Education: Then vs. Now

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Education: Then vs. Now
Highlights: Moments like hiding in the library to get the book first will not be experienced anymore.

‘The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows- Sydney J. Harris,’ but nowadays there are just screens. Things are changing day by day and minute by minute, everything has developed or evolved over the years. We ‘humans’ have completely changed the face of this earth and everything that exist on it. We have touched the farthest star and the nearest molecule unseen to the eyes. All this has been possible only because of the evolution in our education. Just like everything education have also changed, we have come a long way from those blackboards and chalks. There are smart boards now, students learn via the high-speed internet and not via high speed of imagination. Sky's the limit but our sky is very small now. This is not just another article complaining about the changes but this is definitely an article about the things we have lost while trying to be updated on social media at all times. We all know that change is law and moving forward is very important but losing something pure along the way is heartbreaking. So, let’s check out the few things that have changed in our journey towards proliferation.


The least important thing today is, well, attendance because everyone is busy with the coachings, extra classes and extracurricular activities. Everyone is so busy with all the extra stuff that they don’t really bother about the basic stuff.


Well, children do assignments today but they don’t really know the struggle of finding the correct book and the passion an assignment requires. Nowadays all you need to do is just google the questions and you are done.


Books- the only medium of entertainment as there were no smart boards or internet rooms. It also used to be a way to communicate in class. Yes, I took you to the pigeon times.

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Nowadays educational institutes are like black holes in which you just keep throwing money, there is no limit.


Let’s admit that we all do it, there are desperate times that call for desperate measure. Earlier, there used to be simple under the clothes writing or writing on erasers cheating. Now, cheating techniques have evolved like crazy and there are things like a geometry box in disguise. It is actually a cell phone and students obviously use it to fool teachers and cheat.

So, these were some moments that current age students are missing out on and old age students miss. Regardless of the changes, student life is the best and education obviously necessary.
Stay Awesome.

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