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Tips To Prepare For Semester Exams

November 18, 2015 02:12 PM 3 minute read , Others

Tips To Prepare For Semester Exams

With the College Semester exams round the corner, students who are appearing for the first time must be feeling nervous and facing difficulties to cop-up with the syllabus and an infinite number of books. But don’t worry, there are some easy and light tips that will help you to study efficiently in the remaining time.

First and the foremost thing which every student should keep in his/her mind is not to go out of the syllabus. In the wake of learning each and everything we generally miss out the most important part of our academics.

So, don't try to grab everything. The other tips which might help you to study in a better way are-

Time Management

List all the assignments, projects, and worksheets which are must read and should be completed beforehand.

Begin reading and review; schedule time on your planned timetable.

Keep Academics as priority

Don’t make the mistake of resting, this is the time to push hard. Break down tasks, switch subjects and plan rewards to maintain motivation.

Make a list of the work you can postpone in your life until exams.

Reevaluate your previous marks

Look closely at where you stand in each class; determine which exams need more effort.

Evaluate what score you need on the exam to achieve your goal. Never miss your classes. It could improve your GPA.

Reduce Stress

The more prepared you are, the less anxious you will feel

Breathing exercises can reduce feelings of anxiety.

Set up a Study Schedule; be specific

A Five-Day Study Plan is proven to work well, and studying too early is inefficient; too late means too little retention.

One thing you should keep in mind is cramming 15 chapters into one long session will cause partial knowledge of the material.

As, Multiple sessions, repetition, increased retention.

It is always advisable to split your day to prepare for multiple exams.

Cover one subject for a period of time; take a break; study another subject for a period of time; change subjects again; go back to the first subject, etc.

Schedule breaks for a reasonable amount of time; remembering to keep on schedule

Study sessions are best at 50 minutes or less per subject; take a 10-minute break in-between sessions.

If the exam is 25% comprehensive (25% over old material and 75% new material) then spend 25% of your time on the previous material and 75% on recent material

If the exam is 50% comprehensive, split your time 50-50 by spending 50% of your time on the older material and 50% of your time on the new material.

Remember, doing well on semester exams is not luck; it is the result of knowledge and effort.

Tips To Prepare For Semester Exams | CollegeDekho