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How to Manage Studies for both University as well as competitive exams?

September 17, 2015 01:25 PM 2 minute read , Others

How to Manage Studies for both University as well as competitive exams?

Often students find it stressful to contemplate to study for both University as well as competitive exams. It is better to study for both curricular and other competitive exams to secure a future for yourself and ace those exams after college years.

Nowadays, every city has various coaching institutes that provide with the best faculty for individual subjects for different exams.

Lets read these steps that help to balance for both during college days and excel at all exams.

1. Spend time in library: Library is the reading room where a student can easily prepare for exams with no hustle or rush. After attending lectures or during free periods, one can find out some time to spend in the library. You can bring in your own books to study or issue books from the library to study effectively.

2. Be regular in classes: Attending lectures regularly and clearing doubts with professors help you in studying for college exams. There are various topics that can be covered during classes which might be equally important for competitive exams.

3. Attend coaching classes: For acing in different examinations, students can take admission in coaching classes that might be helpful for the subjects they are interested in. Coaching classes are helpful to guide you in the subject and keep you updated with the current trend of papers.

4. Make Contacts: Students should make contacts with every possible faculty and friends who could be of any help to them. This helps in staying connected to study materials, classes and any update or changes in the exam pattern.

5. Group Studies: Studying in groups with friends and classmates often help in solving out problems and equations. Newer ideas are imposed and views are shared among all which help in learning and acquiring quickly and easily.

6. Staying calm and at peace: Students must remain calm and relaxed while preparing for any exam. This would help you in grasping things easily and quickly. Peace of mind is necessary to create a balance in studies.

7. Keep Yourself Updated: Students should keep themselves updated with current awareness. Newspapers, social media or television are good to keep you up to date and connected to the world and its changes. Strive on these points to maintain a balance to study for both college exams as well as competitive papers.

All the Best!!

How to Manage Studies for both University as well as competitive exams? | CollegeDekho