Arts vs Science Stream: What to Choose After 10th?

Shuchi Bagchi
Shuchi BagchiUpdated On: February 18, 2024 11:02 pm IST
Arts vs Science Stream: What to Choose After 10th? is one of the most difficult decisions candidates must make. For more clarity, let's look at the Arts vs. Science Stream in more detail here.
Arts vs Science Stream after 10th

Arts vs Science Stream: What to Choose After 10th? is one of the hardest choices candidates have to make after class 10th is whether to pursue a science or arts degree. While science gives students the ability to think critically and solve problems, the arts teach them to deal with the world around them with a deeper understanding. Science is a practical subject that focuses on findings by relying on data, research, and facts, whereas the arts are a subject of feelings, emotions, expressions, and philosophy. Selecting the appropriate track between science and the arts influences not only a person's career but also their identity.

Following the 10th, students are faced with the confusion of deciding which stream to pursue for higher education. Science, commerce, and arts are the three most common streams available to students. This article provides a quick overview of the science and arts stream. When comparing the arts and science streams, it is clear that each has their own set of subjects, knowledge, and learnings. The basic difference between arts and science subjects after 10th is explained in the article below to help students in making the right decision.

What is the Arts Stream?

The arts stream consists of a broad range of creative and expressive fields. It's a subject that often requires specialization in drawings, paintings, crafts, etc. The arts stream has various subjects like history, geography, philosophy, psychology, civics, etc. Learning arts can help students develop a deeper sense of the world around them and the ability to analyze it differently. The subjects included in the arts stream are said to improve the creative and critical thinking abilities of the students.

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What is the Science Stream?

Science is based on the study of the world through observation and experiment. Learning science can lead to a better understanding of the world by following the practical approach. Various science subjects can aid individuals in developing analytical and problem-solving aptitudes. Physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics are a few prominent subjects in the science stream. Generally, in comparison to arts vs science, science is considered a more advantageous stream in terms of career scope.

Key Differences Between Arts vs Science Streams

While the arts and science stream have their unique benefits and commonalities, they are also different in various aspects. Below are the key differences between the arts and science streams highlighted in the table:


Arts Stream

Science Stream

Stream Subjects

Languages, History, Geography, Political Science, Civics, Art, Moral Science etc.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Astronomy etc.

Level of difficulty

Easy to Moderate

Moderate to Difficult


Students scoring the pass marks are eligible

Students have to score 80% or more to qualify for the science stream

Stream Change

Not Possible


Variety of Subjects

Various subjects are available for students to choose

Very limited choices are available for students to choose


Creativity and Open Expression

Neutrality, Practical Evidence, and Definitiveness

Stream Type

Subjective Type

Objective Type

Arts vs Science Stream: Subjects

As per the syllabus, Arts vs Science has one common subject only and that is languages. The course structure and the syllabus of both arts and science are different. Given below is the list of subjects in the arts vs science stream after the 10th.

Science Stream

Arts Stream








Political Science

Environmental Science


Computer Science



Physical Education



Home Science

Top Colleges for Arts vs Science Streams

In India, there are many top arts and science colleges. The eligibility criteria and exams are different in variouscolleges. There are several private, government (central/state) colleges, and autonomous colleges that offer courses and degrees related to arts and science streams. Students can go through the list of  colleges that provide arts and science courses that are stated below:

Top Colleges for Arts Stream    Top Colleges for Science Stream
JNU   Indian Institute of Science

Banaras Hindu University


Calcutta University

Jamia Milia University

Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University

Anna University

Banaras Hindu University

Delhi University

Manipal Academy of Higher Education-Manipal

Jamia Milia University

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Bharathiar University

Vellore Institute of Technology

Scope in India: Arts Vs Science

There is a long-standing argument in India between science and the arts. There are particular benefits to both fields. However, fields related to science and technology are currently in high demand in India's job market. Courses in the arts and humanities are becoming less popular in India as a result. Still, enrollment in arts and humanities courses has increased recently. This field offers a wide range of courses offered by several colleges and universities.

However, one of the most important considerations when deciding between science and the arts is your area of interest. It is significant to remember that scientific domains are more constrained. The two most in-demand professions are medicine and engineering. These two fields offer a plethora of options. But if you choose science, these are essentially your two choices in the big picture. Contrarily, the arts provide a wider variety of choices. The arts are flexible, allowing you to pursue any career path you choose. If you pursue the arts, you can also change careers. But once you decide on a science stream, it can be very challenging to change your career. For example, it is difficult to pursue medicine after choosing engineering.

Let's look at some examples of careers in the arts and sciences that you can pursue.

Career Prospects in Arts and Science Stream

There are huge career options available in both arts and science streams. Yet among arts vs science, arts offer roles like, teachers, lawyers, managers, etc and science offers roles like doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. Below given are the career opportunities available in both streams.

Career Prospects in Arts Stream

Arts is considered a creative stream and has various career opportunities for students to pursue further based on their area of interest. In comparison to the arts vs science stream, below are the career opportunities students will get if they pursue arts streams:

  • Journalism: The field of journalism consists of writing, editing, broadcasting, and reporting news and various information in the media/firm. In this field, the news is conveyed to the public through various online and offline media sources like television, channels, and print media such as newspapers.
  • Law: The study of law concerns the study and practice of legal systems, laws, and regulations that help in managing the country's administration. The students pursuing law often work closely with legal affairs and deal with legal cases after finishing their studies in positions like lawyer, judge, etc.
  • Hotel Management: The field of hotel management consists of studying hospitality and tourism management courses. After completing graduation, the students are provided work involving hotel functions, food and beverage control, event administration, etc.
  • Designing: The field of designing consists of creating breathtaking designs through painting in any domain. The designing field is further bifurcated into various domains like fashion, graphics, arts, visual arts, interior, etc.
  • Art and Painting: The field of arts and painting includes learning illustrated arts like painting, sculpture, and illustration. It also contains performing arts fields like theatre, music, and dance.
  • Education: The field of Education includes imparting knowledge through learning, teaching, and research. Students willing to become teachers, professors, and trainers can choose this field after completing graduation.
  • Psychology: Psychology deals with the study of the human mind and behavior. Students interested in knowing in depth about the human mind and set of behavior can pursue this field.
  • Library Science and Information Science: This field consists of managing, organizing, and sharing data through various information centers. For students who aspire to become an information medium, library science can be the wise option.

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Career Prospects in Science Stream

The students who have a knack for going into the depths and finding facts behind any occurrence can stick to choosing the science stream. In comparison with the arts vs science stream, below are the careers in the science stream for students to choose from:

  1. Engineering: The engineering field involves the invention/creation, development, and supervision of different systems and machines. It has various specializations like computer science, mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics, etc. 
  2. Medical: The study of medical science consists of the study of the human body, medicine, illness, anatomy, etc. In this, there are various specializations, like neurology, cardiology, gynecology, etc which the student can choose from.
  3. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics: It deals with the study of living organisms and biological techniques to develop unique technologies and outcomes. Various specialization consists of genetic engineering, bioprocessing, and bioinformatics.
  4. Agriculture and Horticulture: Agriculture and Horticulture consist of a study of plants & animal cultivation and rearing. The course structure contains the learning of soil management, crop production, and animal farming.
  5. Architecture: Architecture deals with the design and construction of buildings and constructions. The student can learn the architecture of commercial, residential, and industrial types of building planning, construction, and design.
  6. Environmental Science: Environmental science is the brief study of the environment around us and how to conserve it. It involves ways to preserve and protect nature for sustainable living in the future and reduce ill effects on the ecosystem. 
  7. Information Technology: The branch of IT involves the study of computer systems, software development, and information management dealing with the technical aspect. The student can learn and become an expert in various options like data science, cybersecurity & artificial intelligence.

Arts vs Science Stream: What to Choose After 10th?

There isn't a clear response to this question, according to the analysis of both streams. Both science and the arts are important and have special strengths. Science courses typically deal with practical knowledge and emphasise quantitative data and empirical evidence. On the other hand, arts courses typically concentrate on improving artistic expression and creativity. Which is preferable ultimately comes down to the interests, aptitudes, and professional objectives of each student.

Pros of Choosing the Arts vs. Science Streams

Every stream, whether science or arts, has advantages of its own. Creative students do better in the arts programme, and scientifically inclined students do better in the commerce programme. The rationales for selecting the science or arts streams are listed below. 

Why Choose the Arts Stream?

The arts stream is a broad stream that emphasises philosophy and creativity. The following justifies selecting the arts stream.

  • Students who participate in the arts learn compassion and emotional intelligence.
  • Studying the arts fosters creativity and enhances problem-solving abilities.
  • Candidates who are artistic can improve their communication abilities.

Why Choose the Science Stream?

The science stream seeks logical validation over conjecture and presents factual information based on research theories. The following justifies choosing the science stream.

  • Through the application of scientific logic and lenses, science can help people gain a deeper understanding of the world.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills can be enhanced by studying science.
  • Science encourages people to look for a cause or explanation for an event rather than to believe.

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How to choose a stream after the 10th?

  • Identify the area of interest
  • Focus on strength
  • Understand the stream in-depth
  • Get career counseling
  • Financial Budget Check

What are the various streams available after the 10th?

  • Science stream
  • Commerce stream
  • Humanities stream
  • Vocational stream

What are the divisions in the science stream?

  • Science Stream with Mathematics (PCM)
  • Science Stream With Biology (PCB)
  • Science Stream with Biology & Math (PCMB)

What are the various vocational streams available after the 10th?

  • Interior Designing
  • Fire and Safety
  • Fashion Designing
  • Jewelry Designing
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Health/ Sanitary Inspector
  • Nursing
  • X-Ray Technician

How many years of course is 12th standard?

The 12th standard course duration is of two years.


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Saniya Pahwa, Student / Alumni

Dear Saumya

The admission process at Ranvir Sanskrit Vidyalaya is currently ongoing for the 2023-24 session. If you are interested in applying for admission to the institution, then you are advised to apply through their official website Moreover, Ranvir Sanskrit Vidyalaya has not provided any official information regarding the documents needed for admission. However, some of the basic documents that are required for admission include the following:

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Dear candidate,

Government College for Women, Guntur offers various B.Sc courses that have computer science in it. Some of the courses are B.Sc in M.P.Cs.(Maths, Physics, Computer Science), B.Sc in M.St.Cs.(Maths, Statistics, Computer Science), B.Sc in M.E.Cs.(Maths, Electronics, Computer Science), B.Sc in M.Cs.Mm.(Maths, Computer Science, Multimedia), B.Sc in M.Cs.Cc.(Maths, Computer Science, Cloud Computing), and B.Sc in CS.St.DS(Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science). To apply for your desired course, you can fill out the Government College for Women application form on the official website.


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Aditya, Student / Alumni

Hello Priya, the Mata Jijabai Govt. Girls' P. G. College Indore does not offer a B.Ed programme. The college does offer admission to over 30 courses across 5 streams namely Science, Commerce and Banking, Arts, Management, Performing Arts, some of the popular programmes are B.Sc, B.Com, BA, BHS, MA, M.Sc and M.Com.


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