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7 Smart Tips to Solve Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) in NEET 2022

RupsaUpdated On: July 08, 2022 02:57 am IST | NEET

Aspirants aiming to score the maximum marks in NEET 2022 exam must go through these smart MCQ tricks. With competition so high and time too short, we have just the right hacks for you to score well in NEET MCQ. Read on!

7 Smart Tips to Solve Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) in NEET 2022

NEET 2022 exam is all set to take place on July 17 and the preparation for the same is in full swing. However, sometimes, studying hard and completing your entire syllabus is not enough. You must have witnessed many aspirants around you that are straight-A students and have mugged up the whole NEET syllabus yet fail to make it to the top medical colleges in India because they eitheir missed practicing how to solve NEET MCQ or didn’t get enough tips. To ensure that you don’t end up losing marks due to the same reason, we have come up with some smart tips and tricks to solve NEET MCQ 2022.

Preparing hard by completing the syllabus of an entrance exam and practicing enough by solving NEET MCQs in mock tests is crucial but sometimes, working smart will get you farther. And if you have the capabilities and skills to both work hard and smart, the sky is your limit. 

Candidates preparing to take the test must know that the NEET question paper contains MCQs where each question is provided with four options, out of which only one is the correct answer. Based on the analysis of previous NEET question papers, you will find out that many questions asked in the paper are tricky. And what better way to solve tricky questions than to use smart tips. So, read on and aim to score 120+ in NEET Chemistry, Physics and Biology. 

7 Hacks to Solve NEET MCQ 2022

Multiple Choice Questions in any competitive exam, like in NEET 2022, are the best way to attain the maximum marks – only if you know the correct answer. These questions usually come with four different options, which can be a bit confusing sometimes. And what’s more alarming is that for every incorrect answer, negative marking is applicable. So how do you tackle NEET MCQ? Follow these smart MCQ tricks and you may even manage to score full marks in NEET exam. 

1. Read the Question Thoroughly

NEET mentors and toppers swear by this NEET MCQ hack. Each question is different and so should be the approach towards them. Sometimes you may misinterpret or misread the question and end up choosing the wrong answer. Or sometimes, the answer could be in the question itself but you may miss it in the rush to finish your paper. 

If you make a point of reading the questions word to word, you will realize that sometimes the things asked in a question have a hint in themselves. For instance, if a question asks you to find the correct equation of the time period. Now, if it is established that the answer for sure will be in m/s then you can blindly ignore or eliminate the options with any other dimensions. And thus, answering the question will be easier. 

2. Conceptual Thinking Will Get You Afar

For such a competitive exam with lakhs of students appearing to fight their way to medical seats in India, it is obvious that the NEET exam paper will have tricky and confusing questions that challenge a candidate’s knowledge and conceptual understanding. There are high chances that you might see yourself in that situation as well. In such cases, conceptual thinking will get you far in NEET 2022. 

Sitting on the desk, adopt a step-by-step plan. Recall the details and concepts you have cleared during your preparation for NEET and you will have your correct response. 

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3. The Guessing Game Could be Risky

The guessing game does not work in NEET exam. It could actually be risky if you are not at least 90 per cent sure about your answer. As per the NTA NEET marking scheme, 1 mark is deducted for each wrong answer. This means that for every incorrect response, you would be losing scores. 

So, try to refrain from guessing. However, if you are over 90% sure about an option but still have doubts about it, you could use the elimination method. You can start picking up the options that you think could be the correct response and start analyzing. Then, one by one, start eliminating your options based on your analysis until you have just one option remaining. 

4. Utilize the Time at Hand

Keep in mind that NEET is a time-bound exam and you will only have 3 hours and 20 minutes at hand. If you do not know how to utilize or manage that time smartly, completing the entire paper could be a little difficult. Often the candidates who have appeared in the exam previously say that certain sections of the question papers were lengthy. 

Therefore, effective division of time is important. By solving NEET mock tests and sample papers, you must have realized by now which section takes longer to complete than others. Divide your time for those sections accordingly. Make sure that you are not answering the NEET MCQ at the last minute. 

5. ‘All of the Above’ or ‘None of the Above'?

Don’t these NEET MCQ options confuse you? You must have heard from experts or former test-takers that if a question has these sorts of options, they are definitely the correct ones. While it may be true in some cases, it is not always the case. So, make sure to thoroughly check all the options, evaluate them and then make a decision. Do not let yourself be confused. 

6. Should I do Tough Questions First or Last?

Before beginning to write an exam, you must do the trick of checking to jump to the last page of the question paper straight to see if you know the answers. Why? Because you know that the papers usually have easy questions at the beginning and tough ones in the end. 

While choosing to solve tough questions first or last is a personal preference, a piece of advice that would be really helpful in scoring high is to invest less time in the questions you know the answers to and more on the ones that would require your attention. That is because by the end of the exam, you may already be too overwhelmed and lose the focus that is needed to address the tougher ones. 

7. Don’t Panic

Writing an exam for which you have been preparing for months can leave you anxious. But don’t panic as it might confuse you and make you forget the simplest of details that you know like the back of your hand. If you find yourself panicking or stressing too much, take deep breaths, drink some water and give yourself some time to grasp. 

MCQ Tricks to Help You Score the Maximum Marks in NEET 2022

Before signing off, here are a few MCQ tricks to remember before solving the NEET 2022 paper:

  • Practice as many NEET MCQs as you can as part of your NEET revision plan to ensure you get the maximum questions right while managing time efficiently.

  • Refer to NEET MCQ Question Banks to solve subject-wise questions separately for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

  • Spend the first 10-15 minutes skimming the question paper and solve easy, direct questions on the go to boost your confidence.

  • For the next 30 minutes, solve questions using conceptual thinking. If a question appears too hard, skip it for the time being and move to the next one. 

  • During the last 10-15 minutes, attempt the challenging questions that you have skipped or missed.

Some Examples of NEET MCQ 2022

Candidates can take a look at some of the sample NEET MCQ shared below to get a brief idea of the paper:

Q1. Taking into account the significant figures, what is the value of 9.99m - 0.0099 m? 

  1. 9.9801 m 

  2. 9.98 m 

  3. 9.980 m 

  4. 9.9 m 

Answer – B) 9.98 m

Q2. The two contiguous cells P and Q have turgor pressure of 7 atm and 3 atm, osmotic pressure of 10 atm and 8 atm, and a diffusion pressure deficit of 3 and 5 atm respectively. The resultant will be:

  1. Water movement from cell P to Q

  2. Water movement from cell Q to P

  3. There is No water movement

  4. Both P and Q are in Equilibrium

Answer – A) Water movement from cell P to Q

Q3. Which of the given pairs is matched incorrectly?

  1. Vinegar – Coliforms

  2. Gobar gas – Methanogens

  3. Ethanol – Yeast

  4. Antibiotic – Streptomyces

Answer – A) Vinegar – Coliforms

Students can also go through PDF links of previous NEET question papers and expected questions on our website. 

With these MCQ tricks and tips, anyone can score high marks in NEET 2022. Just focus on giving your best and let your hard work do the talking. 

To know more about NEET 2022 Revision tips, and get all the latest updates regarding the entrance test, stay tuned to CollegeDekho!

We wish all NEET aspirants good luck!


What can be done to avoid panic situations in exams?

To deal with a panic situation during an exam, deep breathing, drinking enough water, and allowing yourself time to settle down might be helpful.

Do NEET questions repeat?

In NEET, about 10 to 15 questions from previous years are often repeated, either in the same format or in a modified one but with the same conceptual base and approach to problem-solving. Therefore it is advisable to solve previous NEET question papers.

Which section of the NEET exam should we start with?

You should start with the section you are confident about. Usually, aspirants find Biology to be the easiest and most straightforward since the questions are direct in nature, allowing them to attempt a greater number of questions with more precision. However, it is at your discretion only.

Can assumptions be followed while attempting NEET questions?

Since negative marking is applicable for each incorrect answer in NEET, one should only follow their assumptions when they are at least 90% certain.

What is the time limit for the NEET 2022 Exam?

The time provided in the NEET exam is 3 hours and 20 minutes and therefore a proper strategy is to be followed while attempting each and every question.

Is it important to take NEET mock tests before the exam?

To evaluate their performance and accurately comprehend important concepts, students must practise NEET mock tests as much as possible.

Is there any negative marking in the NEET exam?

Yes, there is a one-mark deduction for each wrong response. However, no points are deducted if a question is not attempted.

In total, how many questions need to be answered in the NEET exam?

An applicant needs to answer 180 questions in total, which includes 90 questions in Biology and 45 questions each in Physics and Chemistry.

How many subjects does NEET comprise?


The NEET question paper comprises three subjects: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The paper will have 100 questions from Biology and 50 each in Physics & Chemistry.


How many MCQs are there in the NEET exam?

In accordance with the NEET 2022 exam exam pattern, 200 multiple-choice questions worth 4 marks each will be included in the NEET question paper.

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