COMEDK UGET 2024 Mathematics Syllabus, Important Topics, Preparation Tips

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Updated On: May 09, 2024 06:27 pm IST | COMEDK UGET

COMEDK Mathematics Syllabus 2024 includes high-weightage topics, like Sets, Integration, Vector 3D, Algebra, Calculus and Coordinate Geometry from CBSE 11th and 12th Grades. To get a good score in COMEDK UGET 2024 exam, candidates must check these preparation tips for Maths. 
COMEDK UGET 2024 Mathematics Syllabus

COMEDK UGET 2024 Mathematics Syllabus - The Consortium of Medical, Engineering, and Dental Colleges of Karnataka has released the COMEDK UGET Mathematics Syllabus 2024. Students are advised to refer to the official COMEDK UGET 2024 mathematics syllabus only for their preparation. The COMEDK sets the Mathematics syllabus as per the Class 11 and 12 levels of CBSE boards. Therefore, the topics and chapters covered in the mathematics syllabus will be of high secondary education level. Chapters like 3D Geometry, Circles, Vectors, three-dimensional geometry, Probability etc. are included in the COMEDK Mathematics syllabus 2024.

LATEST : COMEDK Application Form Correction 2024 begins on April 16

COMEDK UGET 2024 exam will be conducted on May 12, 2024. The 3 main subjects included in the COMEDK UGET syllabus 2024 are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Candidates who are going to appear for the exam should go through the complete syllabus of each subject before beginning their preparation. Among all 3 subjects in COMEDK UGET 2024, Mathematics is one of the important subjects that students can score on. In this article, candidates can find the complete COMEDK UGET 2024 mathematics syllabus.

Read the full post to get the COMEDK UGET mathematics syllabus 2024 with all the chapters and topics along with exam patterns, preparation tips, books, etc. 

COMEDK UGET 2024 Mathematics Syllabus 

Before starting the preparation for the exam, students should properly check the COMEDK UGET mathematics syllabus 2024. The COMEDK UGET 2024 syllabus will assist applicants in understanding what they need to study to ace the test. The syllabus includes chapters and questions from the Class 11 and 12 CBSE syllabus. Students who study mathematics well in Class 11 and 12 will find the COMEDK UGET 2024 mathematics syllabus easy. 60 questions will be asked from the Mathematics syllabus in the COMEDK UGET exam. 

Candidates can check the COMEDK UGET mathematics syllabus 2024 given below. 




  • Equation of a Circle when the End Points of a Diameter are Given.
  • Points of Intersection of a Line and a Circle with the Centre at the Standard Form of Equation of a Circle
  • General Form of Equation of a Circle, its radius and center
  • Equation of a Family of Circles through the Intersection of Two Circles
  • Origin and Conditions for a Line to be Tangent to the Circle
  • Equation of the Tangent
  • Condition for Two Intersecting Circles to be Orthogonal

Vectors and three-dimensional geometry

  • Components of a Vector in Two Dimensions and Three-Dimensional Space
  • Scalar and Vector Products
  • Vectors and Scalars
  • Application of Vectors to Plane Geometry
  • Addition of Vectors
  • Scalar and Vector Triple Product

3D Geometry

  • Section Formula
  • Direction Ratios and Direction Cosines
  • Angle between Two Intersecting Lines
  • Diameter form of the Equation of a Sphere
  • Skew Lines – The Shortest Distance between them and its Equation
  • Coordinates of a Point in Space
  • Distance Between Two Point
  • Equations of a Line and a Plane in Different Forms: Intersection of a Line and a Plane, Coplanar Lines, Equation of a Sphere, Its Centre and Radius

Differential calculus

  • Inverse Functions
  • Graphs of Simple Functions
  • Limits
  • Polynomials, Rational, Trigonometric, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
  • Continuity: Differentiation of the Sum, Difference, Product and Quotient of Two Functions
  • Applications of Derivatives: Rate of Change of Quantities, Monotonic Increasing and Decreasing Functions, Maxims and Minimum Functions of One Variable, Tangents and Normals, 
  • Rolle’s and Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorems
  • Differentiation of Trigonometric, Inverse Trigonometric, Logarithmic, Exponential, Composite and Implicit Functions, Derivatives of Order Upto Two.


  • Probability of an Event
  • Probability Distribution of a Random Variate
  • Addition and Multiplication Theorems of Probability and their Application
  • Conditional Probability: Bayes Theorem
  • Binomial and Poisson Distributions and their Properties.

Matrices and determinants

  • Evaluation of Determinants
  • Area of Triangles Using Determinants
  • Determinants and Matrices of Order Two and Three
  • Properties of Determinant
  • Adjoint and Inverse of Matrix
  • Test of Consistency and Solution of Similar Linear Equations using Determinants and Matrices
  • Addition and Multiplication of Matrices

Integral calculus

  • Coordinate geometry

Differential equations

  • Solution of Differential Equations by the Method of Separation of Variables.
  • Solution of Homogeneous and Linear Differential Equations and those of type d2y = f(x) dx2
  • Differential Equations, Ordinary Differential Equation – Their Order and Degree
  • Formation of Differential Equations

Exponential and logarithmic series

  • Definite integral

Important Topics from COMEDK UGET 2024 Mathematics

The COMEDK UGET mathematics syllabus 2024 is vast and includes various topics. Among these topics, there are some chapters from which questions are repeated that students should focus on and study well. 

Candidates can check the COMEDK UGET 2024 mathematics important topics given below. 

  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Vector Algebra
  • Differential Calculus
  • Circles
  • Differential Equations
  • Probability
  • Three-Dimensional Geometry

Note- Though we have provided COMEDK UGET 2024 important topics of the mathematics section above you should study each subject and topic well as the real-time paper can cover questions from anywhere on the syllabus. 

Deleted Topics From COMEDK UGET Mathematics 

Some of the topics have been excluded from the syllabus of COMEDK UGET Mathematics. The same has been listed below based on the units.



Unit 1 - Relations and Functions

Composition of functions and invertible functions

Unit 2 - Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  • Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions
  • Elementary properties of inverse trigonometric functions

Unit 3 - Matrices

  • Existence of non-zero matrices whose product is the zero matrices.
  • Concept of elementary row and column operations.
  • Proof of the uniqueness of the inverse, if it exists.

Unit 4 - Determinants

  • Properties of determinants
  • Consistency, inconsistency, and number of solutions of the system of linear equations by examples.

Unit 5 - Continuity and Differentiation

  • Rolle’s and Lagrange's Mean Value Theorems( without proof) and their geometric interpretation

Unit 6 - Applications of derivatives

  • Rate of change of bodies, use of derivatives in approximation

Unit 7 - Integrals

  • Integrals of the functions √(ax2+bx+c), and(ax+b)√(ax2+bx+c) 
  • Definite integrals as a limit of a sum

Unit 8 - Application of the Integrals

The area under multiple curves

Unit 9 - Differentiation Equations

  • Formation of differential equations whose general solution is given.
  • Solutions of linear differential equations of the type: dx/dy+px=q, where p and q are functions of y or constants.

Unit 10 - Vectors

Scalar triple product of vectors

Unit 11 - Three-dimensional Geometry

  • Calculating the Angle between (i) two lines, (ii) two planes, (iii) a line and a plane

Unit 12 - Probability

  • Mean and variance of random variables. Binomial probability distribution

COMEDK UGET Exam Pattern 2024

To prepare for the COMEDK UGET 2024 exam, candidates should go through the syllabus as well as the exam pattern. The COMEDK UGET exam pattern 2024 includes marking scheme, exam duration, section, etc. By going through the exam pattern you can prepare your personalize plan and get an idea about the exam. Candidates can check the COMEDK UGET exam pattern 2024 given below. 



Exam Name 

Consortium of Medical, Engineering, and Dental College of Karnataka (COMEDK) 

Mode of Exam

Online (computer-based)


3 hours

Question type


Total number of sections

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

Total number of questions

180 Questions

Total number of marks 

180 Marks

Exam Medium 


Negative marking 


List of Chapters in COMEDK 2024 Mathematics Syllabus (Class-Wise)

The table below highlights the syllabus of COMEDK UGET Mathematics class wise. Candidates can now check the class 11 and 12 topics from the following table.


Syllabus Units

Class 11


Relations and Functions

Trigonometric Functions

Principle of Mathematical Induction


Linear and Quadratic Inequalities

Permutation and Combination

Binomial Theorem

Sequences and Series

Co-ordinate Geometry

Conic Section

Introduction to Three dimensional Geometry



Class 12

Relations and Functions

Inverse trigonometric functions



Adjoint and Inverse of a matrix


Applications of Derivatives

Indefinite Integrals

Definite integrals

Application of the integrals


Differential Equations

Vectors Threedimensional Geometry

How to Prepare for COMEDK UGET 2024 Mathematics?

The COMEDK UGET mathematics syllabus 2024 includes topics like Evaluation of Determinants, Area of Triangles Using Determinants, Probability of An Event, Equation of a Circle when the End Points of a Diameter are Given, Section Formulae, Geometry, Circles, etc. that candidates need to study. Mathematics is a complicated subject but with the right study approach, students can score good marks in this section of the COMEDK UGET 2024 exam. 

Check the COMEDK UGET 2024 preparation tips for the mathematics subject given below. 

  • Go through the COMEDK UGET 2024 mathematics syllabus and check all the subjects and topics that will come in the exam. 
  • Now, make a study plan that includes all the mathematics subjects and topics of the COMEDK UGET syllabus 2024
  • To prepare for Mathematics for the COMEDK UGET 2024 exam, your first approach should be NCERT books. The difficulty level of the mathematics section will be as per the CBSE class 11 and 12 mathematics syllabus. Therefore, you should study from the NCERT books and attempt each question given in such books
  • Learn all the formulas, and equations. Make a chart and notes of these formulas and paste them in your study corner so that you glance at them frequently and they stay fresh in your mind
  • Attempt COMEDK UGET previous year question papers with solutions and COMEDK UGET mathematics mock tests available online. By attempting the previous year's mathematics question you will get an idea about the type of questions asked in exams and how to answer them within the time
  • If you are unable to solve any question or understand any topic don't hesitate to take help from teachers. You can also watch various YouTube videos available that teach how to study for COMEDK UGET mathematics syllabus 2024
  • Practice is the key to attempting the mathematics questions practically. Create your approach on how to solve questions
  • Revise the COMEDK UGET 2024 mathematics syllabus from time to time so that you don't forget anything you have studied so far
  • You can also join various online mathematics study groups on telegram and raise your doubts in such groups to get additional help in understanding complicated questions of mathematics section

Top COMEDK UGET 2024 Mathematics Books

Candidates should study COMEDK mathematics subjects from the best books only. The top authors' best books for COMEDK UGET 2024 will include crucial formulas and better explanations of mathematical problems. In addition, these books will include various questions that you can attempt to ask easily. As the COMEDK UGET 2024 mathematics syllabus is based on CBSE classes 11 and 12, students should first finish the NCERT books and their questions.

Given below are some of the best COMEDK UGET 2024 mathematics books that you can refer to. 

Book Name


NCERT Textbooks Class 11thand 12th


Objective Mathematics

R D Sharma

Mathematics Book COMEDK

M. R. Hanumantharaya, H. S. Mahadevaiah

Maths XI & XII 

R D Sharma

Differential Calculus

Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)

Algebra Made Easy 

K.P. Basu 

Mathematics for Karnataka CET & COMEDK 


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We hope that this post on COMEDK UGET 2024 mathematics syllabus was helpful and informative. 

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What preparation books should be used to study maths for COMEDK UGET?

Mathematics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK, Basic Mathematics Class XI and XII are some COMEDK UGET Mathematics preparation books that students can utilise. Mr. R. D. Sharma

Can students amend the answers they marked during COMEDK UGET?

Yes. Students can revise their answers as many times as they like since COMEDK UGET is a computer-based test. Candidates must, however, finish the exam within the time limit.


What is the exam pattern for COMEDK UGET?

COMEDK UGET will be administered solely online, i.e. as a computer-based exam. Any modifications will be posted on the official website.

Is the 11th grade math syllabus included in COMEDK UGET?

Yes, the class 11th syllabus is also included in COMEDK UGET. Candidates will be questioned on topics from both classes 11 and 12.


What topics should a student study for the COMEDK UGET mathematics syllabus?

Candidates should not neglect the following topics when studying the COMEDK UGET mathematics syllabus: Vectors,  Probability, Logarithmic Series, Circles, and Trigonometry,  Differential Equations

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