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Management Consultant: Career, Education Qualification and Jobs

July 18, 2016 05:45 PM 4 minute read , Management - BBA / MBA / Diploma

Management Consultant: Career, Education Qualification and Jobs

Do you aspire to become a Management Consultant? Learn more about the job and what educational qualifications, skill set required as well as job prospects of becoming a Management Consultant.

Becoming a consultant is the right job for people who are keen to understand the what, how and whys of business. Their job is to closely understand the strategies, structural, management and operations aspects of a business organization.

Management consultant jobs require you to assist people to enhance their business and flourish as an organization by solving problems that occur in the business process as well as implementing better ways of conducting trade. Consulting as a career is a good option as aspirants have their options open to work in both private and public sectors as both types of institutions rely on experts to optimize their business by reducing costs and increasing benefits.

India has seen a rise in the servicing sector and hence the country has several organizations offering consultancy services in various areas of business such as HR, marketing, finance, IT and others. Consulting is an attractive career option and allows you to broaden your horizons of experience in various fields of business. Personal development is one of the best advantages of consulting as a career because you get the opportunity to work with multinational clients and attend to their issues.

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Education qualifications required for a Management Consultant:

There is no specific degree or course that you need to follow in order to become a Management Consultant. Consultancy firms might also recruit graduates. However, it boosts your chances to get into a good organization if you have an MBA or an MSc degree (MBA degree is highly preferred). The best thing about a career in consulting is that you can carve your own way to reach your desired goals. Reason being, there is no prescribed degree to be a part of the consultancy industry.

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You can always start as a trainee to boast your skills and industry engagement on your CV. This helps a lot in bagging a good job among the prominent organizations. As far as education is concerned, following are the education qualifications you will be needing to be a qualified Management Consultant:

  • An undergraduate degree in the field of business or related areas
  • Master’s in fields related to business or MBA (not necessary)
  • 2 years of experience in consultancy industry
  • Certification of Management Consults to boost up your job prospects (Institute of Management Consultants USA offers certification for management consultants that is widely accepted)
  • If you have all the above educational and organizational qualifications then you can get jobs worth an annual package of Rs. 50 to 60 lakhs.

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Skills Required:

  • Good communication skills are a must in order to become a Management Consultant as you will have to deal with clients from all over the world.
  • The candidate must also have problem-solving, analytical and critical skills in order to come up with appropriate business solutions.
  • Candidates must also be skilled time managers in order to work within deadlines.
  • Interpersonal skills are essential so that communication is smoothly done.
  • Candidates must be able to work in a stress-full environment as consultancy is not a definite job and take up a lot of time.

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Colleges you should consider to boost your career as a Management Consultant:

Please comment and let us know if you have any queries regarding the Management Consultant profile and educational help you need related to the above.

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Management Consultant: Career, Education Qualification and Jobs | CollegeDekho