Mock Test – The Right Strategy to Crack CAT 2016

Published: | September 14, 2016
Mock Test – The Right Strategy to Crack CAT 2016
Preparation for a competitive exam is incomplete if you have not engaged in mock test cycles as they help you strategise the way you are going to approach the questions on the big day.

Preparation for a competitive exam is incomplete if you have not engaged in mock test cycles. They are the only means to evaluate your performance before you have appeared for the main exam. Mock tests must be your focus while preparing for CAT 2016 as they help you strategize the way you are going to approach the questions on the big day.

You all are familiar with the fact that time management skills are essential to crack CAT and mock tests are your ally in acquiring time management skills. So pick a mock test series carefully and start analyzing your preparation to crack CAT this season.

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The correct approach is to start your CAT preparation with a mock test. This one test will help you analyze where you stand and what are the sections that you need to focus on while preparing. While preparing, you must ensure that your weaker sections are strengthened and mock tests will help you in verifying that.

This article reveals how you can benefit from mock tests. So, let’s find out why mock tests are so essential while preparing for CAT 2016!

The right time to start taking Mock Tests:

  • Every student prepares at his own pace but it is essential that you start taking the mock tests almost 5 to 7 weeks prior to the test.
  • Enroll with an institute that offers a proficient mock test series and a proctored environment to test your skills.
  • Starting the mock tests early will help you in getting familiar with the structure of the exam and the kind of difficulty level you are dealing with.
  • With every test, you can judge the time taken by you in various sections and you can devise your strategy accordingly.

Utilizing the mock tests:

  • It should be your aim to give at least three mock tests every week.
  • It doesn’t end by just giving the mock test. You must go through each and every question that went wrong and find out where you are going wrong. Without a thorough analysis, the purpose of giving mock test is lost.
  • Don’t give tests on two successive days. There must be at least a day’s gap between two tests.
  • Try to maintain a buffer of 15 to 20 minutes while you are giving tests. You can utilize this buffer time in attempting questions that you find tricky.

The right strategy:

  • It is wise to try different approach while giving mock tests. If you always attempt English first, try attempting Quants or Data Interpretation first. This will give you a better idea of what works best for you.
  • You must work out your strengths and weaknesses while giving mock tests and shuffle through different sections instead of trying to finish one section at a time. This will increase the visibility of the test and you can ensure that there is not a single question that you haven’t read.
  • If your score keeps fluctuating, then do a deeper analysis to find out what is going wrong and try to achieve a consistent score.

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If you follow the above tips and take the mock test cycle seriously there is a good chance that you will be able to crack CAT 2016 with a good percentile. So brace ourselves and pace up the preparation!


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