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Top 5 Weird Inventions that Backfired

NidhiUpdated On: August 18, 2016 07:34 am IST
One of them is a Cigarette Umbrella.
Top 5 Weird Inventions that Backfired

Creation is the reason of human existence. Humans keep on creating or inventing almost every second. We have electricity, high rise buildings, oh, and wifi, all because we do not stop even if we fail ! But there are some inventions that just could not make it, they failed miserably and if one think about it seriously, some of the ideas were pretty weird. So, CollegeDekho presents you with the top 5 weird inventions that backfired. Sit back, relax and have fun checking out the list.

Flying Tanks

Well, this invention was exactly as the name suggests. It was a military tank with wings. This idea was given out to make the transportation of military tanks easy but as you can imagine it did not go well. The tests done were successful but the winged tanks were not one of a popular idea.

Gas-Shooting Riot Car

People were very literal with the names in the earlier times. In the year 1930, the world was not as tolerant as it is today. Protesting or going against the government was not an option so if people were found doing protesting the police would shoo them very violently. To make the police’s work easy gas shooting riot car was suggested. The idea was patented in the year 1938 but never really became popular.

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Vacuum Beauty Helmet

Beauty has always been a reason for people to try out weird things and vacuum beauty helmet is one of them. Beauty has always been a lot of people’s priority which gives other people a green flag to come up with ideas like vacuum helmet as a beauty treatment. But thankfully it was not very popular and could not make it to 2016.

Flying Saucer Camera

Yes, you read it right- flying saucer camera. This invention was backed by the government but yeah this was made for their own convenience as in the 1950s a lot of UFO sightings were reported. This camera became unpopular because people became realistic and obviously you cannot find them today *coughblackmarketcough*. The camera had two lenses, one of them used to take a normal picture and the other used to take a picture showing temperature.

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Cigarette Umbrella

One of the reasons of planet earth dying slowly is smoking but back in the days, it used to be a classy thing. The biggest concern was not the environment but a cigarette getting soggy in rain hence the cigarette umbrella. This amazing *weird* idea was given by a circus clown in the year 1931.

So, this was the list of top 5 inventions that did not work out well and believe these are not the only ones, the list is infinite. But the failures did not stop us, humans we are still doing pretty weird stuff. Humans have changed the picture of earth with their constant need to invent and to come up something different *outofthebox*. Hope this list gives you the motivation to go ahead with whatever idea you have *savetheearth*.
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