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B.Sc Zoology vs B.Sc Botany - Which is the Best Option after Class 12?

Kumari Neha
Kumari NehaUpdated On: July 15, 2020 11:56 am IST

B.Sc Zoology and B.Sc Botany are the two most popular courses under Life Science. Check details of both courses to choose the right B.Sc course after Class 12th. 

B.Sc Zoology vs B.Sc Botany

B.Sc Zoology and B.Sc Botany are the two most popular B.Sc courses under Life Science. The scope of both B.Sc Zoology and B.Sc Botany is wide and can be a good option for candidates who want to go for research work in future that involves the study of living forms in the ecosystem.

Whether you pursue B.Sc Zoology or B.Sc Botany, you will get a chance to understand the nature of life. You will get an insight into the existence of a variety of species on earth whether it may be an animal or plant kingdom. After pursuing one of these courses you can work as professionals who will be directly involved in conservating lives on earth and maintaining a sustainable balance in nature.

Now, whether you should pursue B.Sc Zoology or B.Sc Botany depends on your interest and understanding animal life or plant life. If plants interests you more, then go for B.Sc Botany and if animal life interest you more, then you should go for B.Sc Zoology. However, this is just the basic interest which will help you decide the course that you should opt. There are a lot more factors which you must consider before choosing the course. Some of them are the scope, of course, job roles after the competition of course and salary.

In this article, we have covered the details on both B.Sc Zoology and B.Sc Botany course which will give you a clear picture about choosing the right course after Class 12th.

B.Sc Zoology vs B.Sc Botany Course Comparison

Name of the Course

B.Sc Zoology

B.Sc Botany


03 Years

03 Years


10+2 qualified from a recognised Board from Science stream (mandatorily studied Biology with Physics and Mathematics at the 10+2 level)

Students who have passed their 10+2 qualifying exam from Science stream and recognised Board and have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the qualifying level

List of Entrance Exams


Most Universities and colleges conduct merit-based admissions.


Most Universities and colleges conduct merit-based admissions.

Admission Process

Both entrance based and merit-based

Both entrance based and merit-based


Around 5K per semester

Between 15K and 30K per semester

Top Job Roles after Graduating

Animal Caretaker, Zookeeper, Environmental Consultant, Research Technician, Teacher etc

Plant Explorer, Ecologist, Nursery Manager, Molecular Biologist etc

Top Recruiting Organizations

  • BARC

  • WWF India

  • Hitchen & Co

  • Aakash Institute

  • WWF India

  • Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun

  • The Akal Group

Career Growth

With many species of the animal kingdom still remain to be discovered, the career growth aspect of this programme is not slowing down anytime soon

Career growth after B.Sc Botany is steady yet towards an upward direction due to the opportunities opening up for the Botany graduates in various sectors

Highest Salary Range

INR 8,58,000/- per annum

INR 10,00,000/- per annum

Average Salary

INR 5,55,000/- per annum

INR 5,46,000/- per annum

Top Colleges

List of Government Jobs

  • Zoological Survey of India jobs

  • Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) jobs

  • Assistant Forest Conservator and Range Officer jobs

  • Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (CIFRI) jobs

  • National Organic Farming Research Institute (NOFRI) jobs

  • Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI) jobs

  • Gujarat Ecological Education & Research (GEER) jobs

  • Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI)

List of Government Recruitment Tests


  • UPSC

  • State PCS


  • UPSC

  • State PCS

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Reasons to Pursue B.Sc Zoology

The factors enlisted below will help you decide whether you should pursue B.Sc Zoology after class XII or not:

  • B.Sc Zoology is an appropriate course for those who are inclined to study animal life and want to grab more knowledge about the functionalities of the animal kingdom. The candidate who has a passion for all types of creatures like animals, reptiles, insects, mammals etc and wildlife can opt for B.Sc Zoology course.

  • A B.Sc Zoology student gets a chance to explore various species existing in the ecosystem. They learn about their behaviour and their interaction with the environment.

  • After the completion of B.Sc Zoology course, the candidate can work in wildlife reserves, research centres, zoos, aquarium centres etc.

  • As a professional, B.Sc Zoology graduates can also work in laboratories and research centres and they are also well paid.

  • A zoologist is mostly involved in travelling. This profession lets enthusiastic and curious candidates explore the animal kingdom and wife life by travelling across various places around the world. Life of B.Sc Zoology candidates is full of enthusiasm and adventure.

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Job Roles after B.Sc Zoology

Check the list of job roles that you can opt after B.Sc Zoology

Zoologist: Zoologist is the most sought after a profession that a B.Sc Zoology candidate opts. The professionals’ studies about various animal species and their behaviours. They perform laboratory research and experiment to ensure that the animal kingdom is well protected.

A Zoologist has various job responsibilities, Some of which includes conservation of endangered species, working for the welfare of animal life, disease control in animals, improving the activities of livestock etc.

Ecologist: An ecologist is a professional who is responsible survey the ecosystem and conducts scientific investigations of the animal kingdom. They are involved in the classification of animals and recording data. After the collection of data, they spend their time analysing and evaluating the data to conserve animal life. An Ecologist work in government agencies, trusts, conservation charities and research institutes.

They use reports to influence environmental policy and offer expert advice to professionals like architect, engineers and public service professionals.

Animal Keeper: An animal keeper is a person who is responsible for managing animals who are kept in zoo or wildlife centuries to conserve and protect animals. They mainly feed and take care of animals on a daily basis.

They keep a report of animals and ensure the health and hygiene of the place. Such professionals are also responsible to conduct the education to mass about the importance of animal conservation ane they play in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

B.Sc Zoology with good knowledge about animal kingdom can opt for this job role after graduation.

List of B.Sc Zoology Colleges in India

Average Salary after B.Sc Zoology

The following are the average starting salary B.Sc Zoology graduates for different positions. The pay scale with add on years of experience and required skills:


Annual Income


INR 4,00,000/- to INR 5,00,000/-


INR 4,00,000/-

Animal Keeper

INR 4,00,000/-

Reasons to Pursue B.Sc Botany

Following are some of the reasons why a student should pursue B.Sc Botany course or not:

  • If you are one of the students who wish to learn about the plant species in detail then B.Sc botany is a good choice for you. The course equips students with in-depth knowledge of the plant kingdom and species existing in the ecosystem.

  • Plants are the most essential entities of the planet that supports the lifestyle and existence of human life on earth. If you want to learn about plants at a broader level like its metabolic activities, its medicinal properties, its relationship with the environment then you must opt B.Sc botany course.

  • B.Sc Botany opens ups gate for higher education after the course. You can either pursue M.Sc Botany or you can mix up a few disciplines and pursue masters course either from India or abroad.

  • The need for Botanist is demanding to analyse diseases in animals and recover from it. They are also responsible for a sampling of plants, conservation of plant kingdom and discover the medicinal effect of plants to prepare organic medicine. B.Sc is a good choice if you want to make a career as a Botanist.

  • After the completion of B.Sc Bonaty, the other job roles that you can opt are Floriculturist, Ecologist, Environmentalist, Plant Conversationalist etc.

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Job Roles after B.Sc Botany

Check the list of job roles that you can opt after B.Sc Botany :

Botanist: A Botanists analyses various aspects of plants like its physiological processes, evolution and its relationships with their environments. They apply their knowledge and experience in the agriculture sector like cultivation, control of pests and disease in plants and plant breeding.

Botanist is the most sought after profession for candidates who have have a Bachelor's degree in B.Sc Botany.

Floriculturist: A Floriculturist is a professional who deals with the farming of flowering plants that can be used in the pharmaceutical sector and the perfume industry. B.Sc Botany graduates can make a wonderfulCareer as a Floriculturistif they have a passion for flowers and flowering plants.

The major responsibility of the floriculturist is to cultivate plants that produce flowers. They are also farming of ornamental plants for floral industry and gardens.

Field Trials Officer: A Field Trials Officer conducts research trial and analyses the effect of experiments on plants in laboratories. The professional will be involved in the entire activity of research. They work with scientists to ensure the requirement for trail experiment is available. The work on large scale research where plants are used as the source of the trial process.

The results of the research are mostly used to improvise the agriculture process and make a good decision while cultivating plants.

Field Trials Officer helps in generating resorts and conduct presentation on the result generated.

Vedic Science Centre of BHU Implements Environment- Friendly Methods of Agriculture

Environmentalist: An Environmentalist is responsible to preserve, store and improve the natural environment and ecosystem. A botany graduate can work as Environmentalist to conserve the plants to ensure effective climatic conditions in an area.

The professionals are responsible to ensure that environmental ethics are followed by people to conserve plant diversity and ecology.

Average Salary after B.Sc Botany

The following are the average starting salary B.Sc Botany graduates for different positions. However, the pay scale varies depending on the year of experience and skills


Annual Income


INR 5,00,000/-


INR 3,60,000/- to INR 5,00,000/-


INR 5,00,000/-

Field Trial Officer

INR 4,00,000/-

List of B.Sc Botany Colleges in India

Hope the above information is relevant and will help candidates choose the most appropriate course after Intermediate studies.

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