Important Topics for CAT 2023 Algebra and Modern Maths

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Updated On: April 23, 2024 01:11 pm IST | CAT

Preparing for CAT 2023? Don't miss this comprehensive guide to the important topics for CAT 2023 Algebra and Modern Maths. Explore key topics, tips, and tricks to boost your CAT preparation, enhance problem-solving skills, and master time management for the exam. 

Important Topics for CAT 2023 Algebra and Modern Maths

The CAT or the Common Admission Test is a pivotal exam paving the way to get admission into MBA programs in India. Algebra and Modern Maths are important parts of this test, and it's crucial to understand the basics before diving into advanced topics. To do well in the CAT Quantitative section, you need a solid grasp of fundamental concepts. Learning the basics and practising different types of CAT Metric Questions is essential to tackle the CAT exam effectively.

Keep in mind that effective preparation means not only understanding theory but also practising various problems in different areas. You should work on problems from each subtopic to build your understanding and improve your problem-solving skills. In this article, we will focus on important topics for CAT 2023 in Algebra and Modern Maths.

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Important Topics for CAT 2023 Algebra 

Quantitative Aptitude is a highly rewarding section, and it is advisable for aspirants to thoroughly understand and grasp the fundamental concepts before practicing. Building a strong foundation in the basics is essential. Algebra is a crucial section in the CAT exam, and a strong understanding of these topics is essential. Here are some important topics for CAT 2023 Algebra:



Basic Algebraic Operations

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of algebraic expressions.

  • Factorization

Quadratic Equations

  • Solving quadratic equations.

  • Roots and nature of roots


  • Solving inequalities.

  • Quadratic inequalities.


  • Remainder and factor theorems.

  • Polynomial equations.

Arithmetic Progression (AP) and Geometric Progression (GP)

  • Understanding and solving problems related to AP and GP.


  • Basics of functions.

  • Composite functions and inverse functions.


  • Properties of logarithms.

  • Solving logarithmic equations.

Simultaneous Equations

  • Solving systems of linear equations.

  • Word problems related to simultaneous equations.

Important Topics for CAT 2023 Modern Maths

Additionally, this is another topic that may not carry as much significance, but it is advisable to have a basic understanding. Here are some important topics with Modern Maths that you should focus on while preparing for CAT 2023:



Set Theory

  • Concepts of sets.

  • Venn diagrams.

  • Operations on sets.


  • Basic probability concepts.

  • Conditional probability.

Permutations and Combinations

  • Counting principles.

  • Applications in problem-solving.

Number Theory

  • Divisibility rules

  • HCF (Highest Common Factor) and LCM (Lowest Common Multiple)

Functions and Relations

  • Types of functions

  • Domain and range


  • Measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode)

  • Dispersion (range, variance, standard deviation)


  • Basic geometry concepts

  • Properties of triangles, circles, and polygons


  • Trigonometric ratios and identities

  • Solving trigonometric equations

Coordinate Geometry

  • Distance formula

  • Equation of lines and circles

Importance of CAT Algebra and Modern Maths Topics

Algebra and modern math are essential components of the CAT exam, which is required for admission to a variety of postgraduate management programmes, including the esteemed Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other top business schools in India. This is why these sections are important:

  • Your quantitative and problem-solving abilities are evaluated in the algebra and modern math sections. These skills are necessary for the field of management and are important for making decisions, analyzing data, and developing strategies.

  • Several core business and management courses require an extensive understanding of algebra and modern maths. These sections' concepts are frequently applied in subjects like operations management, finance, and statistics.

  • Your capacity to solve complex mathematical problems within a time limit is evaluated in this section. 

  • An advantage in a business environment may be demonstrated by an excellent score in these components, which demonstrates your capacity for mathematical thinking and problem-solving.

  • Strong mathematical abilities may pave the way for a variety of employment prospects in industries like consulting, analytics, finance, and other ones where data-driven decision-making is essential.

General Preparation Tips for Important CAT Algebra and Modern Maths Topics

Here are some general tips for CAT 203 Algebra and Modern Maths important topics:

  • Understand the algebra and modern maths topics from the CAT syllabus. You may use this to determine the precise topics you should cover.

  • To acquire the basic ideas of algebra and modern maths, choose the appropriate study materials, such as textbooks, online resources, and video lectures. "How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude" by Arun Sharma and "Quantitative Aptitude for CAT" by Nishit Sinha are a couple of the books that are suggested for CAT preparation.

  • Make sure you have a solid grasp of basic mathematical concepts. Master number theory, geometry, probability, and algebraic equations.

  • To prepare for the CAT, regular practice is essential. Build your capacity for solving problems by solving a variety of algebra and contemporary mathematical problems.

  • Work on your time management skills since the CAT exam has a time limit. To increase your pace when practising, set a time restriction for each question.

  • To replicate the exam setting, regularly appear for CAT mock tests. You may assess how you are progressing and determine your strengths and weaknesses with this.

  • Analyse your mistakes after each mock test. Choose the topics or ideas that require improvement and concentrate on them.

  • For solving complicated problems rapidly, learn shortcut strategies. You may save time during the exam using these methods.

  • Solve section-wise tests so that you can overcome your weaknesses.

  • Try to attempt all Non-MCQ questions in the exam as no marks will be deducted for a wrong attempt.

  • Prepare a proper timetable for all sections of quants.

To enhance your understanding and problem-solving ability, you need to practice lots of problems from each topic. In addition, as CAT is known for its rigorous deadlines, emphasis should also be placed on time management during the exam. You may find yourself more comfortable with the format of your exam and will be able to perform better in general, by practicing regularly and participating in test simulations.

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We hope the above article will help you with your CAT 2023 preparation. For any further queries, feel free to drop your questions at our QnA section or call us at 1800-572-9877.

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