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Impact on Jobs in India Post Covid-19

Sakunth Kumar
Sakunth KumarUpdated On: October 28, 2021 09:44 am IST

A global pandemic, COVID-19 has impacted industrial sectors, businesses, and jobs in India. This has not only led to a shift in the way we function but is also an indicator for us to rethink the future of jobs, emerging careers, and employment opportunities henceforth. 

Impact on Jobs in India Post Covid-19

Job Scenario Post Covid-19 – Coronavirus outbreak has and is continuing to not only affect the education sector but the job scenario in sectors and industries across the globe. With the lockdown coming into play to avoid the spread of the novel Coronavirus all of a sudden, most industries and businesses have been forced to stall all their operations, except for essential services and commodities. Only selected sectors have witnessed a stable situation despite the nationwide lockdown, but most sectors are struggling to revive and will probably continue to struggle for a long time even after the lockdown is revoked. A general belief that is doing the rounds is that sectors that depend on peoples’ behaviour will take a lot of time to revive post lockdown.

Collegedekho caught up with Dr. Prof.Biswajoy Chatterjee, Vice-ChancellorUniversity of Engineering and Management (UEM) Kolkata, who shared his expertise on how the market might unlock after the pandemic is over.

Sectors & Businesses Not Affected by COVID-19 Lockdown

The prime beneficiary of the Covid-19 situation is the digital sector, so to say. The companies and businesses that are a part of the digital world have only risen in terms of usage and popularity among the masses. Some of the examples are mentioned below:

Type of Industry/ Sector

Current Situation

OTT Platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Zee5, Voot, ALT Balaji, Hotstar, etc)

  • With people staying at home and looking for entertainment mediums, OTT platforms have benefited the most.
  • Ample variety of content in the form of movies, web series, television shows, etc. have kept the masses hooked.
  • Significant rise in the number of customer subscriptions.

IT Sector

  • IT companies that deal with customer needs and work for clients did not see any effect due to lockdown.
  • Most IT companies enabled work from home options for employees with all business operations being carried out digitally.
  • Demand for digital payment methods has increased, leading to higher usage of Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.
  • Information Technology is an imperative part of every sector and is expected to be in demand in the future.


  • The telecommunication industry has not faced any negative impact due to the lockdown.
  • The usage of mobile phones has increased drastically with the enabling of work from home methods.
  • Communication is also regarded as a basic need in the human lifestyle.
  • Companies that provide internet services have also witnessed a surge in demand.

Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Dependency on the Logistics & Supply Chain sector has increased multifold in this emergency situation.
  • Demand for essential supplies has increased with its movement being the need of the hour.
  • Transport of essential supplies, services, and materials has helped this sector survive the lockdown.

Sectors Expected to Bounce Back Immediately Post COVID-19 Lockdown

There are several industries and sectors that have currently stalled all operations due to the lockdown, but nonetheless, are expected to bounce back and revive immediately once the situation is controlled and starts moving back to normalcy. Details of the same are listed below:

Type of Industry/ Sector

Expected Situation Post Lockdown

Medical & AYUSH

  • Since only essential medical services are operational at present, services like Physiotherapy, Allopathy, and Homeopathy have witnessed a downfall, which is expected to be back soon.
  • Private practitioners and hospitals will be able to restart these services.
  • People will be cautious of their health and the government is likely to invest more in providing better health care facilities to the masses.


  • E-Commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc have been confined to only delivering essential goods/ groceries.
  • With Covid-19 having long term effects on human behavior, purchases and shopping are likely to be done through these mediums rather than physically going out and buying, as a result of which, this sector is expected to stabilize once again.
  • E-commerce companies may also look at investing more in resources through its recruitment to meet the expected needs and expected surge.


  • As most industries/ companies have stalled their production activities, the scope for the transportation industry to function has also been subsequently minimized.
  • Once the lockdown is lifted and the situation becomes normal, the industries will begin their production activities and transportation of goods and services will also resume.

Storage & Warehousing

  • Since the large scale production of goods has been stalled, the storage and warehousing sector witnessed losses. Once the situation normalizes, this sector will be able to cover up for the losses in a very short span of time post the lockdown.

Sectors That Will Take Time to Revive Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Some of the hard-hit sectors are expected to take a longer time to revive and get back on track and simultaneously make profits. Details of the same are listed below:

Type of Industry/ Sector

Expected Situation Post Lockdown

Positive Hope

Construction & Real-Estate

  • Property buyers may or may not repay the loans due to the fall in the economy and its inability to generate revenue.
  • The real-estate industry is expected to see a downfall as well.
  • Expected rush amongst builders to complete pending projects.
  • Builders will acquire money from investors to complete the pending projects.
  • There may be chances for new jobs in the construction sector.

Travel and Tourism

  • Even after the lockdown, people are expected to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • The flow of people for various tourist spots, historical monuments/ crowded area may witness a fall.
  • There may be chances of job losses and shut down due to this
  • Thousands of people are stranded across the globe and they may plan to visit their family or home post lockdown.
  • There may be few people who are stranded midway and want to go back once the restrictions are lifted.
  • These reasons may lead to a spike in the sale of air tickets and prices are expected to rise.
  • The hospitality industry will see new hope due to the increasing demand for travel.


  • The untimely rain may lead to 15-20% losses in wheat production.
  • Farmers expect a bumper Rabi crop as a result of which the production activities will rise.
  • Migrant labourers are likely to play a key role even at lesser wages due to the rise in demand for employment.
  • Availability of cheap labour in the agricultural industry will be a boon.

Restaurants & Hotels

  • Due to the coronavirus scare, people may restrict themselves from visiting any restaurants or hotels that will lead to a major impact on the businesses in this sector.
  • Once the situation normalizes and the lockdown restrictions are lifted, it is certain that people will go out and socialize as earlier or grab their favourite dish at their favourite restaurant - and the sales are expected to rise.

Retail and Multiplexes

  • With the COVID-19 scare, the dependency on the retail sector for shopping essentials as well as non-essentials will increase.
  • The release of movies will be stalled or postponed, multiplexes will witness very little footfall and the businesses of this industry will be hard-hit.
  • Not everybody relies on e-commerce platforms for buying essentials. Therefore, the demand for retail stores will see a surge.
  • Movies are the major source of entertainment for people, and once movies start releasing, people will visit theatres. However, this may take time, but a rise in business is expected.


  • A large proportion of the automobile industry is dependent on foreign imports and with the impact of COVID-19, this will be largely affected.
  • The fall in the economy will lead to people's unwillingness to purchase cars thereby affecting the businesses.
  • Until now, the demand for electric cars was majorly fulfilled by China, but post the lockdown, people will mostly rely on local products as also emphasized by PM Modi as well.
  • The demand for Electrical Engineers may increase foreseeing a rise in employment opportunities.
  • People may also look at buying personal vehicles to avoid public transport due to Coronavirus.


  • Banks may struggle to generate revenues and disburse loans due to the pending debts and may continue to face the heat for a long time.
  • Banks with high provision coverage will focus on disbursing loans to big players who are keen to invest in new sectors and make profits.

With everything moving to the digital medium today, the dependency on new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, etc. will see a boom to reduce human effort while subsequently enhancing quality in businesses.

A pandemic as big as COVID-19 has provoked us to look at upgrading existing technologies at a rapid pace. In order to survive in the economy and to get back to earning profits in the businesses, we will have to focus on enhancing our methodologies and strategies with a touch of innovation. This means that there is going to be an increased demand for professionals in these fields - be it, Computer Science Engineers,Electrical Engineers, Data Scientists, Healthcare Professionals, etc.

With the nature of jobs expected to experience a shift, as students, you can look at making a career in fields that are emerging as mentioned above. It is important to prepare yourselves and secure your future with changing times and the needs that are expected to rise - something that a global pandemic has taught us!


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