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IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria 2024-26: AWT/PI Shortlist, CAT Cutoff

Akansha Sirohi
Akansha SirohiUpdated On: September 22, 2023 08:32 am IST | CAT

IIM Ahmedabad is one of the top B-schools in India and follows its own distinct selection criteria. The selection process for IIM Ahmedabad will commence soon after the CAT 2023 results are announced. Let us find out all about IIM Ahmedabad selection criteria 2024-26.

IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria

IIM Ahmedabad selection criteria 2024-26 for MBA admissions have been announced, and students targeting this top institute must of aware of every requirement. It will be based on three stages: CAT 2023 score, AWT-PI round, and final selection basis the final composite score. Candidates can check their PGP and PGP-FABM admission status for IIM-A by visiting the official website. 

The overall qualifying CAT 2023 cutoff for IIM A is 80 percentile for General, 80 percentile for NC-OBC, 60 for SC, and 45 for PwD & ST categories. After taking the CAT 2023 exam, you should know your expected percentile and the process to make it to one of the top MBA colleges in the country - IIM Ahmedabad. You can check the CAT 2023 Exam Analysis here and get an understanding of your expected CAT 2023 score using our CAT 2023 Percentile Predictor.

IIM Ahmedabad is one of the best and oldest Indian Institutes of Management in the country. Students seeking admission into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) course can apply for IIM Ahmedabad through CAT. Like all other Indian Institutes of Management, IIM-A will follow the selection criteria to shortlist students for AWT (Analytical Writing Test)/PI (Personal Interview) rounds.

The most frequently asked question by B-school aspirants is, ‘What after CAT 2023 result?’ Since different colleges accept scores of different entrance exams, the selection criteria for the 2024-26 session are also different for every college. The same goes for IIM Ahmedabad. Being the top business school in the country, IIM Ahmedabad receives thousands of applications every year. In order to help you understand the IIM Ahmedabad selection criteria 2024 better, we have gathered all the necessary information below. Candidates can also check out the following links before moving on with the IIM Ahmedabad admission process 2024:

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IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria 2024: Important Dates

Given below are the IIM Ahmedabad selection criteria 2024 dates:



CAT 2023 Registration Window

August 2 to September 21, 2023 (Concluded)

CAT 2023 Admit Card Release Date

October 25, 2023

CAT 2023 Exam Date

November 26, 2023

CAT 2023 Result Date


Availability of IIM Ahmedabad Admission Form

To Be Announced

List of Shortlisted Candidates

To Be Announced
Online Interview Application DeadlineTo Be Announced

Final Admission List

To Be Announced

IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria 2024: Eligibility Criteria

Candidates preparing to take admission to IIM Ahmedabad PGP must fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the institute:

  • Students must hold a bachelor's degree with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 50%. The academic requirements for students in the reserved category will be relaxed by 5%.
  • In addition to 10+2 or its equivalent, the bachelor's degree requires a minimum of three years of education.
  • The conversion of marks or CGPA will be done in accordance with the requirements of the university or institution the student graduated from. The IIM Ahmedabad will determine the equivalent by dividing the achieved CGPA by the highest CGPA and multiplying the result by 100 if the institute/university does not offer any conversion plan.
  • Candidates who will be taking the qualifying exam's final year exam are also eligible to apply as long as they submit the necessary paperwork within the deadline. When the student presents the mark sheets and certificate of passing the Bachelor's degree with the required minimum percentage, the admission of such a candidate will be confirmed on a provisional basis.

Latest Changes in IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria 2024

Some colleges were unable to hold exams for a few years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore only granted pass/promotion certificates to students based on a variety of standards. Due to this, the CAT Committee of 2023 decided to waive any minimum requirements for bachelor's degree performance and to permit all such applicants to participate in the CAT 2023.

Due to this, the IIM Ahmedabad Admissions Committee has decided to create an extended list of shortlisted candidates, which includes both candidates who were chosen based on their bachelor's degree marks as well as those who would have been chosen on a pro-rata basis if the bachelor's degree marks had not been taken into account.

When compiling the list without taking into account the bachelor's degree component, the Academic Rating (AR) Score will be calculated on a scale of 25 (taking into account the candidate's job experience, class 10th marks, and class 12th marks), with the points being prorated to a total of 35.

The following formula will now be used for computing the Composite Score (CS):

CS = 0.35* (Pro-rated AR Score/35) + 0.65* (Normalized overall CAT Score)
Pro-rated AR Score= [(AR score computed by taking 0 points for Bachelor’s degree)/25] * 35

IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria 2024-26

IIM Ahmedabad admission criteria are based on specific factors. So, the three-step IIM Ahmedabad selection criteria/process 2024 is as follows:

1. Preliminary Screening for IIM Ahmedabad 

The preliminary screening is done on the basis of the Application Rating (AR) and CAT score secured by the candidate. The candidate has to clear the defined overall cutoff as well as sectional cutoffs in order to qualify for the first stage. The minimum cutoff requirements for IIM Ahmedabad are as follows:

Minimum Cut-offs of CAT-2023 Percentile Ranks


VARC Percentile Ranks

DILR Percentile Ranks

QA Percentile Ranks

Overall Percentile Ranks

General, EWS




















PwD (General/ EWS, NC-OBC/transgender, SC)





PwD (ST)





AR is evaluated on the basis of your academic performance and marks scored in class 10 board exams, class 12 board exams as well as graduation. AR is computed on the basis of the following tables:

Class 10 Board Score

Percentage in Class 10 Board ExamsRating Score A
<= 551
> 55 and <= 602
> 60 and <= 703
> 70 and <= 805
> 80 and <= 908
> 9010

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Class 12 Board Score (Commerce)

Percentage in Class 12 Board ExamsRating Score B
<= 501
> 50 and <= 552
> 55 and <= 653
> 65 and <= 755
> 75 and <= 908
> 9010

Class 12 Board Score (Science)

Percentage in Class 12 Board ExamsRating Score B
<= 551
> 55 and <= 602
> 60 and <= 703
> 70 and <= 805
> 80 and <= 908
> 9010

Class 12 Board Score (Arts)

Percentage in Class 12 Board ExamsRating Score B
<= 451
> 45 and <= 502
> 50 and <= 603
> 60 and <= 705
> 70 and <= 858
> 8510

Bachelor’s Degree (AC-1)

Percentage in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-1)Rating Score C
<= 551
> 55 and <= 602
> 60 and <= 623
> 62 and <= 655
> 65 and <= 708
> 7010

Bachelor’s Degree (AC-2)

Percentage in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-2)Rating Score C
<= 501
> 50 and <= 532
> 53 and <= 553
> 55 and <= 575
> 57 and <= 638
> 6310

Bachelor’s Degree (AC-3)

Percentage in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-3)Rating Score C
<= 551
> 55 and <= 602
> 60 and <= 653
> 65 and <= 705
> 70 and <= 808
> 8010

Bachelor’s Degree (AC-4 & AC-6)

Percentage in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-4 & AC-6)Rating Score C
<= 601
> 60 and <= 652
> 65 and <= 703
> 70 and <= 775
> 75 and <= 858
> 8510

Bachelor’s Degree (AC-5)

Percentage in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-5)Rating Score C
<= 501
> 50 and <= 552
> 55 and <= 603
> 60 and <= 655
> 65 and <= 758

> 75


Rating Scores for Work Experience (Rating Score D)

Work Experience in Month (as filled in the Application Form)Rating Score D
< 12 months0
 >= 12 and <= 36 monthsMF * (number of months of work experience – 11)
> 36 months5
Work-experience Multiplication Factor (MF) = 0.20

Following is the list of disciplines according to the CAT Application:

  • AC-1: Medicine, Surgery, and other Professional courses (70% + required in CAT)
  • AC-2: Charted Accountants (CA), Company Secretaryship (CS), and Cost and Works Accountancy (ICWA) - (63 Percentile and above required in CAT)
  • AC-3: All commerce, finance, economics, hospitality, and management degrees (80% + required in CAT)
  • AC-4: All Computer Application, Technology, Engineering, IT, and Architecture related degrees (85% + required in CAT) and All agriculture-related fields apart from agriculture engineering, medicine, and surgery (80% + required in CAT)
  • AC-5: All Humanities/Arts, Design, Education, Fashion, Law, and Rural studies-related degrees (75% + required in CAT)
  • AC-6: Any other discipline not mentioned in AC-1 to AC-5.

The AR score for class 10, class 12, and graduation are added together. However, a normalized AR score is the total AR score divided by the top 50 AR scores among all the applicants.

Application Rating Score: AR= (A+B+C+D)

2. Shortlisting for AWT and PI at IIM Ahmedabad Admissions 2024-26

The shortlisting, part of the IIM Ahmedabad selection criteria, will be carried out in two stages. These are:

Stage 1: Candidates who have performed very well are shortlisted in this process. This is done by either selecting the top 100 performers or by selecting 1% out of all the applicants of IIM Ahmedabad from all categories. These candidates appear for AWT and PI on the basis of their composite scores (CS) which are calculated as follows:

CS (Composite Score) = ARF_CS * Normalised AR score + CATF_CS * Normalised overall score in CAT-2023

The Criteria are as follows:

Criteria C1-C3

C1: PT >= 80, PQA >= 70, PDILR >= 70, PVRC >= 70

C2:  P ≥ Minimum cut-offs (specific to the category and the stream as shown in the table provided below), where P is the average of the percentages of marks scored in 10th and 12th std. examinations.

Stream in 12thGeneral-cum-EWS CategoryNC-OBC-cum-transgender CategorySC CategoryST CategoryPWD (General, NC-OBC-cum-transgender, SC)PWD (ST)
Arts & Humanities757064596459

C3: Percentage of Marks obtained in Bachelor’s Exam >= Minimum cut-off percentage set by the institute on the basis of the candidates in the ACRC pool among those who have applied for IIM Ahmedabad. This is evaluated on the basis of AC (check the above tables for reference).

Criteria C4-C6

C4: PT >= 80, PQA >= 70, PDILR >= 70, PVRC >= 70

C5: Percentage (10th and 12th standard exams) >= 80 (Science), 77 (Commerce), 75 (Arts/Humanities)

C6: Percentage of Marks obtained in Bachelor’s Exam >= Minimum cut-off percentage set by the institute based on the candidates belonging to AC-1 to AC-6.

Stage 2: this is the category-wise selection of candidates. Once the students from all categories (General, NC-OBC, SC, ST, DA) have been evaluated basis stage 1, additional candidates are shortlisted for AWT & PI following a procedure similar to the process of stage 1. Only criteria C1 and C2 are followed at this stage.

3. IIM Ahmedabad Final Selection 2024-26

Finally, as per the IIM Ahmedabad selection criteria 2024, the ranks of students in each category are separately evaluated on the basis of their final composite scores (FCS). For this, the normalized PI and AWT scores of candidates will be calculated by dividing the actual scores by the top 1% scores in PI and AWT respectively.

FCS = PIF * Normalised PI Score + AWTF * Normalised AWT Score + CATF_FCS * Normalised CAT Score + ARF_FCS * AR
  • AWTF: AWT Multiplication Factor = 0.10
  • CATF_FCS: CAT Score Multiplication Factor for Final Composite Score = 0.25
  • ARF_FCS: Application Rating Multiplication Factor for Final Composite Score = 0.15
  • PIF: Personal Interview Multiplication Factor = 0.50
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Courses Offered by IIM Ahmedabad: Duration, Fees, Entrance Exams

After learning the IIM Ahmedabad admission criteria 2024, students must also know the courses offered by the institute. IIM Ahmedabad offers a total of 6 courses at the postgraduate and doctoral levels in both full-time and part-time modes. IIM Ahmedabad courses are offered in several fields such as Management and Business Administration, IT, Computer Application, etc. Here's a list of courses offered by IIM Ahmedabad, along with their duration, entrance exam required, and fees.
Name of the CourseDurationFeesEntrance Exams Required
MBA2 YearsINR 24.61 LakhsCAT
Executive MBA1 YearINR 30 LakhsGMAT, GRE
PGP Food and Agribusiness Management2 YearsINR 22.29 LakhsCAT, GMAT
ePost Graduate Programme in Management2 YearsINR 20 LakhsCAT, GMAT, GRE
ePGD in Advanced Business Analytics1.3 YearsINR 12 LakhsGATE, CAT, GMAT, GRE
Ph.D. Management6 Years-CAT, GMAT

Students can also pursue online courses that range from 1 week to 5 weeks offered by IIM Ahmedabad. Meanwhile, students can also check the selection criteria of other IIMs in the table below.

Other IIMs Selection Criteria 2024-26

Click on the links given below to check the selection criteria of other IIMs:

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Candidates must also check out the articles mentioned below to know more about IIM selection process and the CAT exam in general!

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If you have doubts regarding the IIM Ahmedabad selection criteria 2024, you may ask questions in our Q&A zone. You can also use our CAT College Predictor to know to which MBA college you have a chance of getting admission.


Is IIM Ahmedabad easy to get into?

No, IIM Ahmedabad is not easy to get into. The qualifying CAT percentile for admission to IIM Ahmedabad is 80 for general candidates, 75 for NC-OBC/EWS candidates, 70 for SC/PwD candidates, and 60 for ST candidates. For the general category and the reserved category, the final CAT cut off percentile often ranges between 99 and 100. Therefore, regardless of the CAT score, a candidate will not be called for the interview if their average falls below 80%.

How much rank is required for IIM Ahmedabad?

The overall percentile ranks for General/EWS category, NC-OBC cum transgender, SC, ST are 80, 75, 70, and 60. General category candidates must have 70 percentile ranks in VARC, DILR, and QA each. NC-OBC cum transgender candidates are required to have at least 65 percentile ranks in VARC, DILR, and QA each. The minimum percentile ranks in each category for SC and ST candidates are 60 percentile and 50 percentile, respectively. 

Is IIM Ahmedabad costly?

Yes, the MBA programme at IIM Ahmedabad is costly. The 2023–24 PGPX Batch programme fee is INR 31.5 lakhs for candidates choosing SSH (Single Accommodation) and INR 33.5 lakhs for candidates choosing MSH (Married Student Housing), including the cost of the International Immersion Programme (IIP). However, the travel and stay-related expenditures are not included in this.

What is the highest salary in IIM Ahmedabad?

According to the final placement report of IIM Ahmedabad from the previous year, the highest salary offered was Rs 75.20 lakhs per annum and the international salary went up to Rs 1.32 crore per annum. The average placement package at IIM Ahmedabad stands at Rs. 38.64 lakhs per annum. 

Does 10th and 12th marks matter in IIM Ahmedabad?

Yes, 10th and 12th marks matter in IIM Ahmedabad. The Academic Rating (AR) now will be computed on a scale of 25 (considering Class 10th marks, Class 12th marks, and the candidate's work experience) and the points will be pro-rated to 35.

What are the stages involved in the IIM Ahmedabad selection process?

There are 3 stages involved in the IIM Ahmedabad selection process. In the Preliminary Screening stage, only the candidates scoring the minimum cut-offs in the sectional percentile ranks, the overall percentile rank and obtaining a positive (greater than zero) raw score in all sections of CAT 2022 will be considered for the next stages. In the second stage, shortlisting for Analytical Writing Test (AWT) & Personal Interview (PI) will be carried out. In the Final Selection stage, candidates will be shortlisted separately for each category (General/SC/ST/NC-OBC/PwD) on the basis of their ‘Final Composite Score’s (FCS). 

What is the eligibility criteria for IIM Ahmedabad admission 2023-25?

The eligibility criteria for IIM Ahmedabad admission 2023-25 include possessing a bachelor's degree with at least 50% marks or an equivalent CGPA from one of the universities established by an act of the central or state legislature in India, or educational institutions created by an act of Parliament, or declared to be deemed as a university under section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956. If the candidate belongs to the Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), or Persons with Disabilities (PwD) category, the minimum qualifying percentage is relaxed to 45%. 

Can candidates appearing for the final year of bachelor’s degree apply for IIM Ahmedabad admission 2023-25?

Yes, candidates appearing for the final year of bachelor’s degree apply for IIM Ahmedabad admission 2023-25 provided they have earned at least 50% of the total marks, or an equivalent grade (or 45% for candidates who fall under the SC, ST, or PWD categories) depending on latest available marks. If such a candidate is chosen, he/she will only be permitted to enroll in the programme provisionally if he/she presents a certificate from the institution's or university's director, registrar, principal, head of the department, or registrar prior to June 30, 2023.

Does IIM Ahmedabad accept CAT scores?

Yes, IIM Ahmedabad accepts CAT scores for providing admission to its MBA programmes. The minimum CAT score required for admission to IIM Ahmedabad is 80 percentile and the final cut-off can be anticipated to be 99-100 percentile. IIM Ahmedabad practices a weightage division of 65:30 and awards higher points to candidates with excellent academic records during the shortlisting round.

What are the scoring parameters set by IIM Ahmedabad for final admission and how much weightage is given to each of them?

The scoring parameters set by IIM Ahmedabad for final admission in 2023 include PI, a writing test and CAT scores plus academic background. The Personal Interview round is given 50% weightage, Academic Writing Test is given 10% weightage and CAT score and academic background are given 40% weightage by IIM Ahmedabad while shortlisting candidates for final admission. 

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