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CMAT 2022 Normalization Process

Abhinav Chamoli
Abhinav ChamoliUpdated On: April 12, 2022 04:38 pm IST | CMAT

CMAT normalization process 2022 is applied by the NTA to avoid differences arising in the difficulty level of the CMAT 2022 question papers used in different shifts. Check the complete details of the CMAT 2022 normalization process here.

CMAT 2022 Normalization Process

CMAT 2022 normalization process is the process by which the difference between the difficulty level in the question papers appearing in different shifts of the exam is negated by adjusting the scores of the candidate. Normalization is a tried and tested process that is used for many other MBA Entrance Exams in India in addition to CMAT. The exam was held on April 9, 2022. Through normalization, the score of a candidate who faced a tougher question paper will be increased and the score of a candidate who faced an easier question paper will be decreased. CMAT cut-off 2022 will be released post the declaration of results. Also, check CMAT 2022 Live Updates.

To avoid putting any candidate at an advantage between the difference in difficulty level of the question papers used in the exam, NTA will use the CMAT normalization process 2022. Check an analysis for the shift at the link given below. In this article, we will explain the CMAT normalization process 2022, including the percentile calculation, method used for normalization, the normalization formula, etc. Read on for more.

CMAT Question Paper 2022CMAT 2022 Question Paper Analysis

CMAT 2022 Important Dates

Here are the important dates for the entrance exam to be kept in mind.



CMAT 2022 Exam Date

April 9, 2022

CMAT 2022 Result Declaration

To be announced

CMAT 2022 Normalization Process

NTA has remarked that it will use the "Normalization procedure based on Percentile Score" in order to overcome any differences in the difficulty level of the question paper for each shift. Normalization is a simple and straightforward process. After ensuring a fair division of candidates into the different shifts, the percentile scores of candidates are calculated for each shift. This means that the percentile of candidates who appeared in Shift 1 will be calculated separately from those who appeared in Shift 2. Hence, the percentile score will be the normalized score of the candidate. It will be mentioned as the NTA Score in the merit list.

This will ensure that no candidate is either benefitted or disadvantaged due to the differences in the difficulty level of question papers in each shift. The objective of the CMAT 2022 Normalization Process is to identify the true merit of the candidate and to create a level playing field. The details of how normalization is carried out by the NTA are given below.

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Step 1: Distribution of Candidates

All of the candidates will be distributed randomly into the two shifts to avoid any bias. The two shifts can be conducted on the same day or multiple days, as specified by the NTA. In case the conducting body wishes to increase the number of shifts, the candidates can be divided accordingly into each shift. As an example, NTA has provided an example of the distribution of candidates for 4 Shifts.

CMAT Normalization Process - Distribution of Candidates

A random distribution of candidates would remove the chances of any bias in the shift allocation. The chances of bias would be further reduced with a large population of candidates appearing for the exam. 

Step 2: Preparing of CMAT 2022 Result

NTA will prepare the exam result for each session. The result will be prepared in the form of the following scores.

  1. Raw Scores
  2. Percentile Scores of Total Raw Scores

The raw scores of the candidate will not be considered to identify their merit. Instead, NTA will consider the Percentile Scores calculated for each session for that purpose.

Calculation of CMAT 2022 Percentile Scores

The percentile compares the performance of a candidate relative to the other candidates who appeared for the exam. It is calculated based on the rank of the candidate. The candidate's percentile is the percentage of candidates, in the same session as the candidate, who has a score equal to or less than that candidate. The higher the rank of a candidate, the higher their percentile. The percentile ranges from 0 to 100 and is calculated using the following formula.

CMAT 2022 Percentile = [(No. of candidates in a 'Session' with equal to or less score than the candidate/ Total no. of candidates in the 'Session')] x 100

The Percentile Score will be calculated up to 7 decimal places to reduce chances of ties and avoid the 'bunching effect'. Calculating the percentile score separately for each session will have the following effects:

  • All of the candidates in the same session with the same raw score will have the same percentile.

  • If two or more candidates in different shifts have the same raw score, their CMAT 2022 percentile will most likely be different.

  • All candidates that have the highest raw score for their session will be awarded 100 percentile.

  • All candidates who have the lowest score for their session will have a close to 0 percentile, depending on the number of candidates who appeared.

Let us understand the bottom two points further with examples given by the NTA.

Highest Raw Score and Percentile Score

As per the NTA, the normalized percentile scores for all of the highest raw scores will be 100 for their respective session. Given below is an example of the highest raw scores for an exam with 4 shifts.

CMAT Normalization Process - Highest Raw Score

Lowest Raw Score and Percentile Score

The percentile scores for all of the lowest raw scores will be close to 0. The exact score, however, will depend on the number of candidates who appeared for the session. Here is an example of the lowest raw scores for an exam with 4 shifts.

CMAT Normalization Process - Lowest Raw Score

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Step 3: Compilation of NTA Score

In the final step of the CMAT 2022 normalization, the percentile scores for all of the sessions are merged and called the NTA score. The scores can then be used for the compilation of results and in the CMAT selection process 2022.

Important Information Regarding CMAT 2022 Eligibility Cut Off

There are chances that the percentiles for the different shifts on the same raw scores will be unequal. In such cases, issues may arise when deciding the eligibility cut off. However, NTA has specified that the lowest percentile across all shifts for any particular raw score will be considered to be the eligibility cut off. As an example. if 80 marks correspond to the 40 percentile in Shift 1 and 85 marks correspond to the 40 percentile in Shift 2, then all students who scored 80 and above would be considered eligible in both shifts.

These were all of the details about the CAMT normalization process 2022. In case of any doubts, candidates can post their questions on the CollegeDekho QnA Zone.

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Colleges Accepting CMAT 2022

Given below is the percentile-wise list of colleges accepting CMAT 2022.


List of Colleges

90+ percentile

List of Top MBA Colleges Accepting 90+ CMAT Percentile

80 - 90 percentile

List of MBA Colleges Accepting 80-90 Percentile in CMAT

70 - 80 percentile

List of MBA Colleges accepting 70-80 Percentile in CMAT

60 - 70 percentile

List of MBA Colleges accepting 60-70 Percentile in CMAT

50 - 60 percentile

List of MBA Colleges Accepting 50-60 Percentile in CMAT

Low Percentile

MBA Colleges for Low Percentile/ Score in CMAT 2022

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What is CMAT 2021 Normalization Process?

CMAT 2021 Normalization Process is used by the NTA to adjust the scores of a candidate according to the difficulty level of their question paper in their shift.

Why is the CMAT 2021 Normalization Process important?

CMAT 2021 Normalization Process ensures that no candidate benefits or is put at a disadvantage due to the difference in the difficulty level of the question paper for their shift.

Who conducts the CMAT 2021 Normalization Process?

CMAT 2021 Normalization Process is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), the conducting body for CMAT 2021.

What is the CMAT 2021 Percentile?

CMAT 2021 Percentile of a candidate is the percentage of candidates who have a score equal to or below that candidate in any particular shift.

What is NTA Score in CMAT 2021?

NTA score is the merged normalized percentile scores across all shifts. It is used to identify the merit and for the seat allocation process of CMAT 2021.


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