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7 Social Media Websites Every College Student Must Know About

September 29, 2015 02:00 PM 3 minute read , Others

7 Social Media Websites Every College Student Must Know About

Social media is the only mode of communication through which you stay connected to others. There are a number of websites and apps on the internet where you can keep in touch with changes, things and other day to day activities. Being a student, you must know about some major websites to stay connected as well as express your own views to the world.

Social sites are the best forums that provide you with space to connect and express or contradict a view, policy or thought. Let's see these websites through which you can be associated with.

1. Twitter Twitter is the social site where you can tweet a message on a view, change or anything you feel others must know about. You can also follow various organizations, companies, programs or celebrities apart from your acquaintances and other pages alike.

2. Facebook And who doesn't know about Facebook? This is the most widely used website where people from all ages are equally interested in. You can share your views, photos or comments on a particular status or page. You can like and stay connected with anybody you want to.

3. Linkedin Linkedin is popular among professionals. Here, you can mostly connect to your colleagues, organizations and companies. You can search for job posts, links and groom yourself according to growing professionalism.

4. Instagram Instagram is a mobile app where you can post images of your choice. You can also follow others on it and people can follow your account to stay in touch with you. A comment is enough to start a conversation among people.

5. Tumblr This is a platform where you can publish your posts or blogs and articles. Through this channel, you can get hits and likes which would make you popular. Not only you as a person, but your thoughts, vision and creativity is measured through your post. So, opt for tumblr and you will see the change for yourself.

6. Google Plus Popularly known as G Plus, this is an amazing site and app through which you can share your opinions, videos and images and aware and create an impact on others. You can follow and be followed as well.

7. Pinterest This is a well known app on which you can publish your articles' images and start sharing them on this. People you follow and those who follow you can stay connected with your views and ideas. Hence, every student must be aware of these websites and apps to grow their network and knowledge

Also, these are the best ways to create interest and fun in life.

7 Social Media Websites Every College Student Must Know About | CollegeDekho