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Wish to know what is it like to study at the Lovely Professional University (LPU)? Here's our detailed take on everything about LPU, including infrastructure, course fee,  internships, placements & more. 
Lovely Professional University Review & Verdict

Did you know? Neeraj Chopra, India's Gold Medalist in the Javelin throw, is an LPU Bachelor of Arts (BA) student (2021-23). There is so much more that you can learn about this popular college apart from all the information that is already available online. Lovely Professional University (LPU) does have a huge campus in Jalandhar, Punjab, spread across 600 acres. It houses 30,000+ students and 2000+ academia from all over India and the world. 

The institution never misses a chance to brag about its world-class infrastructure, modern approach to classrooms, beautiful green environs, advanced facilities, and vibrant student life. LPU promises to provide its students with a perfect atmosphere for comprehensive education and personal growth and hence provides a diverse choice of courses in engineering, business, medical, law, arts, and sciences. 

In other words, LPU offers admission in more than 150 courses across 55 disciplines at the undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and doctorate levels. This clearly illustrates how LPU is frequently viewed as an educational institution that prioritises quantity over quality. Although LPU is committed to developing future generations of researchers to make a positive impact on the world, there is always another side of the coin.

Lovely Professional University Rankings

Here is a quick overview of LPU’s different international and national rankings over the past few years! 





Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings




NIRF India Rankings (Overall Rankings)




Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA)

51-100 (overall)


(University & Deemed University - Self-Finance/Private; Technical)

  • THE World University Rankings 2023 ranks LPU 23rd amongst the top universities of India (both government and private).

  • THE Impact Rankings 2023 ranks LPU 2nd in India and 101-200 in the world. 

  • World University Rankings for Innovation 2023 (WURI) has ranked LPU 3rd in India and between #101-200 in the world. 

  • QS WUR by Subject 2023 (Pharmacy and Pharmacology) has placed LPU between #251-300 in the world and 9th in India. 

LPU Rankings

Our Take:

LPU has significantly improved its rankings from NIRF #81 in 2021 to NIRF #46 in 2023! Not only has LPU invested in bettering its infrastructure, its has invested in all the parameters encompassing teaching, learning, research, outreach, and overall perception. As it gets more and more popular, we can expect LPU to keep adding more improvements and outreach. 

Lovely Professional University (LPU) Academia & Batch Size

LPU offers more than 150 courses. Over 2,000+ faculty members makeup LPU's big and diversified faculty, which includes many highly skilled and seasoned professionals. Additionally, the university organises seminars/guest lectures/workshops for professors and students at the undergraduate and graduate levels and welcomes guest lecturers. 

The majority of students who have studied or are now studying at LPU believe that the faculties there do not just serve as professors; they also serve as mentors who help students with all of their problems alongside instructing, supporting, and encouraging. But not to forget that exceptions are everywhere and not all faculties are supportive towards students. According to students, LPU faculty members are condescending, dismissive, and rude. There have been instances of faculty members being unwilling to assist students who are having academic or attendance problems. There might be many such cases that have not been recorded.

LPU is particularly noted for its extensive cultural student diversity, with students hailing from all of India and over 39 countries across the world. The university has over 30,000 students enrolled in its various programmes. The batch size for each programme varies, but it is typically quite large. This makes it difficult for students to receive individual attention from faculty members, and it may be difficult for them to feel connected to the university academia. 

To address this, LPU provides small group discussions and tutorials, as well as a variety of student support services. We are divided in this though, as some students seem to have benefitted immensely from this, while others seem to feel that even this mechanism does not help them learn to the optimum. 

 NAAC A++ rating attests to LPU's dedication to quality because it is the highest possible rating that a university may obtain in India. Teaching, learning, assessment, research, infrastructure, student support services, and governance all contribute to the NAAC ranking. LPU excelled in all of these categories, which contributed to its excellent rating.

Our Take:

As is with any big university, LPU's huge batch size may contribute to some slack in the learning of students. Through their macro groups and project work, they may be able to solve a percentage of the problem, but in the longer run, it leaves students wanting for more. Having said that we vouch for the academic pedagogy followed in LPU and the exposure it provides to its students. LPU does have a reputation and it wouldn't have been so without merit. 

Lovely Professional University Infrastructure

LPU claims to have created one of the biggest and best in the world infrastructure for its students. Here’s what students studying at LPU have to say:

  • Classroom: Depending on the course and the professor, the classroom format at LPU changes. Most classrooms at LPU are big, with seating for 50-100 individuals or more. Students are found always complaining and requesting smaller classrooms and batch sizes so that they can get more individual attention from the faculty

    LPU Classrooms
  • Labs: LPU has equipped a variety of professional labs for different fields of study on the campus. Students can have access to iMac labs, google labs, moot courts, aviation labs, drug analysis labs, soil mechanics labs, welding shops, etc. However, most of the labs are found to be overcrowded, especially during peak times. 

    LPU Labs
  • Internet Connection: The internet connection at LPU's Jalandhar campus is pretty decent. The institution maintains a distinct internet connection for students from the internet connection for academics and employees. Although the connection is reliable in most locations of the campus, there are a few exceptions that are identified by students.

  • Library: The library infrastructure on the LPU campus is fantastic. The library includes a huge assortment of resources as well as several study areas. However, the library is sometimes overcrowded, especially during peak hours and lacks a significant range of e-books and other digital resources. Overall, the area can be improved by reducing/preventing the number of distractions. 

    LPU Library
  • Commute within the Campus: Students' commutes within LPU can be difficult, especially during peak hours. It is difficult for new students to move from one class/block to another. Walking, cycling, e-rickshaws, and utilising the shuttle bus are all options for getting around campus. But most of these services are not free for students, which is a big bummer! Also, students have to constantly wait longer than usual to use these services due to many factors like fewer e-rickshaw drivers available. 

  • Hostel: LPU has a number of hostels, both for men and women. The hostels are well-kept and tidy. They also feature amenities including common areas, study rooms, and laundry facilities. You'll pull your roommates or vice versa downstairs to the cafeteria for a cup of tea, late-night Maggi parties, and so on. However, several of the hostels lack air conditioning, which might be uncomfortable during the hot summer months. We found that, while the food is okay, quality can definitely be improved. 

    LPU Hostel
  • Parking: The parking facilities for students at LPU, are limited and can be difficult to find, especially during busy hours. The university has many parking lots, but most of them are reserved for faculties and employees. Students are hence forced to park far from their campus/classrooms, which is inconvenient. Most students who live off campus must arrive early to avoid rush hour traffic and wind up spending more on parking fees. 

    LPU Parking
  • Hang-Out Areas/ Cafes: The LPU campus in Jalandhar contains a variety of famous student hangouts and eateries. Here is a list of some of the most popular campus hangouts and cafes:

    Dining OptionsThe uni mall offers a wide range of food alternatives, from traditional Indian sweets to modern coffee shops such as Cafe Coffee Day.
    Cafes/Food StallsAmong the most popular eateries on campus are The Beanery which serves a range of coffee, tea, and snacks; The Coffee Shop which serves a selection of coffee, tea, and pastries; and The Juice Shop which sells fresh juices and smoothies. These cafés are ideal for studying, working, or simply relaxing and socialising.
    Diverse CuisinesCatering to a wide diversity of students on its campus, LPU has booths for every major cuisine, from South Indian to African to Bhutanese! Amazing.
    International Departmental StoreThe mall features a variety of department stores, including a full-fledged WH SMITH - a worldwide brand with locations in major airports and shopping malls.
    Chill Spots on CampusOn campus, LPU also offers a number of hangout spots where students may rest and chill! The Amphitheatre, the Lawn, and the Student Centre are among the most popular hang-out areas on the campus. This is a major plus point for the college!
LPU Hang-Out Areas/ Cafes

Our Take:

Undoubtedly, LPU has all its checkboxes ticked as is evident from its ascent in the NIRF rankings. But the bigger question is whether these facilities cater to the humongous student population present in the college. Be it classroom, library, labs, parking and the commute - it seems there’s not enough supply to cater to the demand. It's good that at least cafes are in abundance; the students can unwind and get together.

Lovely Professional University Internships and Placements

LPU consistently promotes itself as having a strong track record of internships and placements. Let us decode that for our readers too! 

LPU Internships

The university has agreements with a number of renowned firms and provides its students with a variety of internship and placement options. The university also hosts a number of internship fairs throughout the year for students of different domains. Many firms that provide internships to LPU students also offer stipends and other benefits like PPO (Pre Placement Offer).

LPU Placements

LPU is always boasting about their students being hired by big Silicon Valley companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. The university boasts a placement record of more than 95%. This signifies that the majority of the university's graduates can find work after graduation.

Here is a quick summary of the LPU placement records for 2022:

Participating Companies

Students Placed

Highest International CTC

Highest Domestic CTC

Companies offering CTC INR 5L+ pa



INR 3 Cr pa

INR 64 Cr pa


LPU Top Recruiters 2022

2022 placements in LPU saw all major companies visiting its campus including Cognizant, BOSCH, Amazon, Flipkart, Phonepe, Sony, Voltas, MRF, ITC, Adobe, CEAT, Swiggy, Accenture etc.

LPU Placement Statistics 2022 UG (3-Year, 4-Year & 5-Year Programme)

See the LPU placement report 2022 for 3-year, 4-year & 5-year UG programmes:

Total Eligible Students

Total Placed Students

Median Salary (INR/ pa)

Higher Studies
















LPU Placement Statistics 2022 PG (1-Year, 2-Year & 3-Year, 5-Year Programmes)

Here are the details for LPU placement 2022 PG programmes:

Total Eligible Students

Total Placed Students

Median Salary (INR/ pa)

Higher Studies
















5-Year (PG Integrated)





Our Take:

Overall placements in LPU surpassed the average placement for similar types of colleges. B. Tech programmes (4-year), 5-year Integrated programmes (UG) and 2-year PG programmes seem to have the best placements in the college. The ROI for these programmes is justified assuming that students will only continue to earn more. For the rest of the courses too, the average CTC seems to be okay.

The internship and placement experience can vary depending on the student's domain or field of study. Although LPU set a record for placement in 2022, with an engineering graduate earning Rs 3 crore, not all students get placed with attractive packages after graduating from LPU. 

According to reports, around 100 out of every 500 students find decent jobs with good pay during campus placements. This suggests that the university's placement record is not as strong as it is often made out to be. Our take is that LPU is often more interested in promoting its placement record than in helping the rest of its students find good jobs. 

Lovely Professional University Diversity Representation

LPU Jalandhar's student body is diverse, ranging with over 30,000 students from all states of India and over 1500 international students from over 40 countries including the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Australia, China, and more. In spite of such a wide representation, the male-to-female ratio at the university has been reported to be 81:19, which is quite a bummer! But we have to give credit to LPU for having a variety of programmes and initiatives in place to promote diversity and inclusion.  

Student Gender Diversification at LPU 

The student gender diversification at the LPU campus as per NIRF 2023 is as follows: 

2-year (PG)

1-year (PG)

5-year (UG)

4-year (UG)

3-year (UG)













Lovely Professional University Diversity Representation

Our Take:

Besides 2-year PG & 4-year UG programmes, the male-to-female student ratio is fine. What’s to be noted here is the biggest gender discrepancy exists in two of their most in-demand courses - 2-year PG (Management) & 4-year UG programmes (B.Tech). LPU needs to put in efforts to reduce the discrepancy here. Participation in LPU's diversified selection of student groups and organisations helps students hone their leadership, teamwork, and organisational skills. These extracurricular activities boost their entire development and provide a platform for personal and professional advancement.

LPU also hosts cultural exchanges, festivals, and festivities to highlight the variety of its student body. Students from many regions and countries can share their cultural customs, cuisine, music, and performances, increasing cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

LPU can, however, increase its diversity representation in a few areas. The institution, for example, can do better to attract and retain students from underrepresented groups, such as those from remote areas, marginalised communities, and students with disabilities. LPU can also do more to foster a more welcoming campus atmosphere, particularly for more female students and LGBTQIA+ community students as well. 

Lovely Professional University Diversity Representation

Lovely Professional University College Management/Administration

LPU is divided into a number of colleges as per different domains or fields of study.  Each college has its own separate administration for smooth functioning. The Vice-Chancellor is in charge of the university's general administration. Having said that, according to credible sources, LPU's management and administration have previously been criticised for being bureaucratic and inefficient. 

In the past, students and alumni frequently complained about how difficult it was to get anything done via the university administration. Others have also criticised the university for a lack of openness and responsibility. Taking all of this constructive criticism and input into account, there have been necessary beneficial advances in the management and administration of LPU in recent years.

Lovely Professional University College Management/Administration

Lovely Professional University Location

LPU is located in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, amid a metropolis of about approx. 1.5 million people. The city is well-connected by road, rail, and air to other major cities in India, making it easy for students to return home. Because the city and campus are well-connected to other major cities in India, students may easily travel and look for internships or employment possibilities in other places. 

However, the job market in Jalandhar is less developed than in other nearby important Indian cities such as Chandigarh, Delhi-NCR, Ludhiana, Amritsar, and so on. According to news sources and data, the city has a rather high crime rate. As a result, students should always be alert to their surroundings! 

Lovely Professional University (LPU): Expectation vs Reality CLD Verdict!

LPU is a vast and complex university with many opportunities for students. However, before deciding whether or not to go, it is important to understand the university's reality. When selecting a university like LPU which never leaves an opportunity to grab your attention via different means and tools of promotions and marketing, students should carefully analyse their expectations as well as the factors that are important to them. 

Although the university has a solid academic reputation, some students may find the curriculum to be excessively hard along with the mandatory 75% attendance criteria. Furthermore, one of the most important university-determining considerations is tuition fees, and LPU has an average cost of study ranging from INR 2 LPA to INR 15 LPA for various UG and PG degrees, and accommodation charges are separate. 

In contrast to the hefty amount of money spent while studying at LPU, a good chunk of students end up getting placed with a median salary of INR 8 LPA and sometimes less than this as well. Apart from constantly glorifying its students getting placed at top Silicon Valley companies, LPU must also focus on its students who may have to settle for lower salaries or less desirable jobs. 



Diverse faculty 

Large batch size

Diverse student culture 

Young age students lack individual attention from the faculty

A mix of traditional and hands-on teaching methods

Competitive environment; overwhelming 

Promotes support student learning, mentoring, and career counselling

High cost of living on campus

NAAC ‘A++’ rating

Maintenance issues within the campus

Good variety of hang-out areas and cafes on campus

Average hostel food quality

Availability of great labs and libraries 

Lack in the demand and supply of labs

Promotes innovation and R&D in emerging fields of study

Lack of parking facilities for students

Placement cell is helpful and supportive

Too much commercialisation and marketing

Scholarships and financial aid

Lacks complete placement record of students

Diverse student clubs and organizations

High crime rate in the city 

Well-connected via road, rail and air

Poor job market

Good alumni network 

Focusing more on quantity of courses rather than quality

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