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Preparation Tips for UP Board Class 10 & 12 Exams 2023

Chinmayai Ajay Bobade
Chinmayai Ajay BobadeUpdated On: April 17, 2023 06:08 pm IST

For the upcoming UP Board Class 10 and Class 12 Exams 2023, the students can check some quick tips and tricks to boost their performance and achieve their desired results. Read below to know more.

Preparation Tips for UP Board Class 10 & 12 Exams 2023

Examination worries the best as much as the rest. Technically, there is no bias when it comes to an exam, its syllabus, pattern, or time. But everyone achieves something different, some more while some less. The secret lies not in what notes the toppers refer to or how hard they study. It instead finds a home in how a student studies. And if research is to speak anything, stress is inversely proportional to performance. The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) has released the UP Board class 10 and 12 preparation tips 2023. Students can access the UP Board preparation tips for classes 10 and 12 on the official website and on this page as well. The UPMSP class 10 and 12 preparation tips are general guidelines for students preparing for UP class 10 and 12 board exams 2023. Apart from the preparation guidelines released by the board, we have also provided a few important tips that can help students to ace the exams. Students appearing for UP Board 10th and 12th exams must go through the UP Board preparation tips for class 10th and 12th examinations.

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Let this article guide you to some tips that will reduce your stress and boost your performance in the upcoming UP Board Class 10 and Class 12 Exams 2023.

1. Know the Syllabus

First things first, and foremost comes the syllabus. BHSIEUP board has updated the UP board syllabus 2023 online for class 10th and class 12th students as PDF files. As per the latest update, the UP board has retained the 30% syllabus reduction for 2022-23. Students in class 10th and 12th can download the syllabus from their official website. As per the new pattern, UP board exams will be conducted with the question paper divided into two sections. Each subject in the Class 10 and 12 Board exams may seem like a Herculean task when looked at together. Don’t fret! Break down the syllabus and subjects into easy-to-achieve goals and work towards achieving them regularly. Not only will it help students complete the syllabus but it will also make one more confident as the exams approach.

To know the reduced syllabus along with the weightage given to each chapter, you can use the following links:

For Class 10 Students: Click here for the syllabus of all subjects.

For Class 12 Students: Click here for the syllabus of all subjects.

2. Get your Basics Cleared

It may sound simple but it is a powerful tool that comes in handy when giving the exam. When you no longer lose marks in silly mistakes over plus-minus, this realization will come. Write down the basics you find yourself being confused most in and learn them thoroughly, maybe practice your toughest more than a few times to get the desired results. 

3. Be Aware of Your Strong and Weak Points

Separate your syllabus of each subject into your strong and weak areas. Dedicate more of your time to study the topics that are weak for you but be sure to not completely ignore your strong areas. Doing so might do more harm than good. Divide your time and work effectively.

4. Don’t Ruin your Health

When exams come nearer, it is popular amongst students to sleep less. This, on the contrary, affects your studies adversely than doing them any good. Long study sessions are tedious and at the end of the day, you would barely remember anything. Give your body the rest it deserves.

5. Take Breaks

The peak of concentration pattern of human minds is at 25 minutes so it is advised that students take 5 minutes of break after every 25 minutes to keep the same rigour throughout the day as you began the day with. Just be sure to not let those five minutes extend into an undesired pass of time.

6. Plan your Procrastination

If you’re like any average person, you love to procrastinate. So instead of letting it drag you down, plan it out. Schedule your timetable considering the breaks you’ll take, etc. Then following the plan becomes all the easier and more effective, and it doesn’t leave you drained of vital energy.

7. Solve the Model Question Papers

Knowing the exact question paper format surely boosts up your result without much effort. You begin to study as the question paper demands of you, focusing more on the type of questions that are going to appear – and luckily, it’s the most effective way of studying. To find more and more sample papers and solve them all on a timer. It improves your speed as much as improves your knowledge.

For Class 10 Students: Click here for the Model Papers of all subjects

For Class 12 Students: Click here for the Model Papers of all subjects

8. Keep enough time for revision before each exam

It is important that students complete studying all that is important from the exam point. However, a one-time read is never enough. So, while charting out the time-table, keep enough time towards the end for revisions.

10. Remember formats and formulae

To receive a good grade, you must write well in your English essays and letters. They follow predetermined formats, which must be recalled. Students should be aware of the differences between the formats for official and informal letters in order to do well on their exams. Similar to this, one needs to memorise the many formulae and derivations of specific concepts in order to answer mathematical problems. Understanding how the formulae were created or practising writing them down will help you remember them better.

UP Board Class 10 & 12 Exam Last Minute Preparation Tips 2023

UP Board Exams for Class 10 and Class 12 will begin on February 24, 2023. So, less than a month is left for students to end up with their preparations and revision. These last few days before the exams are very crucial for all the students and can be very stressful at the same time. Students might be worrying about their preparations and revision. The biggest fear among students is that would they be able to remember everything they have learned till now. Here are some last minute tips for exams to help you finish strong and perform at your best of ability.
  • Remove Distractions- You need to maximise your study space and eliminate distractions if you want to study last-minute. It makes no difference where you study—it might be your bedroom, living room, or even a public library. Learning to concentrate on your study notes rather than social media or anything else that is interfering with your study time is what matters.
  • Use Flashcards- Rewriting key terms, ideas, and facts on flashcards is one of the finest last-minute study strategies for tests for students. Flashcards can be used to test yourself without anyone else's help. Digital flashcards and study applications are additional resources for organising and reviewing the material.
  • Review and Summarise- Make time to quickly review your notes each night; this will aid with memory retention and comprehension. Divide chapters into sections, then, before moving on, assess the information in each segment. Write a brief summary of the reading's key points in your notes so you may quickly refer back to them without reading the entire chapter again.
  • Rest Up!- Your brain needs to unwind and sleep in order to refuel, and a busy night can obstruct this process. Do engage in some of your favourite activities or mild exercise, you'll be surprised at how well it will reset your thoughts. Maintain your healthy eating habits and get plenty of relaxation.


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