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NEET 2022 Biology Topic-Wise Weightage & List of Important Topics

RupsaUpdated On: September 07, 2022 03:30 pm IST | NEET

With NEET 2022 approaching, candidates must be wondering which topics in NEET Biology are important than others and what is weightage in the question paper. To get all of their doubts cleared, candidates must read the full piece below. 

NEET 2022 Biology Topic-Wise Weightage & List of Important Topics

NEET 2022 was conducted on July 17. During the last couple of days before the exam, candidates often wondered which topics were important enough to be prioritized and which were not. So, while figuring out how to prepare for NEET 2022 in less than a month, candidates understood that they needed to be aware of the topics that would require more time and fetch them more marks as compared to others. To help students figure out the same next year as well, we have come up with this article featuring the important topics and topic-wise weightage of the NEET 2022 Biology section, which is considered one of the most scoring and relatively easier of the three subjects. 

NEET Result 2022

NEET 2022 Syllabus Biology 

NEET 2022 aspirants must surely have covered the Biology syllabus by now, but it is essential to have a quick look at the same before we list out the important topics separately. All the chapters/units mentioned in the table below are based on the course curricula for the 10+2 examination and so, students must already be familiar with these. Checkout the full Biology NEET 2022 syllabus here:


Topics from Class 11 Curriculum

Topics from Class 12 Curriculum


Structural organization – Plants and Animals

Genetics and Evolution


Cell Structure and Function

Biology and Human welfare


Diversity in the Living World



Human physiology

Ecology and environment


Plant Physiology

Biotechnology and its applications

How to Find Out NEET 2022 Biology Important Topics?

Before delving further, one must know how to figure out which topics are important and need more attention. Here are some helpful tips that candidates may keep in mind while preparing for NEET Biology. However, it must be noted that even though some topics carry higher weightage than others, preparing every topic included in the NEET Biology syllabus is a requirement to achieve 120+ marks in the subject

  • Topics that carry higher weightage in the NEET question paper than others can be considered important as preparing them well would help candidates score high. 

  • Topics that are asked repetitively in the question papers of previous years often have higher chances of being asked again. So, candidates may consider them important.

  • Depending on the content size, the question paper may have more questions from certain topics than others. Candidates should think of those topics as important and prepare accordingly.

  • Candidates must also consult with their teachers, tutors, mentors or seniors to know which topics need more attention. 

NEET 2022 Biology - List of Important Topics 

The table below includes important topics from the Biology section of NEET based on the factors mentioned above. Candidates may also check the tentative number of questions asked from these chapters. 

NEET Class XI Biology Chapters



No. of Questions Asked (Tentative)

Diversity in Living Organisms

  • Biological Classification

  • The Living World

  • Animal Kingdom

  • Plant Kingdom


Structural Organizations in Plants and Animals

  • Anatomy of Flowering Plants

  • Morphology of Flowering Plants

  • Structural Organization in Animals


Cell: Structure and Function

  • Biomolecules

  • Cell Cycle and Cell Division

  • Cell - The Unit of Life


Plant Physiology

  • Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

  • Mineral Nutrition

  • Respiration in Plants

  • Transport in Plants

  • Plant - Growth and Development


Human Physiology

  • Locomotion and Movement

  • Breathing and Exchange of Gases

  • Excretory Products and Their Elimination

  • Body Fluids and Circulation

  • Chemical Coordination and Integration

  • Digestion and Absorption


NEET Class XII Biology Chapters



No. of Questions Asked (Tentative)


  • Reproductive Health

  • Human Reproduction

  • Reproduction in Organisms

  • Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants


Genetics and Evolution

  • Evolution

  • Principles of Inheritance and Variation

  • Molecular Basis of Inheritance


Biology in Human Welfare

  • Microbes in Human Welfare

  • Human Health and Disease


Biotechnology and Its Applications

  • Biotechnology and Its Applications

  • Biotechnology - Principles & Processes


Ecology and Environment

  • Ecosystem

  • Biodiversity and Its Conservation

  • Organisms and Population

  • Environmental Issues


Check out NEET 2022 Important Topics - All Subjects

NEET 2022 Biology – Topic-wise Weightage

Having an idea of the topic-wise weightage can help you determine how many marks the particular topic carries, and how likely it is to appear in the exam paper. As mentioned, one can refer to NEET previous question papers to figure this out. For the convenience of all candidates, we have prepared a list of topics along with the weightage in the table below. Candidates can check out the weightage percentage for the important topics mentioned above from Class 11 and 12:

NEET Biology Important Units/ Chapters

Weightage Percentage

Class XI

Diversity in Living Organisms


Structural Organizations in Plants and Animals


Cell: Structure and Function


Plant Physiology


Human Physiology


Class XII



Genetics and Evolution


Biology in Human Welfare


Biotechnology and Its Applications


Ecology and Environment


NEET Biology 2022 Chapter-wise Weightage (All Topics) 

Below is the weightage percentage for all the topics included in NEET Botany and Zoology syllabus.

Important Topics from Botany


Weightage Percentage

Plant Diversity


Plant Anatomy


Plant Morphology


Cell Biology and Cell Division




Plant Physiology


Plant Reproduction


Genetics and Biotechnology


Biology in Human Welfare




Important Topics from Zoology


Weightage Percentage

Animal Diversity


Animal Tissue


Structural Organization in Animals


Human Physiology


Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health


Origin and Evolution


Animal Husbandry


Human Health and Diseases


NEET 2022 Biology – Chapter-wise Important Questions (Expected)

For students who are wondering what would be the types of questions asked in NEET 2022 paper, or whether the questions will be based on the syllabus, we have a list of probable questions that may help them score well in the actual examination. Checkout the table below to know about the chapter-wise important questions for NEET 2022 Biology:


Important Questions for NEET 2022 Biology

The Living World

  • What is the correct representation of organization levels in living beings?

  • What is the first step of taxonomy?

Biological Classification

  • What is the sequence of taxonomic categories?

  • What do you mean by Biological Classification?

Plant Kingdom

  • Why does Funaira require water?

  • What do you mean by Phenetics?

Animal Kingdom

  • Name the two animals that have non-glandular skin.

  • Name the common feature shared by birds and mammals.

Morphology of Flowering Plants

  • What are adventitious roots?

  • Where does the placenta attach to develop the seed?

Anatomy of Flowering Plants

  • Why is grafting not possible in monocots?

  • What is the responsibility of the pericycle in roots?

Structural Organization of Animals

  • Which system is associated with pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium?

  • Who secretes the non-cellular basement membrane of epithelial cells?

The Unit of Life

  • Who proposed the fluid mosaic model of the plasma membrane?

  • Give an example of the dye not used for staining chromosomes?


  • What is the most plentiful component of a cell in a living organism?

  • What does glycogen make up?

Cell Cycle and Cell Division

  • Where does pairing between homologous chromosomes take place?

  • Where does the nuclear membrane disappear?

Transport in Plants

  • What is the use of a Potometer?

  • What happens when potassium ions enter the guard cells?

Mineral Nutrition

  • What is Hydroponics?

  • Which bacteria converts ammonia into nitrite?

Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

  • What is the correct sequence of stages of the Clavin cycle?

  • How many molecules of ATP and NADPH₂ are required to form a glucose molecule in plants?

Respiration in Plants

  • Why does Phosphorus play an important role in the energy metabolism process?

  • Why does R. Q. get highest when the respiratory substance is maleic acid?

Plant Growth and Development

  • Why is abscisic acid known as a stress hormone?

  • What is differentiation?

Digestion and Absorption

  • How many monophyodont teeth are there in human beings?

  • Why do you lose hunger in a fever?

Breathing and Exchange of Gases

  • Why is CO more toxic than CO₂?

  • What is the correct sequence of the air passage in a man?

Body Fluids and Circulation

  • Who performed the first heart transplant?

  • What is Pericardium?

Excretory Products and Their Elimination

  • Which part of the nephron is also called Renal Corpuscle?

  • Where does Aldosterone act?

Locomotion and Movement

  • What is Rigour Mortis?

  • What is muscular dystrophy?

Neural Control and Coordination

  • Who controls the function of visceral organs?

  • How does the potential of the resting membrane maintain?

Chemical Coordination and Integration

  • Name the group of hormones produced by Leydig cells.

  • What is thymosin responsible for?

Reproduction in Organisms

  • Why are dogs called seasonal breeders?

  • Match the Following Questions

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

  • What is a haploid plant?

  • What is the meaning of siphonogamy in angiosperm?

Human Reproduction

  • Name the sections in which the man’s epididymis from the anterior to posterior is divided?

  • The ampulla is the part of which reproductive system?

Reproductive Health

  • where does semen collect in the artificial insemination technique?

  • What is the most dangerous sexually transmitted disease?

Principle of Inheritance and Variation

  • What will be the cross result between a homozygous female and a haemophiliac male?

  • Why can’t males be the carriers of colour blindness?

Molecular Basis of Inheritance

  • Which enzyme is known as the ‘chemical knife of DNA?’

  • How many base pairs of nucleotides are present in the human genome?


  • What is the sequence of origin of life according to the chemical evolution theory?

  • Why do most biologists think RNA was the first genetic material?

Human Health and Disease

  • What is the definition of ‘health’ according to WHO?

  • What is the WHO Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) composition?

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

  • What is the name given to the somatic hybridisation between potato and tomato?

  • Which infectious bacterial diseases affect cattle?

Microbes in Human Welfare

  • What is the Batch Process?

  • Which antibiotic was extensively used to treat American soldiers wounded in World War II?

Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

  • What is Recon?

  • Why are DNA ligases called genetic gum?

Biotechnology and its Applications

  • Does organic farming involve genetic engineering?

  • What is Pathophysiology?

Organisms and Populations

  • How does Peroxyacetyl Nitrate form?

  • What is the reason for the increase in global temperature?


  • If all the world’s plants die, all the animals will also die – explain why.

  • What is net primary productivity (NPP)?

Biodiversity and Conservation

  • What is the threat to wildlife?

  • What do you mean by eroded soil?

Environmental Issues

  • What was the main cause of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

  • When did the wildlife protection act pass? 

Candidates must note that the questions listed above are only tentative based on the previous trends. These do not resemble the actual questions in the NTA NEET 2022 paper. 

NEET 2022 Biology – Best Books Recommended by Toppers

To excel in NEET 2022 Biology, make sure you refer to these books recommended by toppers and experts for conceptual clarity and MCQ practice sessions:

NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII textbooks

GR Bathla publications for Biology

Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman

Objective Biology by Dinesh

Objective Botany by Ansari

Pradeep Guide on Biology

Quick Tips for NEET 2022 Biology Preparation 

The key to scoring above 300+ in NEET 2022 Biology is to have a comprehensive study plan. Toppers and experts highly recommend following these tips for NEET 2022 Biology preparation:

  • Be familiar with the entire NEET 2022 syllabus

  • Study the chapters from NCERT textbooks

  • Take notes of the important topics, charts and diagrams

  • Practice diagrams multiple times to ensure full marks in these sections

  • Refer to NEET 2021 question papers and previous sample papers to understand the paper pattern

  • Focus on topics bearing the maximum weightage

  • Seek guidance from online tutorials to get your doubts cleared

  • Opt for mock tests once done with the revision

  • Revise old chapters on a weekly basis to ensure you do not forget them days after studying

  • Make it a habit to write important sections down so you can memorize them better and revise quickly whenever needed

  • Attempt the questions that are easy, to-the-point and based on diagrams

Alongside NEET exam preparation, candidates must also take care of their overall health. Make sure you rest up well and get enough sleep weeks prior to the entrance exam. 

To get more such information on NEET preparation, stay tuned with CollegeDekho!


How many questions are asked from Genetics and Evolution in NEET Biology?

Based on the analysis of NEET previous question papers, approximately 16-18 questions are asked from Genetics and Evolution in NEET 2022 Biology. Students are, therefore, advised to go through them and prepare accordingly.

Will NEET 2022 Biology be tough?

The Biology section in NTA NEET is considered relatively easy and scoring in comparison to the Physics and Chemistry sections if one is prepared well. Going by the previous trends, the difficulty level of NEET 2022 Biology should be easy to moderate.

How can I increase my NEET 2022 Biology score?

To score exceedingly well in NEET 2022 Biology, candidates must get in the habit of solving previous years’ question papers to have a clear understanding of the question pattern, and focus on the important topics, chapters and frequently asked questions.

How do you get 360 marks in NEET Biology?

NEET Biology paper has 90 questions of 4 marks each. So, to get 360 marks, aspirants need to get all 90 questions from the Zoology and Botany sections correct.

Which chapters have more weightage in NEET Biology?

Plant Physiology, Human Physiology, Genetics and Evolution, Cell Structure and Function, Reproduction, and Animal Kingdom are some of the chapters from the NEET 2022 Biology syllabus carrying more weightage.

NEET Previous Year Question Paper

NEET 2016 Question paper


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