Career Options after Physiotherapy in India: Job Opportunities, Colleges, Fee

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Are you planning to enrol in Physiotherapy courses and wondering about the Career Options after Physiotherapy in India? Check out the career options after Physiotherapy along with its scopes, job opportunities, salary, top colleges and college fees.

Career Options after Physiotherapy in India

Career Options after Physiotherapy: In India, the field of physiotherapy has witnessed a significant surge in popularity and demand in recent years. It offers a lot of rewarding career opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals. As individuals increasingly prioritize holistic well-being, the role of physiotherapists in promoting physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and overall health enhancement has become indispensable. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the diverse career options available to graduates in physiotherapy, exploring avenues ranging from clinical practice to research and academia.

A few of the career options after Physiotherapy in India are Health service manager, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Exercise physiologist and Chiropractor. With a focus on providing insightful information, this article navigates through the various job opportunities awaiting physiotherapy graduates across different sectors, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sports organizations, and private clinics.

List of Career Options after Physiotherapy

Here are a few of the career options after pursuing a Physiotherapy course in India that the graduates can consider. 
Career Options after PhysiotherapyDetails
PhysiotherapistA Physiotherapist treats physical injuries and disabilities through exercises and therapies, aiming to restore mobility and reduce pain effectively. They also educate patients on preventive measures and lifestyle modifications for long-term wellness.
Health Service ManagerOversees administrative aspects of healthcare facilities to ensure efficient delivery of services, optimizing patient care outcomes. These health service managers also collaborate with medical staff to develop strategies for quality improvement and resource management.
ChiropractorOne of the most known career option after Physiotherapy in India is the job profile of a Chiropractor. They specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders, focusing on spinal health and alignment, using manual manipulation techniques. Chiropractors also provide education and counselling on posture, ergonomics, and lifestyle adjustments for holistic well-being.
AcupuncturistUses acupuncture to stimulate energy flow and promote balance within the body, facilitating natural healing processes. They also assess patients' overall health and lifestyle factors to customize treatment plans for optimal results.
Exercise PhysiologistPrescribes personalized exercise programs to improve health and fitness levels, considering individual needs and goals. They also conduct fitness assessments and monitor progress to modify programs as needed for continued success.
Personal TrainerPT or Personal Trainer designs customized exercise plans and guides to help clients achieve fitness goals, fostering motivation and accountability. Additionally, they offer nutritional advice and lifestyle coaching to support overall health and well-being.
EntrepreneurshipPhysiotherapists may also choose to start their own private practice, offering specialized services, developing innovative treatment approaches, or providing consultancy services to other healthcare facilities

Scope of Physiotherapy in India

The significance of physiotherapy courses in India has witnessed significant growth in recent years, resulting in a heightened demand for physical therapy and comprehensive healthcare services. These courses equip students with both theoretical and practical knowledge essential for assessing, diagnosing, and treating various physical discomforts and injuries. Below are the key aspects highlighting the scope of physiotherapy in the healthcare system:

  • Diversity in Education: The field of physiotherapy education in India offers a broad range of academic alternatives, from master's and doctoral programs to diplomas and bachelor's degrees. With a focus on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, and practical clinical training, these educational courses give students a thorough understanding of the human body and its mechanics.
  • Versatility in Healthcare Uses: Physiotherapy has a wide range of uses in the Indian healthcare system. Following graduation from physiotherapy programs, individuals can pursue a variety of career paths, such as jobs in public and private hospitals, sports and fitness facilities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centres.
  • Growing Need and Opportunities for Careers: Expert physiotherapists are in greater demand as a result of India's changing healthcare needs. Physiotherapy treatments today include preventive care, rehabilitation, and the promotion of overall well-being in addition to injury management.
  • Contribution to Public Health: Physiotherapists' growing impact on general health and well-being is highlighted by their incorporation in public health programs. Physiotherapists are essential in meeting the medical needs of many groups, especially in underprivileged and rural areas.

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Salary after Physiotherapy in India

After completing a course in physiotherapy, students can expect to earn an initial salary ranging from INR 15,000 per month to INR 5.5 LPA in their career after Physiotherapy in India. This amount of salary is completely dependent upon the academic performance of the student, the reputation of their college, and the internships they do . It is crucial to thoroughly examine the details of physiotherapy courses before enrolling to ensure a bright future.

On the other hand, the seasoned physiotherapists can command salaries of up to INR 70,000 per month as they gain experience in the field of physiotherapy. Particularly in the field of sports, there exists a lot of earning potential for physiotherapists. National-level sports teams and training centers often seek qualified professionals to cater to the needs of athletes. By completing the prescribed duration of the physiotherapy course, mastering complex concepts, and dedicating themselves to excellence, individuals can secure attractive salary packages and forge successful careers. The table mentioned below consists of are some examples of salaries within the physiotherapist course that serve as reference points.

Course Level

Average Salary

Undergraduate courses

INR 2,00,000 - INR 8,00,000

Diploma Courses

INR 5,50,000

Certificate Course

INR 3,00,000

Post Graduate Courses

Up to INR 16,00,000


INR 5,00,000 – INR 20,00,000

Experience-Wise Physiotherapist Course Salary

The salary after completing a physiotherapist course is lucrative. Understand more physiotherapy course details about salary based on experience mentioned below.


Average Salary

0 – 1 years

INR 2,76,000 LPA

1 – 4 years

INR 2,95,000 LPA

5 – 9 years

INR 3,66,000 LPA

10 – 19 years

INR 4,78,000 LPA

20+ years

INR 6,60,000 LPA

Skills Needed for a Career in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy courses allow candidates to gain comprehensive clinical knowledge and a sound understanding of the underlying principles of therapeutic modalities held on patients. Physiotherapist course professionals should be exceedingly forgiving of their patients and have a thorough understanding of illnesses. One must have the below-given skillset to become a renowned physiotherapist:

  • Ability to converse professionally in a convincing tone

  • Clarity of speech

  • Possess a scientific rationale behind procedures

  • Ability to operate equipment responsibly

  • Exude Empathy

  • Should be influential and persuasive

  • Must have Confidence

  • Exceptional presentation skills

Top Colleges Offering Physiotherapy Courses in India

Below are the top colleges students must consider for admission into Physiotherapy Courses. Career options after Physiotherapy in India from these top colleges can be highly beneficial. 

Physiotherapist Course Colleges in Gurgaon

Physiotherapy Courses in Lucknow

College Names

Course Offered 

Physiotherapy course fees

MS Hospital & Research Centre, Lucknow


INR 72,000

Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad, Lucknow


INR 11,250

Integral University, Lucknow


INR 90,000

Physiotherapist Courses in Tamil Nadu

College Names

Course Offered 

Physiotherapy course fees

Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore


INR 12,500

Certificate in Medical Physiotherapy

INR 10,000

Nandha College of Physiotherapy, Erode


INR 33,000


INR 70,000

SRIHER Chennai


INR 125,000

Annamalai University, Chidambaram


INR 33,480


INR 124,460

CMC Vellore


INR 22.310

SRMIST Chennai


INR 125,000


INR 135,000

Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai


INR 125,000

Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital, Chennai


INR 100,000

RVS College of Physiotherapy, Coimbatore


INR 48,000 


INR 28,000

Physiotherapy Courses in Kerala

College Names

Course Offered

Physiotherapy course fees

Co-operative Institute of Health Sciences, Kannur


INR 60,100


INR 101,000

Lourde Institute of Allied Health Sciences, Kannur


INR 87,850

JDT Islam College of Physiotherapy, Calicut


INR 88,450 


INR 121,000

Medical Trust Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi


INR 88,000


INR 145,000

Kerala University of Health Sciences


INR 33,000

BCF College of Physiotherapy, Kottayam


INR 87,850 


INR 121,000

Institute of Paramedical Sciences Anjarakandy, Kannur


INR 77,850 

EMS College of Paramedical Sciences, Malappuram


INR 77,850

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam


INR 88,150 


INR 106,000

LIMSAR Angamaly, Ernakulam


INR 50,000 

Physiotherapist Courses in Kolkata

College Names

Course Offered

Physiotherapy course fees

Brainware University, Kolkata


INR 300,000

IPGMER Kolkata

Diploma in Medical Physiotherapy

INR 6,000


INR 12,000

IAS Academy, Kolkata

Diploma in Medical Physiotherapy

INR 30,000

Academy Allied Health Sciences, Kolkata

Certificate in Medical Physiotherapy

INR 33,000

Diploma in Medical Physiotherapy

INR 33,000

Techno India University, Kolkata



In conclusion, the field of physiotherapy in India presents abundant and diverse career opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals. With a surge in demand driven by a growing emphasis on holistic well-being, physiotherapists play pivotal roles in rehabilitation, injury prevention, and overall health enhancement. From clinical practice to research and academia, the career after Physiotherapy in India encompasses a broad spectrum of professional fields for graduates to explore. Additionally, lucrative salary prospects, especially for experienced professionals and those specializing in areas like sports, further amplify the attractiveness of this profession.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the importance of physiotherapy in addressing diverse healthcare needs becomes increasingly evident, underscoring its significance in the Indian healthcare system. By leveraging their skills, knowledge, and dedication, physiotherapists can make meaningful contributions to individual well-being and public health, shaping a promising future for the profession in India. 

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What are the top-paying companies that hire physiotherapy course professionals?

There are a number of companies in India offering high pay to the physiotherapist, some of which are: 

  • Urban Clap 

  • Sports authority 

  • Healthcare at Home  India Pvt Ltd

  • Peak Performance

  • Portea Medical 

  • KIMS Hospital

Which type of physiotherapy course is best?

Compared to other specializations, orthopaedic physiotherapy course duration and field is the most opted career option. An orthopaedic deals with a broad range of physical issues and injuries. Almost every sports physiotherapist opts for orthopaedic therapy to treat an athlete or any sportsperson.


What are the prominent career options after Physiotherapy in India?

Career Options after Physiotherapy in India encompass roles such as physiotherapist, health service manager, chiropractor, acupuncturist, and exercise physiologist, offering diverse avenues in healthcare and wellness sectors.


How does physiotherapy contribute to holistic well-being in India?

Physiotherapy promotes holistic well-being in India by focusing on physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and overall health enhancement. Physiotherapists play pivotal roles in addressing diverse healthcare needs, fostering individual well-being and public health.


What role do physiotherapists play in sports-related careers in India?

Physiotherapists in India contribute significantly to sports-related careers by providing specialized care to athletes. They aid in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement, making them indispensable members of sports teams and training centers.

How does entrepreneurship factor into career options after Physiotherapy in India?

Entrepreneurship presents a viable career option after Physiotherapy in India, allowing graduates to establish private practices, offer specialized services, innovate treatment approaches, or provide consultancy services to healthcare facilities.

What is the salary range for physiotherapists in India based on experience?

The salary for physiotherapists in India varies based on experience, ranging from INR 2,76,000 to INR 6,60,000 per annum. Seasoned professionals can command higher salaries, especially in fields like sports, where there's substantial earning potential.

What skills are essential for a successful career in physiotherapy in India?

Essential skills for a career in physiotherapy in India include effective communication, scientific reasoning, empathy, proficiency in operating equipment, confidence, and presentation skills, facilitating comprehensive patient care and treatment.

Which are some top colleges offering physiotherapy courses in India?

Top colleges offering physiotherapy courses in India include GD Goenka University, Starex University, Integral University, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, and Kerala University of Health Sciences, providing quality education and career opportunities for aspiring physiotherapists.

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