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Top Parameters to Evaluate Candidates during GD/ PI for MBA Admission

Saswata GhosalUpdated On: June 21, 2022 06:53 pm IST | MAH MBA CET

With MBA admissions around the corner, get to know about the parameters on which students are judged to crack your dream interview. 

Top Parameters to Evaluate Candidates during GD/ PI for MBA Admission

More and more weightage is given nowadays to the performance in the GD/PI rounds in getting a seat at the dream college. This is done to assess the soft skills of the students, their communication skills, ability to work in a group, and the capacity to hold a clear line of thought. 

Now, most students are comfortable with the academic part of the selection process i.e the exams that they need to clear to sit for the GD/PI rounds. The problem lies with the lack of experience that the students have in terms of facing these rounds. Students are not just judged for what they say in the interview but also by the way they say it. They are judged by their body language, ability to work in a team, communication skills, and general behaviour of the candidate. The parameters by which students are judged are listed below in the article. 

Communication Ability 

Communication ability is one of the most important parts of the GD/PI rounds. The interviewers evaluate this by the way the students convey their thought process. The success of communication skills is determined by the ability to present and disperse ideas. All of this has to be done while humble and soft-spoken at all times. 

Writing Skills

Most colleges and universities have a Written Ability Test (WAT), where aspirants are asked to write their views and opinions regarding a particular topic. This test has been a boon for some and a bane for some. It is the reason that many students express themselves well verbally but not in writing. Thus, to be qualified in the WAT. the sentences should be short, crisp, and clear. The presentation of ideas should be of primary importance, and candidates must not use flowery language. 

Knowledge of the Subject  

Most interviews have questions about the subject that the student opted for during graduation and also the subject that they wish to pursue during the MBA. Having adequate subject knowledge speaks of the academic prudence of the student, and increases his chance of a selection. 

Adaptability to listen to Others' opinions 

Management and leadership are as much about listening to others' opinions as much as it is about presenting your opinion.  So it is important to listen to others' opinions as it shows the ability to work with a team and be respectful of their opinions.

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Right Attitude

It is important to maintain the right attitude during the GD/PI round and to have a calm and positive attitude during the interview. Maintaining composure goes a long way in securing points during the GD/PI round. 


Managers need to be confident in themselves, they need to be confident in the choices and the decisions that they make. Only if they have confidence in the decision that they are making, the subordinates and the followers are going to have the same. So, it is extremely crucial to have confidence in yourselves. This should be demonstrated by your body language while answering the questions.

Leadership Skills 

Future managers are supposed to be good leaders too so it is important to demonstrate leadership quality during the group discussion. It is important to lead the group discussion but it is also important to know the slight difference between leading the conversation and dominating it. A good leader should also be inclusive trying to include every team member's opinion. 

Interactive Skills 

The quality to interact with people is extremely important in the working of the organisation. It is crucial to interact with the rest of the fellow applicants and even with the panel members. Interactive behaviour can be shown by asking questions to the panel members and taking an interest in the opinions and views presented by the rest of the members. It goes a long way in creating a positive image in the mind of the panelists.

Way to Present Opinions 

It is just not enough to be able to present your opinions but it is even more important to do it efficiently. Presenting your opinion should be done respectfully. It is also important to ensure that you do not say anything offensive or hurtful while presenting your opinion. There should be clarity of thought and expression while presenting your opinions. 

Problem Solving Ability 

One of the qualities that the panelists look for while selecting students after the GD/PI round is how they approach problems. Prevalence is given more to the approach than the solution. Understandably, a person might not always have the solution to every problem that he faces so instead what is looked at is his approach. It means with what mindset he approaches the problem. So, the approach should be a pragmatic one trying to provide solutions instead of listing down problems.  

Critical and Analytical Thinking Ability

It is important to instill critical and analytical thinking to do well in the GD-PI round mostly interviewers would give hypothetical situations for you to analyse. Here comes the importance of critical thinking needed to critically analyse the issue and draw meaningful inferences from the situation. 

Decision-Making Ability

 Leaders and managers need to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively thus it might be beneficial for you to showcase your decision-making ability. During the interview, you may be presented with hypothetical situations where your decision-making ability can be tested. 


It is important to keep an open mind while going through the entire process, you should have belief and confidence in whatever view you keep. But at the same time, you should keep an open mind and be accommodating to different views and opinions that people might have regarding the same issue. 


Teamwork skills consist of interrelated abilities that let you work effectively in an organised group. Sometimes, the best strategy for a leader is listening to suggestions from others or delegating responsibility to a specialist. Since part of an MBA education is teaming up with peers to exchange ideas and complete projects, this collaborative experience is highly useful when you need to coordinate individuals on a team, who may have vastly different areas of knowledge, by setting clear priorities and keeping everyone on track.

Cross-Cultural Competency

An awareness of how people’s varied cultural backgrounds can impact their points of view and expectations leads to productive cooperation. Respecting the cultural differences and working with these differences is the key to opening up opportunities in a global economy. If a candidate possesses knowledge of foreign languages and an orientation toward working across national boundaries, it can be a major advantage in business.


While looking for candidates who can take up leadership positions in the future, top executives tend to shortlist candidates who command respect and possess honesty, responsibility, and reliability in their work. This demonstrates that they are ready to progress into your next role. 


The interview panel looks for candidates who can adapt to new circumstances and make the necessary adjustments while still delivering top-quality results. This implies that they are poised to meet the challenges that come with a fast-paced position.


Self-awareness leads to the recognition of one’s strengths and challenges. Personal growth can only be attained through honest self-assessment. A realistic perspective on your own accomplishments will serve you well as you continue to progress.


Resilience is important because it gives people the strength needed to process and overcome hardship. It allows you to thrive even in tumultuous conditions, to turn potential disasters into growth opportunities. Both in education and business, individuals will encounter challenges. Not every project they work on will be a great success and not every proposal they offer to top decision-makers will be embraced. Candidates must possess the ability to move forward in their career, concentrate on bouncing back from these setbacks and turning them into valuable learning experiences.

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Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is vital for managers because it helps maintain a positive, comfortable environment for all employees. Managing conflict quickly and effectively demonstrates to employees that the managers care about their well-being and the positive culture of the workplace. Candidates aspiring to study MBA must possess a good conflict resolution capacity. They must be able to resolve legal disputes to financial negotiations. 

Initiative and drive

Initiate and drive are two significant factors that run a business, a firm, a corporate, or an organisational setup. A candidate aspiring for MBA needs to take initiative with the right motives in mind. A clear-cut strategy to approach with consistency is all that is required by an employer who is willing to hire an MBA graduate to enhance their firm.

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