JEE Main 2024 Online Test Instructions: CBT Process, Guidelines

Dipanjana Sengupta

Updated On: February 02, 2024 12:28 pm IST | JEE Main

Candidates can check out the Online Test Instructions: CBT process and guidelines of JEE Main 2024 exam here.

JEE Main 2024 Online Test Instructions: CBT Process, Guidelines

JEE Main 2024 Online Test Instructions: The JEE Main 2024 exam for Phase 2 has been rescheduled owing to the overlapping with CBSE Class 12 Board exams and will now be held from April 3 onwards. The JEE Main exam 2024 will be held in online Computer Based Test (CBT) mode. To get familiar with the CBT format of JEE Main test candidates can go through the online test instructions given in this post. 

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Candidates should know the Dos and Don'ts on exam day, as well as the forms that must be completed before taking the exam, reporting times, and other key details. To learn more, candidates willing to appear for JEE Main 2024 exam can take a look at this piece for any information.

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JEE Main 2024 Online Test Instructions: CBT Process, Guidelines

The instructions for CBT Process and guidelines have been discussed below.

Step 1: A computer terminal code will be provided to the candidates where they will have to sit and attempt the exam.

Step 2: Students will have to log in to the exam with the password assigned to them.

Step 3: After logging in successfully, candidates will have to click on “proceed” which is there on the screen. The students will be able to start the exam only when the designated time has arrived.

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JEE Mains Guidelines 2024

The Joint Entrance Exam Main or JEE Main 2024 in computer-based mode is conducted by the JEE Apex Board (JAB). The JEE Main will be held twice a year and the JEE Main syllabus 2024 will comply with the Science curriculum of Classes 11 & 12. Paper 1 is for B.E./B. Tech admissions, whereas Paper 2 is for B.Arch and B.Planning admissions. 

General Instructions for JEE Main 2024

  • The total duration of the exam will be 3 hours.
  • The keyboard will be disabled during the exam.
  • Candidates will have to answer using “mouse”.
  • The candidate will be given another computer if the system malfunctions during the exam.
  • An automatic clock has been generated in the device. A designated time will be given to the candidates, where the time will be allotted for the login and log-out. When the clock reaches zero, the exams will stop automatically.
  • The question palette will show the number of questions answered, not answered, marked for review, and not visited.
  • The candidates can click on the “profile image” on the left corner of the question paper to change the language of the exam.

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Rules & Regulations of JEE Mains 2024

The rules and regulations of JEE Main 2024 have been listed. Candidates may find the most essential JEE Main rules and regulations for 2024 below:

  1. Candidates will be allotted slots to arrive at the JEE Main exam centres 2024 To make the entry procedure simpler and stick to social distancing standards, candidates must adhere to the given slots and appear at the center only at their designated time for JEE Mains.

  2. Before and after each JEE Main test shift, the seating area, monitor, keyboard, mouse, camera, desk, and chair shall be completely sanitized. All door knobs, stair railings, lift buttons, and other surfaces will be thoroughly cleansed.

  3. Each candidate will be assigned a seat with their Roll Number. You should locate yours and take just the seat that has been assigned to you. Your candidature will be revoked if it is discovered that you have altered your seat.

  4. Candidates are responsible for bringing their own geometry boxes and stationery (applicable for JEE Main Paper-II)

  5. Bring a copy of the relevant documents to the JEE Main exam center and submit it to the invigilator.

  6. On the copy of the documents required at the JEE Main exam center write your Roll No. before you submit,

  7. Bring an original copy of a valid government-issued photo identity proof to the examination hall (PAN Card, Driver's License, Voter ID, Passport, Aadhaar Card with Photograph, E-Aadhar, Ration Card, Aadhaar Enrollment Number with Photo).

  8. Carry a PwD Certificate from a relevant authority (if applicable).

Candidates should attempt theJEE Main Mock Test 2024 to get a proper idea about the JEE Main online paper format. Mock tests will help candidates understand the paper format and exam pattern.

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After the JEE Main results are published, the PDF of the JEE Main Question Paper 2024 will be available. In the meantime, you can see the JEE Main Previous Years Question Papers. The table below features year-wise JEE Main Question Papers that students can practice thoroughly after revision. 

JEE Main 2023 Question Paper PDF with SolutionsJEE Main 2022 Question Paper PDF with SolutionsJEE Main 2021 Question Paper PDF with Solutions
JEE Main 2019 Question Paper PDF with SolutionsJEE Main 2018 Question Paper PDF with SolutionsJEE Main 2017 Question Paper PDF with Solutions

JEE Mains Admit Card Rules 2024

Candidates will be able to download the admit card and review it for any discrepancies. Here are some key guidelines for JEE Main 2024 Admit Card -

  • On your JEE Main Admit Card, look for information such as your name, paper, date of birth, gender, test center, city, state code of eligibility, and category.
  • If a discrepancy is discovered, contact the JEE Main authorities to get it corrected.
  •  You must bring your admit card and one form of identification to the exam center.
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JEE Main Physics Syllabus 2024 PDF

JEE Main Chemistry Syllabus 2024 PDF

JEE Main Mathematics Syllabus 2024 PDF

Exam Timings - JEE Main 2024 Guidelines

The exam day schedule and time for JEE Mains are shown here. The NTA has published the JEE Main 2024 test schedule as well as an information booklet on its official website. The data has been collected and presented in the table below:


Morning Shift

Afternoon Shift


9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. (6:30 PM for Paper 2)


3 hours

3 hours (3 and a half hours for paper 2)

Entry to the Examination Center

7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

Invigilator's Instructions for JEE Mains 2024

8:30 a.m. - 8:50 a.m.

2:30 - 2:50 p.m.

Candidates must log in to read the JEE Mains 2024 Instructions.

8:00 a.m.

2:15 p.m.

Exam begins

9:00 a.m. 

3:00 p.m.

Exam ends

12:00 p.m.

6 p.m. (6:30 for Paper 2)

Steps to Navigate Through Questions in JEE Mains 2024 Exam

The steps to navigate through the questions in JEE Mains are:

  1. For moving to a particular question, the candidates will have to click on the question number, on the right side of the screen.
  2. After answering each question, candidates will have to click on “save and next”.
  3. To forward a question and go to the next, students will have to click on “mark for review and next”

Steps to Answer the Questions in JEE Mains 2024 Exam

The procedure to answer an MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) has been listed below for the candidates appearing in JEE Main 2024

  1. To select the correct answer, click on the option.
  2. To delete the answer, click on the option once again or select “clear response”
  3. Select “save and next” to save the answer.
  4. Select “mark for review” to review the question.

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Steps to Navigate the Questions in Sections in JEE Mains 2024 Exam

The steps to navigate through the sections in the question paper are:

  1. All the sections will appear at the top of the screen. The section that is viewed will appear to be highlighted. To view the questions of a particular section, candidates will have to click on the particular section itself.
  2. The candidates will be directly forwarded to the next section as soon as he/ she finishes the last question of a particular section and click “save and next”.
  3. Any of the sections will be visible and accessed at the time of the exam.
  4. The summary of the questions will be displayed on the question palette.

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Steps to Use the Virtual Keyboard in JEE Mains 2024 Exam

Following are the steps for using the virtual keyboard.

  • A virtual keyboard will be there on the screen.
  • The usage of the screen is similar to the one that people use. It has to be accessed with the mouse.

Note: For rough work, students will be provided with loose sheets which have to be used for calculations and rough work and submitted after the exam is over to the respective invigilator of the exam.

Answer Status for questions in JEE Main 2024 Exam

Button Colour



You have not answered the question


You have not visited the question yet


You have answered the question

Purple with a green circle

You have answered the question but marked it for review.


You have not answered the question, but have marked it for review

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JEE Main 2024 Do's and Don'ts

The following are the DO's and DON'Ts for JEE Mains 2024, as listed in the JEE Main rules and regulations 2024, that candidates should keep in mind. candidates are advised to check the same for any clarifications.

JEE Main 2024 Dos

  • Reach the exam centre before the exam.
  • Carry your JEE Main Admit Card with you.

  • When reading the JEE Mains 2024 guidelines, take your time. Slowly and attentively read them.

  • Check the system that was assigned to you to see if it is in good working order.

  • Ensure that all of the information on the attendance sheet is correct and that signatures are placed in the appropriate column.

  • Follow the invigilator's instructions before the start of the test, at half-time, and just before the end.

  • Produce your admission card anytime the invigilator requests it.

  • Carry a copy of your PwD certificate in the correct format (if applicable).

  • Pay attention to the invigilator's instructions before the start of the exam, at half-time, and just before the exam ends.

  • For JEE Main Paper 2, bring your own geometry box set, pencils, erasers, colour pencils, or crayons.

  • Always start with the easy and medium-level questions because they have the same grade but take less time to complete.

  • Before you go to your test center, check the main website.

JEE Main 2024 Don'ts:

  • Do not bring any forbidden objects to the JEE Mains exam hall.

  • Don't waste time answering questions you don't understand, and don't devote too much effort to a single question.

  • Do not rush to answer any questions.

  •   Even after you have finished the exam, do not leave the room. Wait until the time limit has ended.

  • Never solve difficulties in your head; instead, write them down.

  • To prevent extra pressure, avoid wearing uncomfortable clothing during tests.

  • Don't become discouraged by constantly watching others go through problems. Have faith in yourself.

What are the Benefits of JEE Main as an Online Exam?

  • It saves time - While attempting offline or pen and paper-based exams, candidates are required to fill out the OMR sheet which is time-consuming, whereas in online-based exams, candidates just have to select the right option and proceed towards the next question.
  • Errors can be corrected - Candidates appearing in the JEE Main exam in online mode can change their marked answer anytime while attempting the paper, while in the offline paper, answers once marked cannot be altered.
  • Chances of missing out on any question are less - There is a panel on the computer screen displaying all the questions of JEE Main in different colors indicating the questions answered, left unanswered, or marked for review. Therefore, the possibilities of missing out on any question are less.

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What computer knowledge is required to appear for the JEE Main 2024 online exam? Is it secure?

Candidates appearing for the JEE Main exam need to know only how to use a computer mouse. That is the only requirement. It is very secure with zero error possibility as human intervention is minimal.

How can I practice for the JEE Main online exam?

The JEE Main mock tests are available on NTA JEE Main official website

What will happen in case there is some problem with the computer during the JEE Main 2024 online examination?

There will be enough buffer computers available at the JEE Main examination centres to take care of such problems and the time lost in change of system will be duly compensated as each and every second will be recorded by the server. Also there will be qualified IT professionals to assist candidates with any problem.

Will a candidate be provided sheets for rough work/ calculations in the JEE Main online test ?

Yes, the rough sheets will be provided to the candidates in the JEE Main exam.


What is the duration of the JEE Main mock test 2024?

Candidates are normally provided three hours to complete the JEE Main mock tests. Since the mode of the JEE Main exam will be computer-based, there will be a count-down timer at the right hand of the screen.


What is the mode of the JEE Main 2024 exam?

JEE Main exam is conducted mainly via online mode where the exam is held as a computer-based test. Paper-1 is entirely conducted in a computer-based mode, whereas Paper-2, including Mathematics and Aptitude Tests, is computer-based while the Drawing exam is pen and paper-based.


Can I arrive at the JEE Main exam centre two hours before the exam?

Candidates can reach the JEE Main exam centre two hours before the commencement exam. However, everything will commence at the usual time specified by the NTA in their JEE Main guidelines.


What is the timing of the JEE Main 2024 exam?

The JEE Main first shift will be conducted from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and the second shift will be conducted from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (For paper 2 – 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.).


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