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What not to do during GD/ PI?

Rini Maria
Rini MariaUpdated On: June 22, 2022 01:20 pm IST

Candidates can learn what not to do during the GD/PI rounds for MBA admissions in this article. Here is a list of pointers that candidates should make a note of before appearing for the GD/PI rounds. 

Things not to do during GD/PI

Nowadays, most colleges, institutes, and B-schools have raised the bar for admissions to MBA. Along with the entrance exams, candidates must have to appear for GD/PI rounds. GD/PI rounds are conducted to know about the candidate, their personality, motivation, and dedication to the course. This is why, it is essential, for each candidate to put his best foot forward and crack the GD/PI rounds.

During the GD/PI rounds, candidates are expected to have fluent English with top vocabulary, good presentation skills, and interpersonal & soft skills. With the growing number of candidates applying for professional courses, all institutes and colleges have changed their admission criteria. And without knowing the basic and key points on what to do or what not to do during GD/PI rounds, candidates are most likely to mess it up. So, here are some of the key points that candidates should adhere to during the GD/PI rounds.

Group Discussion & Personal Interview Rounds: Overview

Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) are now an integral part of the admission process for some of the top B-Schools in India for MBA admissions. Apart from admissions, these are also important during job interviews or placement rounds. It is important to know, why these rounds are conducted. Usually, a panel of judges interview the candidates for IIM admissions or other institutes to learn the following about the candidate:

  • Decision-Making abilities
  • Presence of mind
  • Subject knowledge
  • Listening skills
  • Confidence level

These factors contribute to deciding whether the candidate is a good fit or not. Therefore, candidates must prepare themselves well before these rounds.

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What not to do during GD/PI Rounds

While many candidates know what is to be done during GD/PI, they might skip the points when it comes to what not to do. So, here are some of the key points that candidates must remember not to do.

  • Avoid Speaking Inadequately

If the candidates face a question or topic that is unfamiliar, or new, speaking without knowledge may portray the wrong impression. Therefore, candidates must wait and see what other candidates are saying, collect a gist of knowledge and then speak up his/her part. Instead of creating a bad impression, take your time to absorb and understand the topic first during a GD round. It is not always possible to know all the topics given by the interviewer or GTO during the GD or PI rounds. However, try to prepare for a variety of subjects.

  • Do not Interrupt

During a group discussion round, 7-8 candidates will have to sit together for the discussions. A topic will be given by the GTO or interviewer. Each candidate will get the opportunity to speak on the topic and question the opposing candidates. However, candidates must wait for their turns. It is regarded as indecent to interrupt in between while others speak. Candidates can speak about their views as well as to oppose the other candidates’ views when the turn comes. They should let their opponents finish and not interrupt in between.

  • Do not Fake or Exaggerate

Candidates often tend to exaggerate or fake information or factual algorithms. If the GTO or Interviewer decides to check the information and finds the information wrong, it will lead to a deduction of marks. Therefore, always be honest and true to the information. Avoid such mistakes during the GD/PI rounds.

  • Avoid Yelling

Some candidates also think that dominating others or speaking in a loud voice will prove them right. But as per the view of the GTO or interviewer, it gives a wrong Candidates must always speak politely and also let others speak. They must sound confident and firm, but they should not pressurise or shut other candidates. Candidates must always remember that it is a discussion and not a debate.

  • Avoid using the Lingo

People sitting around may not be familiar with some lingo or terms. That's why it is always best to speak clearly in common terms and explain the point precisely. Avoid using any slang or jargon. Try to keep the communication simple, do not make it complex with difficult words or language. Present your point with precision and clarity.

  • Maintain Body Language

Facial expression, gestures, body language, hand/head movements, and non-verbal communication also convey a lot about the candidates. During the GD/PI rounds, candidates are also evaluated on these things. So, remember to maintain neutral body language. Don't do excessive hand movements or body movements. The Interviewer will not just listen to the words but also observe these tiny movements.

  • Dress Properly

For any interviews or GD, candidates must always dress up formally. They should not wear heavy makeup or apply strong perfumes and dress decently in comfortable clothes. They should not wear bright or shiny outfits.

  • Maintain Eye Contact

Candidates must maintain eye contact with the group members. The GTO is not a part of the discussion and is merely an observer. Candidates must not try to look at the GTO and focus on the discussion. Meanwhile, during the PI round, it is best that the candidates maintain eye contact with the interviewers directly. It displays the confidence of the candidates. 

  • Do not Remain Quiet during GD

Candidates often have a misconception that keeping quiet during the GD round will be noticed by the GTO and improve their chances of selection. But it is not the case, and it may backfire. Candidates must speak and put forward their viewpoints. The GD round is conducted to assess the candidate. And not answering will only decrease the chances of selection. So, if the candidates do not know the answer, they can clearly state it instead of keeping quiet or saying wrong answers.

  • Always maintain a Pace

Speaking fast to put forward one’s opinion will not do any good. The GTO or the other group members may not be able to understand the point the candidate was trying to make. So, candidates should frame the words keeping in mind the time frame and at the same time, they should try to maintain a normal pace for the understanding of the entire group. Similarly, during the PI rounds, candidates must not speak fast. Speak at a normal pace and cover all the key points of the question or topic.

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For more tips and tricks on preparation for GD/PI rounds or other related queries, reach out through the Q and A zone. Candidates can also call through the toll-free helpline number.

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