Coaching vs Self Study – What’s the Right Path to Crack an Entrance Exam?

Published: | May 11, 2017
Coaching vs Self Study – What’s the Right Path to Crack an Entrance Exam?
  • Good time management is the key to cracking competitive exams like JEE, NEET and CAT.
  • Coaching classes provide you with a pre-defined study plan devised by exam experts.
  • Find out the better way to prepare between self-study and coaching.


Preparing for a national-level competitive exam and cracking it is a complicated task. With lakhs of students appearing for exams like JEE Main, NEET and CAT every year, it is important to strike the right balance between preparation and guidance. If you are just starting your preparation, you will be struggling with the changes in the curriculum and ways to manage school with exam preparation.

Amidst all this confusion, many of you must be thinking whether or not you should enroll for coaching classes. Many of the students preparing for competitive exams join coaching to give an edge to their preparation. The question remains – is it possible to crack CAT, JEE or NEET without coaching classes? Find out the answers here and also learn about the different aspects of coaching classes and self-study.

Coaching vs Self Study:

Features Coaching Classes Self-Study
Methodology The best part about coaching classes is that you will get a pre-defined study plan devised by exam experts. All you have to do is stay focused and follow the plan. The good thing about self-study is that you can move with the syllabus on your own pace and according to your own methodology. This is beneficial for students who are not comfortable in moving with the pace of professional coaching centres.
Material Most of the coaching centres provide their own study material that you can use for preparation. Additional books beyond the ones provided by experts are rarely required to complete your preparation. If you are relying completely on self-study then you will have to purchase material as per the recommendations of your seniors, guidance of teachers and other experts you are in touch with.
Preparation Trends Coaching classes will keep you updated regarding all the changes in the exam pattern or syllabus format. If you are preparing on your own, you will have to keep in touch with the exam updates through the internet in order to stay on track and perform well.
Time Management Although most of the coaching classes move at a very fast pace, you will be able to crack the exam if you keep up with the classes and assignments that are given to you. If you follow up with the timelines of the coaching classes, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a great score. The best part about self-study is that you can set your own deadlines and prepare your own study plan. The essential thing here is that you will have to manage your time very carefully and keep testing your abilities through mock tests. Internet access is your biggest ally while preparing for exams.
Competitive Edge In coaching classes, you will be interacting with hundreds of students who are preparing for the same exam. It helps you get accustomed to the level of competition and helps you understand your level of preparation. While preparing on your own, you are your own competitor, therefore, you will have to strive to enhance your performance with time. To analyse your performance better, enroll for All-India mock tests. They will help you improve your caliber.

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Be it coaching classes or self-study, good time management is the key to cracking competitive exams like CAT, XAT, JEE and NEET. With a good study plan, you can crack any exam that you want to appear for. Also, remember that coaching classes can only guide you, you will need a lot of self-study apart from the assistance in order to make it through.

You have to recognize your abilities and make the decision accordingly. If you think you need extra assistance and want a supervised study plan, joining coaching classes can help you a lot.

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If you think that you can prepare on your own and the competitive environment of the class is too much for you, self-study can be the right path. Remember, the one that works out well is the right path for you.


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