Universities and Colleges associated with it. The excitement of entering into a completely new world and making new friends will also bring some learning experience.
Well, College is the best time of your life, and you have no idea … do you? Let me help. Here are the kind of people you’ll meet in college which you can even identify after leaving the college.

The front benchers:

The front benchers still think they are in school. They never doze off during lectures and the boring lectures are interesting to these guys. They generally show up to class 5 minutes early. They often read the textbook before class and answer all the questions.

The enthusiasts:

They are always ready to everything that happen in your campus. They are most curious for extracurricular activities and organise the college excursion. They are like moving walky-talky and basically the energizer bunny of the class.

The guy with proxy:

These are known as late-latifs. Never attend a class on time and ask their friends to give proxy’s for them. They are fun-loving and kinda unable to finish their work on time.

The firm follower of Bhai:

Whether or not, they could fight but the higher pitch voice of calling people outside freaks other out. They are always ready to pick a fight and beat others down. They befriend with people like them only.

Baby Couple:
The couple who thinks of themselves a replica of Lela and Majnu and always stays together. They walk together, they talk together and they call each other ‘Baby’, ‘Sweetu’ and ‘Honey’. They keep on irritating the class without bothering.

The Rapper:

They are more party people. Every single day is Saturday to them and every night is a party. They prefer to sing honey Singh's song and behave like Eminem.

Self-declared Ministers:

Politics is their way of life. They are always fighting for students’ rights and equality. They actually have connections with ministers and officials. They’re the ones who bring in the chief guests for college functions. And they have lofty ambitions of running the Government one day.

Stereotype of Students Meet In Every Indian Campus | CollegeDekho